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"L is dead"

Those were the three words turned Mello's life upside down, inside out and back to front, all at the same time. The moment Roger uttered those three devestating words, Mello's life changed. For better or for worse? Well, it depended on how it was looked at, you could say.

First, Mello was shocked. He stared at Roger, his azure eyes wide with horror and his mouth agape with shock. Everything around him started to spiral away into blackness, Roger, sitting behind his large desk, Near, sitting in his weird way on the floor with that puzzle of his, the walls, the windows, the floor, the sunlight, everything, gone. Mello couldn't move, couldn't speak, couldn't scream. He could only hear those three damned words repeat again and again in his head.

"L is dead, L is dead, L is dead."

Mello suddenly saw L standing in front of him. In the blackness, he glowed like a candle. The detectives jet black hair hid his black rimmed eyes. The sight was nothing short of eerie Mello saw his hero's lips move, as if speaking, but no sound came out, but Mello could lip-read what the dead man was saying.

"I'm sorry, Mello. I have failed. Now's your chance. Make the right decision. Make me proud. Let me know I made the right choice for you."

Ls rare smile graced his half hidden features and he slowly faded. Mello wanted to run after him, wanted to grab him by the wrist and pull him back to life. But all Mello could manage was whisper, his lips barely moving as he bade farewell to the most important person in his life.

Sunlight seeped through the darkness. Mello watched hopelessly as Roger, Near, the walls, the floor, the windows, everything blurred back into his vision. The sound of Nears puzzle pieces clicking together started to register in his brain again, Rogers heavy breathing, birds singing outside, the muffled thumps of a child running down the corridor outside the room. Mello let out a breath he didn't realize he'd kept in for god knows how many minutes.

Then, he was angry. No, that's an understatement. Mello was furious, raging. Once everything came back into focus, all Mello felt he could do was scream, shout, hit something or someone or just die. His whole body tensed in rage. His hands, balled up into fists, shook violently at his sides like bodyguards itching to hit someone. Finally he settled with a shout.

"D-dead? Why?" He shrieked uncontrollably, even though he already knew the dreadful answer. "Y-you mean he was killed by Kira? Is that it?" He managed to let these words tumble from his lips without choking on tears while he leaned over the desk to grab Rogers collar, his anger was getting the better of him.

"Most likely." Was all Roger said. Mello wanted to slap the man for being so bloody calm about this.

'Most likely...Most likely!? That's all he has to say?' The words echoed in Mello's mind, but he didn't manage to say them.

"He promised he would see Kira dead! L was killed?" A lump rose in his throat as Mello said the last word, but it soon disappeared. "Are you sure?".


Before Roger could continue, a clatter from behind Mello silenced everything. Then Near's voice sounded throughout the room.

"If you can't beat the game, if you can't solve the puzzle, you're nothing but a loser."

Mello gave the small pale boy an infuriated glare. Near had no right to say that about L, no gaddamned right to say that about his idol, dead or not. Mello fought back the urge to slap Near into oblivion before turning back to Roger, anxious. Mello's rage subsided for the moment. Roger knew the question before Mello even said a word.

"So, which of us did L..."

Roger's gaze left the boys and went to his desk, bracing himself for a blond explosion.

"Neither of you, yet... He can't choose, now that he's dead." Mello flinched at the last word. Roger didn't notice this, and therefore continued, "Mello... Near... How about you two work together?"

Mello stopped, right then and there. His face distorted into one mixed with disgust, anger and disbelief. As if Roger didn't no the answer already. His moment of absolute disbelief over, Mello was about to shout and scream and swear until either his throat was so raw he couldn't even whisper or he somehow became unconscious. But that small, barely audible voice stopped him in his tracks.

"Yeah, sounds good."

No one heard the slight strain in Nears voice and even if they did, they wouldn't understand why Nears hidden eyes were suddenly alight with excitement.

Mello didn't hear the strain, only the words. "Yeah, sounds good?". Near wanted to work with Mello? Even after all these years of being treated like shit by him? Knocking over his Lego towers, breaking his robots, hiding jigsaw pieces from him, insulting him, sometimes even physically abusing him?

'Dude,' Mello thought, 'Is that sheep freakin' emo or something?' Mello snickered to himself at the thought of Near being like that.

Mello turned to Near, the pale boy hadn't moved from his place on the floor and was still putting together his puzzle, although he was nearly done (again).

For a split second, L was there, standing behind Near. In the tiny amount of time the detective was there, Mello saw his eyes, which were now visible, they were boring into Mello's, pleading. Mello silently gasped.

'Sounds.... good?' Mello repeated Nears words in disbelief, still staring at where L had momentarily been. Roger followed Mello's gaze curiously. The blond recieved a bewildered look from the caretaker when he appeared to be staring at nothing.

