Hey guys! This is just an information chappie. Now, I know how many of you are absolutely in love with a certain Cullen. Now, both males and females can audition. I'm trying to not be gender specific here. So if you are a guy, and you want to have a one-shot with Rosalie, or Alice, or Bella, or even Esme, or any of the characters, then feel free to audition! I just need you to send in a review (signed) that fills out the following criteria. Do not worry, I will write a one-shot for anyone that wishes to have one. Unless I get completely overswamped, but I kind of want that to happen. But whatever happens, I will write a one-shot with everyone who wants one, but if circumstances arise, it just might take a little longer. Anywho. Here is the following audition information that you need to fill out. Please be as honest and accurate as you can. I will not ask for any personal information, but if you feel that you don't want to display this information in public, then feel free to PM me. I will post the first one-shot on November 8, 2008. Keep checking my profile, as I will have the list (in order) of all of the one-shots, and maybe the date. Sometimes, however, keeping to a schedule doesn't work all that well for me, seeing as I procsratinate...a lot. But I will post the date a couple of days before the story goes up. Also, I will PM you the day before the story goes up. Thanks!

Name: (Both penname, so that I know who to dedicate it to, and your real name)




Country: (This is completely optional. I just want to see if I need to send Edward anywhere)

Personality Traits that most distinguish you: (ie, very opinontaed, etc. Please be as accurate and as descriptive as possible)

Pet Peeves:

Little habits that you may have:

Indiviualistic triats that distinctly define who you are: (Like, how you would handle a certain situation)

How you would react when you have a crush on someone:


Any pets: (real or imaginary)

Fav Book:

Fav. Movie/Actor/Actress:

Fav. School Subject:

What you like to do in your spare time:

Which Cullen you would most like to date:

Your Dream Date: (location, month, what you are doing, etc)

Anything else that you feel is useful:

A/N- I will not write any M rated material for indivuals. I am sorry, but that is not the purpose of this. However, I will write anything rated T and down. Thanks, and I hope to hear from everyone!!