Author's note – Apologies for the last chapter, it has been replaced with the correct one.


Chase had looked carefully at the paper and was not happy about the whole situation. The place for him to go and learn to fly was on the edge of town and he had decided to take his time going there. He was gad though it wasn't in the Dark Faerie part of town where he had a second run in with that Girl Dark Faerie. He was not happy about the fact that things were going the way that they were.

It was a nice and sunny day out, but truth be told, there was a major grey cloud in Chase's mind as he walked to the place he was to meet the Dark Faerie. He could already feel the panic spreading through his chest as he thought about the fact that he was going near somewhere that was high up. His mind was also spinning.

When Chase got to the place, he blinked a couple of times. The place was like a shipyard in the clouds. The place had little cloud boats that were running around the place delivering goods. It didn't seem like a scary place like one might see in the human shows and movies from earth, but relatively peaceful.

A bunch of people were bustling around and distracted his mind from the fact that he was going to have to take a flight lesson at all. He watched in amazement as people talked together and moved the carts around at such a speed that was efficient, fast enough to get the job done, but slow enough to stay safe.

"There you are child!" a voice came from behind him. It touched him lightly on the shoulder and caused him to jump out of his skin, nearly literally. By that, some of his Dark Faerie coloring came out and caused a bunch of the Neopets and Faeries working to turn and stare at him and gawk. This caused his cheeks to turn pink.

"Thanks very much…" Chase muttered.

The Battle Faerie noticed his embarrassment and squeezed his shoulder and laughed. "Am I that embarrassing to be around. My… I must be getting old!"

"No… I just don't like being startled," the boy commented. He looked at the floor frowning. "You made me jump and I have the feeling that I showed off some things I'd rather not have…"

"You mean the fact that you're a Dark Faerie?" the older Faerie asked.

"Please don't spread that to the world… I've only met a few that actually would consider me their friends… and I have the oddity among the Faeries of being male…"

"Ahh… so this is more about that?" the female laughed. "That's rather childish, as when you fly you're going to have to go into Faerie form to do so… at least to the point of revealing your wings."

"You want to hear childish?" the boy suddenly turned to her, his eyes wide. "I refuse to learn to fly!"

"Chase… flying is one of the essentials… just because you don't want to reveal that you're a Dark Faerie isn't a reason to learn," the female sighed.

"That isn't my reason for not learning!" Chase snapped.

"Then what may I ask is?" the older one asked.

"I… it's nothing," the boy couldn't look her in the face.

"Fine then… since it is nothing, let's get onto the lesson," the Battle Faerie commented.

"You can't make me!" Chase suddenly stuck his tongue out at her and folded his arms across his chest. He had quickly realized that acting childish was irritating the Battle Faerie.

"Let me see… I think I can. See… I am the Battle Faerie, so I know certain pressure points in the body…" the Faerie commented.

"So… you're going to make something go numb if I don't listen to you?" the boy looked at her in shock.

The older Faerie shook her head at him and stepped behind him and gave the center of his shoulder blades a nice whack. Chase's face turned red as he realized that his wings had burst out, not to mention all of his Dark Faerie markings and clothing were showing. This caused a bunch of the Neopets to start backing away, but for some reason the Faeries went about their business, which gave the other Neopets confidence.

"Why'd you have to do that?" Chase asked, his lips forming a thin line.

"Because you were being a stubborn teenaged Faerie… worse then the girls at times…" the Battle Faerie grabbed his shoulder. "I don't put up with that kind of obnoxiousness from them at school; I don't expect it from you either."

"You teach at the school!" Chase squeaked out in shock.

"Why else do you think I was there? When I am not doing something heroic, I am teaching flying and battle techniques to the younger generation… that is my job," she stopped; suddenly feeling Chase put his heels in at being dragged. "I though I told you not to be stubborn about this…"

"But…" Chase glanced at where they were going and realized they were already there. The Battle Faerie had let go of his shoulder and he found himself looking down into a very long drop to Earth… very long. "Gah!"

The Battle Faerie watched as he backed into one of the pillars and leaned against the side of it, panting, his eyes closed and his face paled. She blinked a couple of times. "Chase… are you acrophobic?"

"What?" Chase opened his eyes, startled, only to snap them shut again.

"Acrophobic is the fear of heights. Are you afraid of heights?" she got a nod in response. "Well this is… a dilemma…"

"What is it?" Chase asked, glancing out at where she was looking. He was startled to see what she had. Darigan Citadel was floating rather close to Faerieland. "Are… they attacking?"

"No… they have their truce flag… the winds are messed up today and…" the Battle Faerie glanced at Chase. "Child… you are afraid of heights… right?"

"Yes…" Chase had his eyes closed again.

"This is like that night it rained…" the Battle Faerie commented. She walked over to where another Faerie was standing. "Would you please watch the boy for me… he isn't going to go anywhere as… well… as you can see, he's afraid of the heights."

"Isn't that a set back to teaching him to fly," the other Faerie sighed. "I'll watch him… he seems utterly harmless enough… unlike certain others."

Chase then realized that the Battle Faerie had left him alone… with a complete stranger… not to mention… still near the edge of a cloud.