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8-26-2010 - For those who have enjoyed the series, I have NOT given up on it. I simply have decided it is time to revamp, and rewrite it, so that it is a better storyline, better characterization, and not catering to the willing suspence of disbelief that Neopets has. Read Misfit of Darkness, for the rewrite.

Heri's House

Ameril left Chase and his mother's home, glad to see that he was in a good mood for once. She was also talking civilly to Rose for once, which was a good thing. She was hurrying down towards Heri, the Air Faerie's house, when suddenly she was stopped by two other light Faeries, Camerie and Damier, two of her friends.

They were also two of her friends who had made fun of her for having been stuck traveling with a human boy in search of a male Faerie. They had laughed both at the fact that she was traveling with a human, that a hornless Ixi had been included and that they were going on an impossible quest.

Ameril also remember that, until she pulled her stupid stunt with Chase, she had been the ringleader of their little click. But then after the embarrassment, Camerie seemed to take charge. She gave Ameril a haughty look. "So… I see that you're back from that miserable quest…"

"Hah…" Damier added in. "I can't believe that someone actually thought of going and searching for such thing as a Boy Faerie."

"Well… if it was such an unlikely quest of being solved, why was it that the Faerie Queen supported it the way that she did?" Ameril asked.

"She… supported it," Damier suddenly stammered out.

"She's lying… there is no way that the Queen would support something as false as this!" Camerie commented. "She's trying to just save face."

"What if she did find a Boy Faerie?" Damier spurted out. She then laughed, covering her mouth. "As if!"

"I did… though it is none of your business…" Ameril said, starting to continue on her way to Heri's house. However, Camerie grabbed her shoulder.

"Ameril, I don't like being lied too," Camerie said, glaring at the other Faerie.

"Chase is my friend. If you don't believe me ask Rose or the Library Faerie, as she is his adoptive mother," Ameril commented, pushing the girls hand off her shoulder.

"Seriously… you have got to be… you're not…" Camerie commented. "How the hell did you find him?"

"The Faerie Queen knew who he was when the Nixi started asking questions and sent him to find him," Ameril commented.

"You mean that human boy you were with… wasn't… a human," Camerie asked.

"Did you kiss?" Damier asked, causing Ameril to look at them funny.

"Why is it that everyone thinks that? He's just my friend!" Ameril commented, glaring at him.

"If you're not dating him… introduce us," Camerie commented, a glint in her eyes.

"As if you'd want to hang out with him… or me for that matter," Ameril snapped.

"Does this have to do with the fact that we made fun of you," Damier commented.

"No… I don't want him to be made fun of," Ameril said, narrowing her eyes. "He's very… how to put it, particular about the whole situation…"

"Oh, come on… it isn't as if he is a Dark Faerie," said Camerie

"Or doesn't know how to fly or use his abilities," said the second of the two.

"Actually… he is a Dark Faerie, he can't fly because… well, there is a reason for it… he hasn't actually been taught, nor has he been taught how to use his powers," Ameril commented.

"Your friends with a Dark Faerie?" Camerie commented. "I can't believe she adopted a Dark Faerie. My mom will never let her hear the end of this one."

"There is no way your mom would let you remain friends with him," Damier said, sticking her nose into the air."

"No… my sister is the only one with a problem. My mom was impressed by the fact that he apologized for something," Ameril commented.

"You're lying…" Camerie commented. "I am going to go and ask, and when we do, we'll find that this was all a stalling tactic to keep us from making fun of… your plight."

"What ever," Ameril commented. "I am going over to Heri's and seeing if I can stay awhile."

Camerie let her leave, and then turned to Damier. "I have to go and get my school books still… let's prove her wrong and speak to my Aunt Daria about this."

"Your Aunt Daria… I thought she disappeared," Damier commented.

"No… she just doesn't want anything to do with the family anymore… still, there is no way she would have adopted a Dark Faerie and set the family against her…"


Heri was sitting in front of the television while her mother brushed out her hair. One of the things the Faerie was cursed with was platinum blond hair so thin; it turned into rats nests over night. She preferred her mother combing it to herself using magic on her hair… the last time she turned it blue, but then someone might have had something to do with it.

A knock came at the door and her older sister, an Earth Faerie went and opened the door. "Oh, hello Ameril."

"Can I ask your mom if I can stay here for a bit Fariem?" Ameril asked. "I kind of have had an argument with my sister."

"Sure… I'll ask," Fariem said, leading the Light Faerie into the living room. "Ameril…"

"I have good ears you know," the adult Faerie commented. "I need to know what this argument was about."

"Oh… Ameril… did you succeed on that quest of yours… it would be interesting if you did succeed," Heri commented, excitement in her eyes.

"What mission?" Fariem asked.

"To find a Boy Faerie!" Heri commented. "Camerie and Damier think it can't happen."

"Of course it can't," her mother commented. "Boy Faeries don't exist."

"Then how do you explain the existence of your daughters?" Ameril asked, causing the woman to turn to her in shock.

"Why would you ask such a stupid question child?" she asked.

"Because I met one… and I have the feelings all of you adults have known for a long time and haven't told us… expesully from some of the things mother has said to me."

"Ameril! Can I please meet him?" Heri commented.

"I don't know…" Ameril commented.

"If you really did find a Boy Faerie, what is wrong with actually letting us meet him," Fariem asked.

"He's my friend and I don't want people making fun of him… he's behind us in school and he… he's a Dark Faerie,"

"No… there is no way I want to have anything to do with him," Fariem commented, heading to her room.

"See… that's why I didn't want to say anything," Ameril said. "You can't judge someone by things like that."

"I don't know… Dark Faeries aren't to be trusted," Heri's mother commented.

"But mum… Ameril is friends with him… that has to be worth something. I think I can trust him," Heri commented.

"But… no, you do have a point," she then paused the brushing of Heri's hair. "Ameril… where exactly is his home?"

"With the Library Faerie… she adopted him as soon as he found out he was a Faerie… though he's rather sensitive about all of this," Ameril commented.

"So… you're saying he didn't know until recently," the mother asked.

"No mam," Ameril said. 'So… can I stay?"

"It still doesn't explain the problem with your sister," the woman said.

"Arie… she attacked him for no reason. She was even trying to hit on him before she found out he was a Boy Faerie, making him uncomfortable. When she found out he was a Dark Faerie, she went ballistic," Ameril said. "My mom is understanding… but sis… she's a major problem."

"You can stay,"

"Yeah!" Heri said, excitement in her voice. "You and I can find a present for him tomorrow!"

"What?" Ameril said, giving her a confused look that also said she thought that Heri was coming up with some weird scheme.

"A present… you said that he isn't taking this well… and I don't think it's the Faerie part, but the Dark part… it will make him feel better, no?"