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This is the prologue, showing you what happened between Draco and Harry five years ago… The next chapter, the FIRST official chapter jumps to the present-time and what's been going on with the lives of Harry, Draco, Ron, and Hermione. This story will jump back and forth between the present and past, but mostly is told from the PRESENT! It will never be confusing when it does jump, so rest assured with that fact. I hope you enjoy this story!


August 25, 1998

Harry sighed, nestling against Draco's chest as strong arms wrapped around his waist. Gazing up at the beautiful sunset as they sat wrapped together on the beach made life itself serene. Back at the beach house were Ron and Hermione engaging in their own personal time. Harry and Draco had insisted that they would go down to the shore to watch the sun set. In three day's time, Harry was due to start Auror training which meant hard, long, and tiring hours during the weekdays, leaving only his weekends free. Draco, come September 1st, was set to begin his apprenticeship at St. Mungo's in the children's ward that specialized in terminally ill children. He would train from Healer Connor Knox and be secretly trained by Severus Snape. Both men would be training the young wizard in potions, for Draco planned to find cures one day for incurable diseases.

Sighing in content, Harry whispered lovingly, "Isn't it gorgeous?"

Draco glanced down to figure out what his boyfriend was looking at… the sunset. For Draco had been lost in his passion of love he had for Harry and how his body tingled and his heart filled with even more love for the man whenever he held Harry in his arms. "It certainly is. I've never seen one so spectacular." Draco purred in Harry's ear.

The raven-haired teen smiled fervently, "Well that's because we've never shared one together, Dray…"

Smiling in love, Draco frowned for a second, lost in his thoughts. "I can't believe we only have three more days of freedom before we can only see each other on the weekends."

"I know it sucks..." Harry began in reply, "But after a year's time we'll both be employed with a balancing schedule and everything will go back to how it is now." Harry made a face of scrutiny, "Well almost as it is now. Some things will have changed, but not much."

"I suppose so…" The beauty of dusk settling in upon them and the aspect of he and Harry alone on the beach and the intimacy that was churning between them made Draco hungry for passion. "Oh, I want you, Harry," Draco murmured as he gently eased Harry from his lap and laid him on the sand. Allowing his hands to roam Harry's tone body, Draco moaned as he felt himself stiffen.

Harry was groaning in pleasure as he watched Draco take off his shirt and leaned down ripping Harry's shirt from his body. Tender hands explored his chest before roaming down to his trousers. "Do it, Draco," Harry demanded heatedly.

Draco, at an agonizingly slow pace undid the button to Harry's jeans, relishing at the pokes his hands received from Harry's hard prick. Harry's cock jumped in excitement as Draco removed the jeans and boxers that had been containing it. Harry got to his knees and untied the drawstrings of the blonde's sweatpants and allowed his hands to bump over his boyfriend's hardening member, causing Draco to whimper in yearning. Once both boys were free of their clothes, Harry lay down on his back and Draco lay next to him on his side, his arm propping him up. Harry rolled over onto his side and their eyes locked as they brought their lips together and kissed. Legs intertwined, hands explored each other's body, as the two young men were lost in the passionate moment. Neither one noticed as their lips slid down to their necks and eventually found the other's nipples.

Several minutes of this routine passed before Harry groaned impatiently, "I want you inside me… now, Draco!"

Draco smiled at Harry's wild and demanding antics but complied with his lover's command.

Hermione sat in Ron's embrace on the deck of their beach house as they watched the waves roll in.

"The shore is so peaceful… I would love living here." Hermione stated as she rested her head on her fiancé's shoulder.

"This is the life," agreed Ron, "but we should make this a vacation home… you know; a place to escape to when we want private time."

Hermione pondered Ron's suggestion and smiled warmly, "You are absolutely right. I love you, Ronald Weasley."

"And I love you, Hermione Granger." Ron glanced down at his watch and checked the time, 8:30 P.M. "I wonder when Harry and Draco are gonna get back? They've been gone nearly four hours!"

Hermione laughed at her fiancé's ignorance, "Oh, leave them be, Ron! They're in love just like you and me. You know that in three days they both will only see each other on the weekends. Unlike us, who will be working at Hogwarts and living there during the school year. They deserve this time alone!"

Disgust appeared on the red head's face as he let out a grunt of repugnance, "Ugh! I just pictured what they must be doing! I'm scarred for life, now…"

Hermione threw her head back in laughter and slapped Ron upside on the back of the head, "Oh, shut up! No matter whom the people are – love is a beautiful thing."

"You're absolutely right. And I see love every time I look at you." Ron took Hermione into his arms and they began kissing intimately, lost in the moment.

Spent, after having just come down from their post-coital moment; Draco held Harry tightly in his arms as they lay together on the beach. The moon's light illuminating the bodily fluids that covered their bodies from the pure love they had just made.

"Oh, Dray… That was just… wow. Amazing…"

"Worth waiting for a spectacular first time?"

"Yeah… This meant the world to me. I'll never forget this."

"You are my world, Harry Potter."

"Likewise, Draco Malfoy. I love you so much."

"And I love you."

" 'm tired," Harry mumbled as his eyelids fluttered shut.

"Sleep now, love. I'll wake you when it's time to head back."

"…nx," Harry slurred as his breath evened out and he was out like a light.

Draco chuckled at his boyfriend's feeble "thanks". Why am I doing this? Why am I giving in? Stop the reluctance! You are to leave him as planned. Draco's conscious was battling with his subconscious. He knew what he had to do. Dressing the both of them, Draco waited until the early morning hours to head back to the beach house. Around 2 A.M., Draco carried a slumbering Harry and placed him gently onto one of the deck's reclining lay-out chairs. Conjuring up a blanket and a pillow, Draco covered the other male and propped the pillow beneath his head.

"I love you, Harry James Potter." Draco whispered as he placed one last kiss on Harry's angelic lips. Taking one last look at his lover, Draco turned and faced the ocean. A moment later, he apparated; leaving Harry behind with no note or explanation as to why he had just left Harry as he did…

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