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It Had All Happened So Fast

Ginny was finally alone. The 24 hours since they had told the family had been nothing short of chaos. She hadn't had a moment with Harry since they had unpacked together in her room and the only time she had been by herself was when she showered that morning. It was starting to drive her mad. She needed her alone time. And at the moment, she was alone, standing in her room at the resort. She had her hair done up just as her mother wanted it, she had on the jewelry her mom picked out and she had on her wedding dress, that she got to pick out alone. She smiled at herself in the mirror. The dress was just what she had wanted; a white strapless gown that fell to her knees, made of satin with a beaded floral pattern and a corset back. Her mom had complained that it was not traditional enough and showed too much skin. But as soon as Ginny saw it, she knew it was perfect for her wedding to Harry.

The thought made her smile again. She was going to be getting married soon to Harry. That wonder of a man. And he was all hers, too. She smiled again. She turned to see that her back of the dress in the mirror, and smoothed it out. Harry's eyes were going to pop out when he saw her. She giggled at this thought and walked over to the balcony. Not caring what the wind would do to her hair, she stepped out and looked over the railing at the beach and sea below her. She could see the red heads of her family scurrying about on the beach, no doubt getting ready for the wedding. He dad would be here to get her soon and they had to be ready before that happened. She wondered where Harry was. She didn't see his black hair in the mix of red. He was probably still in his room trying to tame his hair.

She took a deep breath of the fresh, salty air and thought about how she had ended up on a balcony overlooking the beach in a wedding dress. A year ago she would have laughed in your face if you would have told her were she would be right now. And if you would have mentioned who she was going to be marrying, well she would have been rolling on the ground with laughter.

It had all happened so fast. Hooking up with Harry, than falling for him, then dating him. It seemed as if she had been with him her entire life, but in reality it has only been ten months. She was amazed that that thought didn't make her nervous. It should have, a small part of her brain told her. It should make her nervous to be marrying someone that she has only been with a short time. But she wasn't nervous. She knew this was the right thing to do for her. Being married to Harry was the right thing for her.

And the beach wedding, that was the right thing for both of them.

There was a knock on the door interrupting Ginny's thoughts about how she felt. She turned from the scene of people setting up the wedding site and went back into her room to answer her door.

"What have you done to your hair?" Hermione stormed into the room glaring at Ginny. "I leave you alone for ten minutes, and you go and ruin your hair." She huffed out as she lifted her wand and started to fix Ginny's windblown hair.

"Hi Ginny. Here's your bouquet." Luna followed Hermione into the flat. "I don't want to hold it any longer than I have to." She handed the flowers over to Ginny.

"What does it matter if my hair is windblown, we are heading down to the beach. It's just going to get that way again." Ginny told Hermione.

"I am putting a holding charm on it so it won't."

"No, it won't come down for days if you do that."

"Don't be ridiculous. I will undo it later today."

Ginny just ignored this. She was pretty sure her hair was going to be up for days, but she didn't want to fight with Hermione over it.

"Knock, knock." Mr. Weasley said as he poked her head into the open door way. "Are you ready, princess?"

"Yeah, Dad. As soon as Hermione is done."

"You look beautiful." He smiled down at his daughter. "All of you look beautiful." He added as he noticed Luna and Hermione.

"Done!" Hermione called and lowered her wand. "Don't mess it up again." Ginny rolled her eyes and then heard Hermione say from behind her "Don't roll your eyes at me."

"Okay, lets go." Ginny said as her dad held out his arm for her. The four of them left the room and headed to the lift.

While Ginny was contemplating how fast their relationship had gone, Harry was riding down the lift with Ron listening to a story from Neville about some third years and green house two.

"So then, Hugh decides that Abby couldn't handle it herself, so he rushes over to her and ran right into a Copperspout."

"Eww." Ron said at this.

"Tell me about it. Greenhouse 2 still stinks to bad to go into and no one went near Hugh for 3 weeks. I tell you, those students never listen."

Ron laughed. "I wonder how many times our teachers said that about us?"

"We always listened." Harry told him, and managed to keep a strait face for about three seconds before all three men started laughing.

The doors to the elevator opened and they walked through the library listening to Neville complain about students some more. "And then, five minutes after she told me she needed to be excused for a stomach ache, I caught her snogging another student in the next greenhouse."

"Brings back some memories doesn't it?" Ron teased Harry good naturally.

"I never made out with anyone in a greenhouse." Harry told him, baffled. "Did you?"

"No, I didn't, but I do remember you skiving off from class to snog Ginny."

"At least Ginny and I didn't snog in the common room like some other people."

Neville laughed as Ron glared at Harry for bringing up Lavender.

"'Arry." Fleur called out to him. "You look very 'andsom." She kissed his check as he approached her. "All of you look 'andsom." She said, greeting Ron and Neville, "But you are late. Molly is not 'appy about it." She grabbed Harry's arm and dragged him out of the resort and down to the beach with Ron and Neville following.

Harry was amazed. They had gotten their wish. The place he was going to marry Ginny was beautiful. And simple. Their were enough chairs for the family arranged around a small gazebo were the short wizard who would be performing the ceremony was standing.

"There you are, Harry. Where have you been?" Mrs. Weasley asked, slightly hysterical. Harry opened his mouth to answer, but was cut short. "Never mind. We don't have time. In your place, Harry. In your place Ron, Neville." And she pushed them up to the gazebo.

Harry gave a small smile to the short wizard and turned around to wait for Ginny. Ron leaned over and told him softly. "It was wise of you to do it like this. You only had to put up with Mum for one day. I had to deal with her for two months."

Harry laughed, "That's why we did this, mate."

"You sure? There is still time,"

"I'm sure." Harry said as he saw Hermione and Luna walk out of the resort and up to the gazebo. And then he stopped breathing. Ginny had come out with her father. He had seen her dressed up several times, and he thought she had been beautiful every time. But she was beyond any beauty he had seen before. Maybe it was the angel like look the white dress gave her. She was his angel.

He didn't notice he wasn't breathing until Ron gently nudged him.

Ginny and Mr. Weasley walked up to the gazebo while Ginny smiled at her family and then finally at Harry.

The rest of the ceremony was a blur to Harry. All he could remember later was Ginny smiling at him and he smiling back at her.

Before he knew it, he was married to the girl he had known he wanted to marry when he was sixteen. They had taken a long time to get to this point, but he had known then they would be here one day. They shared their first kiss as a married couple, and while he would have liked to make the kiss longer, but he was aware of Bill watching.

And then he was in a private dinning room with his new wife and his new family celebrating the marriage. Toasts were being said, and he laughed along with everyone. Amazed that he was there, trying to understand what he had done to get everything in life he had wanted.

He didn't know how long it lasted, or really what had been said. The entire experience was a whirl, but he knew one thing, it was the most enjoyable day he had ever had.

And soon he was taking Ginny back to their room at the end of the night, and as she kissed him as the lift shut close, he saw a future that was free and unencumbered. A future that was full of Ginny and him. It was all that he would ever need.


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