"ABIGAIL!" I shouted angrily.
" What?" She asked innocently, trying the hide the fact that she had been READING MY DIARY!
"You were just reading my diary!" I exclaimed angrily.
" Oh? This is your Diary?" She asked as she held out my diary.
"Well, I'm sorry, I knew but I just wanted to see what you were thinking." she said, blushing.
" That's no excuse,its my personal diary,and you shouldn't have been reading it. I am telling dad!" I said trying to sound calm. All of a sudden her face got red with anger and she looked like she was going to kill me.
"YOU WOULDN'T DARE TO TELL DAD ON ME!" she screamed in my face. I could feel her hot breath on my face.
" W-w-w-h-h-y-y" I whimpered.
" If you want to go ahead, but bye-bye Misty." Abigail exclaimed a little bit calmer this time.
" Y-o-o-u-u would d-d-o-o such a t-t-h-h-ing to poor little Misty?" I stuttered building up my courage for Misty.
" I might seem all nice and preppy for dad,but for you, I'm still that evil older sister of yours. Don't think that I have changed and am going to be nice to you." she exclaimed with a feeling of triumph in her voice.
" Alright,I don't want Misty to get hurt,and just because I am giving into this, doesn't mean that you can just tell me what to do all the time! YOU ARENT THE BOSS OF ME!" I screamed at her.
"Suree." my sister said calmy. She was acting as if she knew best and she thought she could just walk all over me.
My dad's head peeked out from behind the door," Is everything all right in there?" I looked at my sister with a face as if showing her that I was the boss and I was going to tell him. She turned her head to look at me and give me an evil glare. I turned my head back to my dad.
"Of course dad we were just having a little arguement about who is going to sleep on the bed and who is going to sleep on the floor." I lied.
" Yea! Every thing is going to be all right. I am sure we can work it out." Abigail said.
" Well alright then, when you two are done unpacking and talking, please come downstairs there is something I would like to tell you." my dad exclaimed mysteriously.