Summary: Sam and Dean come to my hometown to save me from a spirit that got out when the Devil's Gate opened at the end of Season 2.

AN- I know nothing about the Supernatural world in this story.

Chapter 1

Sam Winchester signed and closed his laptop.

"What's wrong, Sammy?" Dean Winchester asked his brother and chuckled. He knew that he hated being called 'Sammy.'

Sam glared at his brother and said, "There's another demon."

Dean's smile faded. "Where to now?"

"It got pretty far actually. It's all the way in Canada."
Dean was dumfounded. "Canada? How the hell did a demon get all the way to Canada?"
Sam was surprised. "Well, Dean. In case you didn't know, demons fly and they possess people."

"Listen smart ass… I meant how the hell are we going to get to Canada?"

"Dean, we've gotten out of bigger problems than this. We do have passports so hopefully that will work."
"Well, I don't really feel like getting caught. Why do you want to go so badly?"
"Because it's for a teenage girl and she's terrified to sleep in her own house."
Dean smirked. "Um Sam? Don't you think you should go for girls more around your age?"

"Shut up, Dean. Look, at least read the comment."
"It's on a message board."

"Great." Dean looked at the comment. "So some girl makes up a story to get attention. She could be making it up."

"But I don't think she is, Dean. I used Ash's technique of tracking demonic activity and it checks out. London has been having electrical storms almost every night. Cattle deaths, temperatures fluctuating, the whole nine yards."

"Okay then. We will try. But if I see one sign of trouble getting across.."

"I know. We leave. Thanks, man."

"Yeah. Don't mention it. So it's a demon?"

"Well, I don't know for sure. It could end up being a spirit or something different all together."
"Well, whatever. Let's get this done."

Dean drove while Sam slept and vice versa. They stayed in one hotel along the way and made it to London in about two days. They found the street and pulled up to the house.
"Well, there's no one in the driveway but we'll knock."

Dean parked the Impala and they both got out. They walked up to the door and knocked. A girl with brown hair and blue eyes answered the door. "Hello. Can I help you?"

Sam stepped forward and held out his hand. "Hi. I'm Sam Winchester and this is my brother, Dean. Is Victoria home?"
"That's me. What can I do for you?"

"Um…." Sam started but trailed off.

Dean stepped forward. "Did you write a comment on a message board about a spirit living in your house?"
Victoria's face went blank. "I don't know what you're talking about." She went to turn around to close the door but Sam grabbed her arm, gently.
"Look Victoria, I know you're probably really scared but we can help."
"Help? How can you help?"
"We can kill it." Dean smiled, cockily.

"Yeah and how do you do that? You guys ghost busters?" Victoria laughed.

Dean smiled proudly. "Well sort of. We have to shoot it with a gun filled with rock salt."

Victoria laughed again. "Are you for real? Seriously how do you kill it?"
Sam smiled. "It's true. Except it doesn't kill them. It repels them. To kill them, we have to find the body and salt and burn the bones."

Victoria looked at Sam. "Look, you guys seem like really nice people but I don't know you and for all I know you two could be serial killers."

Sam smiled, understanding. "It's okay." He handed Victoria a piece of paper. "Here's my cell number. Call me if you need anything."

Victoria smiled a little. "Thanks."
With that she closed the door.


That night as Victoria was getting ready for bed, she thought she heard a noise. She ignored it but suddenly a figure appeared in the mirror. Victoria screamed and ran out of the bathroom. She ran downstairs into the living room and grabbed the phone. She called Sam. "Hello?"

"Sam? It's me. Um, I need you now. It's here." She hung up and waited outside for Sam.

Soon they were there. "It's gone. But I… my parents are gone. They went to New York for a second honeymoon or something. It started coming the night they left. It only comes at night when I'm in bed."

"Okay. Well, when do they get back?"

"Next Saturday night."

"Okay today's Sunday. So we have a 6 days to kill this sucker."

Victoria smiled at Dean. "So um… this is embarrassing but um, I'm still not too sure about you guys so could you two sleep in your car tonight? Just until I get to know you better?"

