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Mello awoke with the feeling of sunlight softly warming the left side of his face and his left arm. His eyes slowly flickered open, attaining their trade-mark sharpness in split seconds. His lashes brushed against his cheek-bones as they blinked against the brightness that streamed into the room though the large window right beside him. He shut his slightly parted lips before licking them habitually. Checking the time on a clock on the far wall, Mello discovered it was 07:47, he had about forty-five minutes until lessons would start.

A weight on his chest and slightly numbed legs dragged him to the present, reminding him what had happened just yesterday. He eyes focused on a certain albino child that was still fast asleep on his lap. Reality slapped Mello fully in the face just then, all in one terrible, bone-breaking blow.

'L's dead.'

'Near likes you.'

'You may like him.'

'Kira's still out there.'

'You're on your own if you screw this up.'

Groaning for multiple reasons, Mello twisted and bent his neck, making it crack and pop from the sudden strain. He moved his arms, unlatching the grip he had on Near's own hand and letting his hands run across Near's torso. His own hand felt cold and empty when he let it go of Near's. His shoulder blades seemed to groan at the movement, as if protesting against leaving Near behind.

Mello slowly slid out from under Near and placed the smaller boy on the mattress as he did so, lowering his own feet to the floor and standing up.

The blond stared at the slumbering infant before him for while, his eyes cold and hard, his mouth now a thin, tense line. His hands were in fists at his sides and were trembling for a reason he himself didn't know. If someone walked into the room now, they would of thought Mello was about to kill Near in his sleep.

Sighing, he finally turned away, searching for a pen or pencil and a piece of paper. His expression never even changing as he looked in drawers and looked under the bed.

It was surprisingly difficult to find a pen and even harder to find a piece of paper in Near's room. Once he had them both, Mello quickly wrote down his note and layed it on the bedside table. He also set the alarm on Near's alarm clock for eight for the boy, just in case. He took one more look at Near before turning to leave.

Mello now knew what he had to do now, for the good of everyone that meant something to him.

A blaring beeping sound invaded Near's deep, somehow dreamless sleep and he reached blindly out for the clock on his bedside table. Extinguishing the sound abruptly, Near slowly sat up, wondering what was missing.

Then it hit him. It hit him like a freezing wind and hail.

L was missing.

Justice was dead.

Was he now justice?

What about...


Near twisted around in search of the boy he'd fallen asleep on top of just the night before, causing his head to throb from the sudden quick movement. He twisted back, his heart hammering slightly. His graphite eyes wide with confusion as they searched for golden locks, sapphire eyes and black cloth.

Had he left? If so, for good?

Near wasn't sure if he wanted to know the answer to that.

It took him a while to notice the note on the bedside table. He slowly picked it up, afraid of what could be written on it.

The writing was rushed, but still very legible. It was what was actually written down that made Near read it two or three more times after the first.

Tears formed in his eyes, his throat knotted and his heart now thundered in his slim chest. His weak knees gave way underneath him and he dropped to the floor, crumpling over and sobbing.

His hand fisted around the piece of paper as he pressed his forehead to the wooden floor, obscuring what was written rapidly on it.


Matt and I'll be by your side until the end, as long as you are by our own.

Together, we'll avenge and take back the name of L.

We will win this.


The child prodigy could finally smile through his joyful tears.

"Thank you, Mello"

For once in Near's life, he meant his gratitude so much it hurt. It made his heart ache and his skin feel too warm. It was pain that he was sure he'd like to feel again.

Mello had checked his shared room, the cafeteria and the library already, but still hadn't found who he was looking for. Making an annoyed sound in his dry, neglected throat, Mello tried his room again.

When Mello opened the door to find the very person he was looking for, he wasn't sure whether to be relieved or not now. The second occupant of his room and his best friend was sitting on his bed cross-legged, eyes glued to a hand-held console and tongue poking out of the corner of his mouth.

"You heard yet?" Matt asked as he paused and put aside his PSP to give Mello his full attention, something he rarely did for anyone. The redhead had a feeling his best friend would be upset after L's death and braced himself for a huge tantrum from the blond.

So he couldn't help but be surprised when Mello didn't scowl or shout. Instead, the boy only went a little more pale then before. Mello was still clearly getting used to the idea of his idol being dead.

"Yeah, I heard. Roger told me yesterday in his office, that's why he wanted me. Has he told everyone now?"

Matt paused slightly, surprised by Mello's lack of screaming, punching, biting and swearing, "Yeah, he told everyone in the cafeteria when we were having dinner, everyone was surprised and upset of course. We're getting the day off because of it. Where were you by the way?"

