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Chapter One – The Best Man

Having just dropped off his three-year-old son Tyson off at Ron and Hermione's, Harry and Ryan left and headed to dinner at Margo's Oven. Ryan and Harry had been dating for the past two years. The first three years after Draco had left him, too many things were going on and Harry's mind could not handle the thought of dating anyone else. Not only had Draco left Harry stranded with no explanation, but two months later – much to Harry's surprise – he had found out he was eight weeks pregnant… with Draco's child.

Harry had owled Draco numerous times informing him of their predicament, but Hedwig always came back with the letter tied to her talon and unread. After Draco had failed to respond to the tenth letter, Ron and Hermione became outraged. Harry was already depressed and in a state of shock knowing he was pregnant – they did not need the Slytherin causing Harry anymore grief than he had already had. So Ron and Hermione had Harry move-in, temporarily, with them. Harry grew moody and began cutting. It was a stressful four months, until Harry clawed his way out of his depression and became excited for the arrival of his baby. Ron, Hermione, Molly, and Arthur had been there for Harry during his darkest hours. However, the man Harry had turned to for advice and an ear for listening was Remus Lupin, the only remaining marauder and the final connection he had left to his parents. They grew extremely close during the last three months of Harry's pregnancy.

When Tyson James Potter had been born, no one had ever seen Harry look happier than he had that night. Harry had been glowing in pride and love. However, as Tyson grew and his appearance in his physical traits developed, he was becoming an exact replica of his other father, Draco Malfoy. This worried Ron and Hermione because Harry, for a good two months, had begun separating himself from Tyson… leaving him at their place nearly every other day for eight to ten hours straight. The young Weasley couple had taken their former defense against the dark arts (DADA) teacher aside and explained to him the situation; Remus later, then, confronted the young man he considered his Godson… even a son.


Harry came stumbling out of the fireplace with a diaper bag draped over his right shoulder while his left arm securely held 22-month-old Tyson to his hip.

"Ugh, I still despise traveling by floo. I'll never master the landing!" Harry grunted with annoyance.

"There're my two favorite Potter boys! My, my – Every time I see Ty, he has grown so much."

Harry chuckled as Hermione took his son out of his arms, " 'Mione, it's only been two days! How much could he have changed?"

Ron walked over to stand next to Harry and gently patted him on the back, muttering, "She's obsessed with the daily changes. I hear non-stop of how much Clara is changing every day after I get home from work. It's worse for you because she doesn't see Tyson every day."

"Well, I've gotta run. I promised Albus that I'd come to Hogwarts and have a special practice with all the Quidditch teams to teach them my techniques. Thanks for watching Ty on such short notice."

"No problem, mate!" smiled Ron proudly. "You know we love our Godson!"

"Expect to be staying for dinner," chastised Hermione.

"Yes, mother!" Harry responded playfully, rolling his eyes. As he reached for the floo powder, a hand on his arm halted his movement.

"Mind a word for a minute?" questioned Remus as he stared at the young man in front of him.

"No. Not at all…"

"Great!" The man replied clapping his hands together. "Why don't we move into the kitchen for privacy?"

Harry cast a wary eye at the man he considered a father and nodded as he followed Remus into the kitchen.

"So, Harry – how has life been treating you lately?"

"Fairly decent… Why do you ask?" Harry inquired, his skepticism not concealed.

"It's just that Ron and Hermione have brought to my attention that you've been leaving Tyson with them quite often for long hours at a time. Why is that?"

"Do they mind? If it's a bother I can find someone else…" Harry stated quickly with worry.

Remus held up a hand to calm the anxious young man, "No, they don't mind at all. I'm just concerned that you're leaving him here too often."

"I honestly hadn't noticed. I've just been so busy lately…"

"Cut with the bull, Harry!"

Harry's eyes snapped up to meet Remus' in alert. The man had never raised his voice at Harry in that manner before.

"Remus?" questioned the young Gryffindor timidly.

"I am not blind, Harry. Neither are you… Ty is looking more and more like Draco as he gets older. That, alone, brings back the pain you felt when Draco up and left you. It's normal for you to be hurting when you see Draco in Tyson; however, it is wrong for you to abandon your son solely for the fact that he's an exact replica of his father… the man that broke your heart."

Defense levels in Harry rose and he bellowed, "I am not abandoning him!" The expression of 'Are you bloody kidding me?' that he received from the older man made Harry swallow in reluctance and he sighed in defeat, "Dear God… I'm not… am I?"

"Think about it, Harry. You leave him with Hermione from early morning and pick him up late every other day. Do you feel like you honestly spend quality time with your infant son?"