Mello understood why L had been looking at him in that way. In his life, L had always wanted the two boys to be friends, Near would oblige, not enthusiastically or anything like that, but oblige nonetheless. Mello, of course, would have snarled and stomped off grumpily in a huff, until L found him and gave him a much-needed chocolate bar. The idolized detective would be forgiven immediately, between bites of chocolate, of course.

Near paused for a split second, his hand hovering over one of the jigsaw pieces as if in thought, then he resumed to to his puzzle. "Yes." Was all he said, his ash gray eyes never rising from the toy in front of him, in case they gave away his feelings.

"You....you wanna work with...me?" Mello stared uncomprehendingly at the top of the white haired boys head.

"Of course, why wouldn't I?" Near couldn't help but let a slight hurt show in his voice. Thankfully no one noticed it.

"B-but, you hate me, Near." Mello stuttered quite clumsily.

This time Near stopped his puzzle altogether, there was only one piece left to put in. This time, Near looked up, his gray eyes locked with Mello's blue orbs. Slight annoyance now gleamed in the pale boys eyes, and Mello noticed it.

"When did I ever indicate any form of hatred towards you, Mello?". The boy's voice had a sharp edge in it that Mello (nor possibly anyone) had never heard before. Mello suppressed a shudder. Roger stared at Near as if the little innocent prodigy had just swore.

'Well... I mean.... I dunno...' Was all Mello could say, for once speechless. He felt quite stupid for saying what he said now.

Near seemed to accept that response. Back to his normal self, he focused on his jigsaw again and placed the last piece. No sooner had he done that, he tipped the pieces back out, the clattering sound was the only noise in room. Roger was relieved, he was expecting worse, much worse, especially from a certain chocoholicblond. Mello was looking at the other boy the whole time with wide eyes. Finally, he snapped out of his unreadable thoughts.

Mello turned away from everyone and stalked towards a huge armed chair. Throwing himself onto it, Mello huffed, a sign that he was thinking hard about something. Mello shifted his position, so his sat on the chair cross-legged. He remained like that for about twenty seconds, then shifted again so that his legs hung over one arm while his head rested on the other. Another thirty seconds laters, he changed again so that he was sitting on one of the arms.

After ten minutes of Mello changing positions every half minute. He stopped. His head hanging of the edges, his legs hooked over the back. His golden hair feel completely away from his face, revealing lines of concentration on his brow and wrinkles of focus on his nose. His sapphire eyes were distant, as if on another plant.

Mello was hoping to see L again. Maybe the desceased detective would give him advice, or a clue. Right now, Mello wanted to follow anything L told him to do, just to see that rare smile one more time...

But the insomniac never appeared, Mello never got the advice he so desperately needed. Mello then realized he had to do something, something had to happen to make L appear again. But what? Mello didn't know. Mello had to....


"Yes, Mello?" Roger looked at the blond nervously, expecting the worst.

"May I think about this?"

Roger couldn't suppress his gasp. Mello? Thinking something through? L's death must be really mixing the kid up, Roger thought.

The man smiled warmly, "Of course Mello, come back tomorrow whenever you like. But now it's late, you two may go to your rooms now."

Mello nodded obediently ('Yep, the kids screwed up,' Roger thought. 'Mello, obiedient. Ha.') and Near started to scoop up his remaining pieces, placing them on the board like a tray.

Getting off the armchair, Mello appeared distant for once in his life. Mello didn't spare a glance at Near or Roger. He was currently miles away

The two boys left the room silently, Near coming out last. Shutting the door behind him carefully, as if it would fall off it's hinges if closed normally. Then again, it had already fallen off it's hinges many times before after experiencing Mello's wrath for it to be possibly fragile.

Roger watched the door for a few seconds. When he didn't hear Mello's enraged voice screaming and swearing at Near outside his office, the man smiled the first smile to himself since he had discovered L and Watari's death.

Even Roger was surprised at what Near said. During the seven years that Near had stayed here, he'd never shown any strong emotion. In fact, the most emotion Roger had ever seen Near display was when the albino had first arrived. The then six year old boy had whimpered when he stood in front of the door, Roger allowing the child to cling onto his hand nervously.

After just one night, Near suddenly seemed to close up. Speaking only when he had to, and even then, it was monotonous and as short as possible. Always either hiding behind a wall of Lego, cards or dice or tucked away in the darkest corner.

Nobody knew why Near acted like this. L had said he was like that when he himself was younger, but Roger still didn't like it. Roger cared for all the children of Wammy's and he was unnerved by the fact that he'd never seen Near smile, which surely meant that the boy wasn't happy with how he lived, right?

As much as he loved the children, Roger just didn't understand a majority of them. He sometimes questioned himself whether or not he was intelligent enough for this job.

Roger almost swore he saw a hunched over figure was in the room, it was facing him at his desk, smiling broadly. Roger couldn't help but smile back at it. Then it was gone. It itself vanished, but it's presence remained.

Roger was sure that one of the chocolates he had on a plate on the far side of the desk had dissappeared. That was when Roger started to get creeped out.

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