Mello finally moved his way across the room and sat down on the foot of the bed, across from Matt. He could see the faint surprise in the redhead's eyes through the orange glass of his goggles, "I was with Near." he finally answered truthfully. Mello knew that if he lied, Matt would be able to tell.

Matt's forehead creased with confusion. But a glint in Matt's eye said he wasn't totally surprised, "I thought you hated him..."

"We have to catch Kira. We all know that it can only happen if we work together. Besides, he...." Mello knew he was probably blushing by now. He looked down at the bed beneath him, hoping that Matt wouldn't notice.

The sound of stifled laughter made him look up again, a glare tracing his eyes.

Matt smiled easily through his chuckle, "So you've finally noticed?"

Mello's eyes widened and he said nothing.

"Near's always looking at you, always watching, observing you. It's almost painfully obvious. I suppose it's less easy to notice if you're the one being crushed on." Matt didn't burst into laughter after that, he merely looked at Mello with that easy smile still plastered on his face.

Mello couldn't believe it. How long had Matt known for? Mello was aware that reading people was one of Matt's specialities. But still, Matt had claimed that even he couldn't read Near like everyone else. Why didn't Matt tell him?

"When I found out, I was surprised, to be honest." Matt continued, as if he'd read Mello's questiong mind, "It was only about a month ago I figured it out anyway. I thought it would be best if either you found out yourself or if he himself told you. I'm guessing he told you though."

Mello still said nothing, simply looking at Matt as if he'd just slapped him in the face.

Matt momentarily glanced away, guilt lining his concealed eyes for a second before he turned back, "What about you?" Pure friendly curiosity in his tone.

Mello frowned in confusion, still not speaking.

Matt smiled again, "What are your feelings for Near? About this whole thing really."

Mello suddenly felt like a huge weight had been placed on his chest, he could hardly breathe, let alone speak. His hands balled into fists as he tried to force out the words wanted to say. He wanted to say so many things so badly it ached. He wanted to say he didn't know, he didn't understand, he hated this and that he was confused. But as soon as he opened his lips, only air would pass his lips.

Matt shook his head and made a slicing motion with his hand in the air, "Doesn't matter. You don't have to answer that."

Mello looked at Matt apologetically, the gamer seemed to pick up the mute message and shook his head again.

"No Mel, I'm sorry," he murmured, "about everything. For not telling you, about this whole L thing..."

A smile suddenly flickered across Mello's pale face like a small candle as the weight seemed to ebb away into feather lightness, his lungs and heart were freed of the unexplicable anxiousy that had clutched them before.

"L isn't dead." he rightfully earned a very confused stare from Matt at the statement, "You're looking at a third of him right now, the second third is probably in his bedroom and the last is across the bed from me."

Matt's face paled intensely and he pulled his goggles down to around his neck as if checking they weren't playing a trick on him. Before he could say anything, Mello rose his right hand, holding out his thumb and forefinger into the shape of an L.

"Before, it was this. Watari represents the forefinger, the somewhat face of L, the messenger between the public and the genious. L is the thumb, hidden under the shadows but the heart of the intelligence, justice and just about everything in our lives. Without him, we wouldn't be here in this orphanage, we wouldn't have been raised to embrace our talents and intelligence."

Matt could only watch as Mello lifted his middle finger, making three. The redhead knew that the blond was smart, incredibly smart. But this had to be the first time Mello sounded like L himself. Matt wasn't sure weather he liked it or not.

"This is how it is now. I'm not entirely sure who's who yet though. I have a feeling Near's the thumb though, since I can't imagine him doing much to do with interacting with the public. But whoever is the middle finger would be the new face and voice of L. The index finger I'm not sure about either though."

Mello finally seemed to be finished, Matt stared in disbelief at his best friend. The redhead saw the turmoil behind the blond's eyes. Matt knew that Mello was pushing himself to grow up as quickly as possible to become level with the name of L. It was simply too much for a fourteen year old to do, in Matt's opinion.

Slowly, Matt reached out and took Mello's wrist, lowering his hand. Mello allowed it.

"Don't push yourself too much Mel, I can see it."

At first, Mello looked at Matt as if he'd just asked him what year it was. As realisation dawned on Mello, tears started to well in his azure eyes at the painfully true words. He should of known Matt would know what Mello was trying to do.

Matt grinned and playfully punched Mello on the arm softly, making the chocoholic laugh softly.

"We'll catch that mother fucker, one way or another, don't worry."

Mello gazed hopefully at Matt, "You're with us?"

Matt held out his hand, his grinning subsiding into his classic easy smile. Mello rose his own slowly, it was trembling slightly for a reason he didn't know.

"All the damn way, Mel."

Their hands slammed together and shook, sealing their bond and signing their invisible contract.

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