Horror struck Harry's emerald green eyes at the realization that he was neglecting his little baby. "My God – What have I done? I'm a terrible father, Moony…"

"No, you're not. You are a young man who's been hurt badly by the person he thought loved him unconditionally. You're a strong person having dealt with pregnancy and raising your son single-handedly. Your heart's in the right place but your mind is in jumbles. You are not alone, Harry. Remember that. You've got me, Tonks, and the whole Weasley clan. Don't be afraid to ask for help when you need it or are feeling overwhelmed."

Harry was teary-eyed as he wrapped his arms around Remus' neck and buried his head into his chest. Remus rubbed soothing circles around the boy's back as he cried.

"Shh… you'll be all right."

After five minutes, Harry calmed and pulled away from Remus rubbing the tears from his eyes, murmuring a quiet, "Thanks."

"You'll be all right, Harry. Just believe in yourself."

Harry nodded, "Thanks for knocking sense into me. I needed it. But now I must go; the teams are waiting."

As the two men re-entered the family room of RHW Manor, Harry was greeted with the sensation of tiny hands grasping his pant legs and the whiny cry of, "Daddy!"

Alarm rose in the father's chest. Why is my little boy upset? What caused his distress? Leaning down and picking up his son, Harry asked, "What's wrong, Ty-Ty? Why are you crying?"

"Daddy…" Tyson sobbed as he buried his tiny head into his father's shoulder.

"I'm so sorry, Harry. Clara threw a block at him and it hit his head. Clara's been placed on time-out."

Harry gently pulled the small toddler away from his chest and examined his head. There, above his right eye-brow, was a brilliant red and blue bruise forming.

"That hurts, doesn't it, buddy?" Harry stated sympathetically.

"Yes, daddy," whimpered Tyson as tears streaked his cheeks.

Harry pulled a tissue from his pocket and transformed it into a blue phoenix stuffed animal. "Here you go, my brave boy. This phoenix is just for you. I love you, Ty."

"Danks!" Tyson's eyes lit up as he grabbed the stuffed animal from his father's hand, " Wuv ooo."

Harry, once again, handed Tyson to Hermione, "So Remus has put me in my place and showed me my ignorance. The practice should be over by early afternoon. I will be picking Tyson up at 2 instead of at 7. And I don't plan to be needing your assistance daily anymore… I am going to cut back my hours as an Auror to spend that time with my son." With that, Harry flooed to Dumbledore's office at Hogwarts.

"So the talk went well, I see…"

"It sure did, Hermione. To be honest – from Harry's reaction – he didn't even realize what he was doing," replied Remus.

"Well hopefully Harry and Tyson's relationship can improve. Harry deserves happiness. Especially after Draco…"

The three adults' minds all wondered off as Ron's statement lingered throughout their thoughts.

End of Flashback

After the confrontation with Remus, Harry and Tyson had bonded rather quickly and Harry had weekly dinners with the Weasley family, Remus and Tonks included. During an evening, one night after dinner had finished, Ron and Hermione had pulled Harry aside and told him it was time for him to start looking for someone new. Draco was gone; It was time for him to move on. When Tyson was two, Harry had met Ryan Zachary Simmons at a coffee shop. When around Ryan, Harry felt alive again… not so depressed. Over the following two years of their relationship, Ryan had taught Harry how to trust again and how to give his heart to someone and not be fearful of getting hurt in return. Harry had come to really love Ryan but not as much as Ryan loved Harry. Harry was also blessed that Ryan and Tyson got along so well. Everyone associated with Harry personally held high acceptance and approval of Ryan Simmons, Harry's current boyfriend of two years. Now after two years of dating, their relationship was at a serious level. Ron and Hermione were ecstatic for their best friend.

Harry found himself seated across from Ryan tonight, at a dinner table, not knowing what results he should expect from tonight's dinner. Harry did know that Ryan warned him that tonight a memorable moment would be created.

" 'ry? Harry, are you with me?" Ryan asked, concerned, as he waved a hand in front of the man's face.

Harry blinked as he was brought back to awareness, "Yes, sorry. My mind drifted off there for a second."

"No need to apologize. What were you thinking about?"

"Oh, just Tyson… He's been on my mind quite often recently."

"Well that's perfectly understandable considering he is your son," Ryan laughed good-heartedly.

"This place is beautiful, Ryan. Very fancy…"

"No place better for my surprise for you after our dessert is finished."

Harry's brows scrunched into suspicion, "What exactly do you have planned?"

"Shh, not now," Ryan said, placing a finger on Harry's lips, "Don't want to spoil the surprise now, do we?"

"No, I guess not," Harry responded desolately.

"Baby, are you sure everything is all right?" Ryan sighed, "Recently you've been distant… Have I done something wrong?"

"I'm sorry, Ryan. It's got nothing to do with you. It's just with Ty turning four in a week, old memories are being dug up… painful ones. I thought I was past them but I guess I'm not. It hurts me so much that he could abandon Tyson like that."

