Dani Rings Charlie's Doorbell

"I need your couch"

"I don't have any couch!"

She runs past him and takes a look at the empty room.

"Why don't you have any forniture?"

"Why do you need my couch?"

'To answer a question with a question is a Zen prerogative' thinks Dani.
She turns on her heel and looks hard at him.

"Tidwell kissed me this afternoon" she says in a breath.

Charlie raises his eyebrows.
The unexpected statement hits him like a punch in his stomach.

"I kissed him back"

His brows knits.


They stare at each other for a long moment.

"Why do you need my couch, Reese?" asks Charlie slowly.

"Half an hour ago I exited my home and I jumped in my car to go to his house. I wanted to finish the whole damned thing before it could even start."

Charlie takes some steps towards her.
"Why do you need my couch?"

"Because I know only one way to stop that thing."

He closes the distance between them, his voice is a rough whisper and his hot breath caresses her forehead as he articulates his words clearly "So, why do you need my couch, Dani?"

She gulps.

"Because he is my…our…boss. I can't screw him even if I want to."

He looks hard at her.
She blinks.

"Why do you exactly need my couch?" he is so near and he speaks so softly that she reads the words on his lips, rather than hearing them.

"If I'm here…with you…you can prevent me going to him" she murmurs without breaking eye-contact.

Charlie clenches his teeth.

What is this sudden fire in his eyes?
And what's this sudden jolt in her belly?

As a déjà-vu Dani finds herself shifting her stare from blue eyes to pink lips for the second times in a day.

Oh, silly girl, you should know what comes after this move.

Charlie's lips are soft and hot on her own and his tongue is demanding in her mouth.

She finds herself kissing him back eagerly.

How much messed up is she?
How could she desire that much two different men at the same time?

Charlie breaks slowly the kiss, leaving Dani with her hungry mouth still half opened.

"I don't own a couch…but I have a bed upstairs, if you want to finish all of this".