Mark watched Callie, her body satiated, and covered with perspiration and him, fall asleep.

He was a lucky man.

With a yawn, he stretched and curved his body around hers. Yeah, he was spooning. Mark Sloan was spooning. Traditionally, he wasn't a spooner, but with Callie, nothing was the same. As he burrowed his head in her neck, he heard her murmur something, he wasn't positive what it was, but it made her smile in her sleep.

Callie looked around as she walked into Joe's – Mark in tow. They were all there. And they were all jealous.

Addison was there…. Addison who knew first hand just how amazing Mark was under the covers. The look of both jealousy and 'you go girl' was hard to balance, but the red head was pulling it off.

Meredith was there…. In all of her slender glory, and Callie could read her mind. I have Derek. And he's wonderful. Really. He is. But, Mark… Callie smiled as she passed Grey.

Izzie was next in line. A pitiful look of confusion and hatred marring her model beautiful face. How the hell did SHE end up with him? I mean, look at her! She's not skinny; she's got to be a size 10? 12? How the hell…? I mean… maybe I should have skipped George, and waited to steal Mark! Hmmm, I wonder… Callie watched as Izzie eyed Mark like a piece of chocolate cake. And then she watched Izzie's face melt with fury as Mark placed his hands on Callie's hips, his fingers massaging the flesh there.

Lexie was there too. Her sweet, young, energetic form bouncing on one of the barstools. Kind of like a puppy on a leash, hoping and waiting for a treat. Cute really. But definitely NOT woman enough to handle a man like Mark Sloan. Not in a million lifetimes.

Even Hahn was in Joe's dream bar. I don't care for men. And not even Mark can flip that switch. But, being gay doesn't make you blind. And from a purely clinical, anatomical standpoint, yeah, Mark Sloan is a specimen. An amazing specimen. Sipping her TnT, she eyed the plastic surgeon with his hands all over her ex. I can can imagine the things that happen in THAT bedroom. Erica swallowed, hard; she had a really great imagination... Hmmm… maybe I can make it a threesome?

Yeah, they were all here at Joe's endless dream bar, and they were all looking at Callie. Callie and Mark. And they were all envious; envious of her for having captured him. She was kind of like Lois Lane to them, only instead of having wound Superman around her little finger; she'd managed to get her hands on Mark Sloan. Mark Sloan and his "WonderSchlong."

Mark, was just falling asleep when he heard, or half heard, Callie speak again in her sleep. He lifted his head and looked at the blissful smile on her face. No. I didn't just hear what I thought I just heard. Did I?