Ryan knew that Harry's ex – Draco Malfoy – was his weak spot, but Ryan also knew that if he didn't want to lose his current boyfriend that he had to show support. "Think of it like this, Harry – This is all Draco's own fault. You told me that you tried to contact him, several times, and he just ignored every note you sent to him. He made the choice of not being a part of Tyson's life. That was his decision. I know you've told Tyson that he had another "Daddy" out there, but right now Tyson knows one daddy and a man that he considers his other father. That would be me. I love you, Harry, and I love your son as if he were my own. You need to let go of Draco completely and stop forcing yourself into that guilt-loop you put yourself in."

Harry sighed and rested his face in his hands. Everything Ryan said made absolute sense in his mind but Harry's heart spoke otherwise. He loved Ryan through and through, but a large chunk of his heart would always belong to Draco. Harry knew that was unfair to Ryan, but how could he go against destiny?

With Harry's lack of response, Ryan ran a hand through his hair and continued, "Look, Harry – I know you're not completely over Draco. I've realized that for a couple of months now and I'm willing to look past that fact… but I need to know, from you, that you'll try to love me fully as you would have Draco."

Harry gave a weak upwards pull of his lips, "I do love you, Ryan. I'll try harder to make you see that. You don't know what it means to me that you've accepted me and Tyson and how much time you've spent with him and taught him things. He loves you as you do him. I couldn't ask for more."

"But…" added Ryan, hearing the reluctance in his partner's tone.

"But," emphasized the raven-haired man, "You've got to cut me some slack, also… Remember that it was Draco who walked out of my life. He's the one who decided he didn't love me. When he left, I was so confused because I thought our love was mutual and I was heartbroken. But I will try with all my might to let him go. It isn't fair to you. I am most fortunate that you've stuck with me even though you know I am not completely over my ex. Thank you. That means a lot to me. It shows you believe in me."

Ryan smiled tenderly, "That just proves how much I love you, Harry."

"And I love you, Ryan."

As they finished up dessert, Harry excused himself to the bathroom, while Ryan paid the bill. When Harry returned he sat back down and intended on finishing his glass of champagne before they left the restaurant. A beautiful song began playing on the radio station, I'll Stand By You by The Pretenders. This song was special to the two young men because on their first date they had danced and shared their first kiss while the song had been playing. A thought occurred to Harry but he shook his head clear and considered the choice of song just a coincidence. However, when Ryan scooted his chair back from the table and stood up getting down on one knee and taking Harry's hand in his and gazing lovingly into the man's eyes, Harry knew the song was connected to a scheme of Ryan's.

Harry's breath hitched as he breathed, "Ryan…" almost in disbelief.

"Harry, these past two years of my life have been the greatest. You have brought me happiness I've never felt before and I have so much fun with you and Tyson. You two mean the world to me."

With each young man completely engrossed in one another's gaze, neither noticed the lurking shadow that hid behind a plant inside the restaurant. His grey eyes shone with regret as he watched his former boyfriend get proposed to by another man. That was supposed to be him down on one knee gazing lovingly into Harry's eyes as if there was no tomorrow or care in the world. Wait who was Tyson? Oh well, that's for another time…

"Harry, I've taken our relationship slowly because I know how hurt you were when Draco broke up with you, but I know it is the time for you to move and for us to take our relationship to the next level." Ryan felt several stares glaring at his back but shook that nagging feeling off as he continued with the proposal, "I want to spend the rest of my life with you and Tyson. I've gotten Ron and Hermione's blessings along with Remus, Molly, and Arthur's… Will you marry me, Harry James Potter?"

Draco felt his jaw drop to the floor when the young man, before him, uttered those dreaded words to his beloved Harry. If Harry accepted, any chance of reviving their past relationship was useless… Merlin, please have Harry say no… please!

Harry looked at Ryan in shock, several emotions running through his eyes. He wasn't ready to get married. He loved Ryan, but he still wasn't sure about being over Draco. Why did Ryan have to propose tonight? We just got through talking about my feelings and Draco… Couldn't he have waited? No stupid, you knew he had a huge question… well event, planned out for tonight. Merlin… What am I going to do? If I say no, then will Ryan leave me? Will he throw back in my face how I don't love him as much as Draco and never give me the chance to put Draco behind me? If I say yes, do I forfeit all chances of making amends with my child's father and possibly restarting a relationship? Harry glanced up and his gaze went to the plant that was in his line of vision and that is where he saw him. Harry's heart was racing, his breath caught in his throat. There was the love of his life standing right before him. Harry and Draco caught each other's eyes and quickly averted their gazes.

"Harry? What do you say? Will you marry me, sweetie?"

His breath was coming in short gasps as Harry stood up quickly from the seat and pulled Ryan into a standing position, "I, I… I, Ryan… I'm sorry! I can't do this right now!" With that, Harry fled from the restaurant leaving behind a hurt, would-be, fiancé and a shocked yet not guilty former boyfriend at Margo's Oven.

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