The next morning, Victoria woke up and went downstairs. She screamed when she walked into the kitchen and Dean was rummaging through the fridge wearing nothing but boxers. Dean turned around. Victoria was wearing a small tank top and boy boxers with fuzzy slippers. She tried to cover herself and yelled at him.

"What the hell are you doing in here? How did you get in?"
"Calm down. I picked the lock. Don't you have school today?" Dean said, simply.

"For your information, today is a PD Day because the teachers have some meeting. And you WHAT?"

"I was hungry and I figured you wouldn't mind."

Victoria was shocked. "Whatever. I have to go get the stuff for the macaroni."

"You're making macaroni?" Dean asked. Victoria nodded. "Cool. I love macaroni."

"Who said you were having some?"

Dean frowned. "Fine. Oh and by the way, what's your cats name?"
"Felix. Why?"

"I think I hurt him."

Victoria looked at him, angry. "What did you do to my cat?"
Dean shrugged. "I kicked him."
Victoria screamed. "Oh my God!"

Sam walked into the kitchen. "What's going on? What did he do?"
Dean looked at Sam. "Why do you think it's my fault?"
Sam gave him a 'you're really asking that' look. "What did he do?'

"He kicked my cat." Victoria said, close to tears.

"Dean!" He looked at Victoria. "Is he okay?"

Victoria nodded. "I saw him when I got up and he looked fine. I'm going to get the Kraft Dinner." She looked at Dean. "Yes, you're hot. Now go get dressed." With that she walked downstairs. Sam followed.

"So how did you get in this business, Sam?"

Sam stopped walking. "Look Victoria, in my lifetime, I've done and seen you couldn't ever imagine. And I don't want to scare you with the details."

"Okay. I didn't mean to upset you."

Sam smiled. "You didn't. Come on. Let's go get the macaroni."

When Sam and Victoria came back upstairs, Dean was outside on the front porch. Victoria walked outside and sat down beside him. "You okay, Dean?"

"Yeah. I'm fine." He said, got up and walked over to sit on the hood of his car. Victoria ran after him. She stood in front of him.

"Look Dean. I may only be fifteen years old but I'm not stupid. I can tell that you're not fine and I want to help. I may not know you very well but like my dad, I'm a good listener. You don't have to spill your guts but I know something's wrong."

Dean sighed. "The truth is, there is something wrong but I'm not going to tell you. You seem like a bright person but like you said, you're only fifteen. The only things you should have to worry about are school, friends, family and probably dating. I'm not going to worry you with my problems."

"Okay. I was just trying to help."

Dean smiled. "I know. Come on. Let's go get some macaroni."

After lunch, Victoria gave Sam and Dean a tour of the house. They watched TV and soon it was dinner time. They ordered pizza.

"So Victoria? Where do you go to school?"

"Regina Mundi."

"I see. You wanna ride?" Dean asked.

"Sure. I can show you how to get there on the way."
"And we can go out for breakfast."

Victoria smiled. "Okay. Well, dinner was great. I'll see you guys later."

Dean got up. "Where do you think you're going?"

"To the mall with my friend Alyssa."
"Do you have a cell phone?" Victoria nodded and wrote it down.

"There. Now if the phone rings, don't answer. I'll only be gone an hour. Pick me up at 8pm. When I call, it will ring once, then I'll hang up and call again. Only pick up if it's around 8pm."

Victoria went to leave but Dean called her back. She turned around to face him.

"Be careful." Victoria smiled.

"Thanks." And with that, she left.


After Alyssa left, Victoria was all alone in the Walmart bathroom, when it came. A women walked towards her. There was blood all over her clothes and she kept yelling, "I'm going to kill you." Over and over again.

Victoria ran out of the bathroom and called Dean. He had called earlier to make sure she was okay so she saved the number. Dean finally answered after three rings. "Hello?"

"Dean! It was here! It tried to get me!" Victoria cried. "Please! Come and-ahhh!" Victoria screamed and then the line went dead.

To be continued…..