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Chapter 1: A New Beginning, Shadows of the Past.

The week had come and gone, sunrise had come along with last minute preparations as Slade prepared to leave with the Young Guns on a new journey. "Ah the old express travel to hell, how inviting." Blazer sighed and slapped him upside the head.

"Quit your bitching the trip hasn't even begun yet." he said, Darkstar smiled holding up a cd.

"Its not so bad... hey we can watch the montage video I made of us training while we travel." Sarge walked up shaking his head.

"Darkstar no one wants to see that crappy thing ok." he said, Kiva sighed and pulled out her hammer.

"Children stop fighting or your gonna get into deep trouble. Now lets get going already." she said, the boys all gulped and nodded.

"Yes Mam.." they said with squeaky voices, they all climbed into the ship and Sarge headed to the cockpit. "Alright here we go.." he said, Slade watched with displeasure as they lifted off from the ground and a portal opened up before them.

"Goodbye...pokemon realm, till we meet again." he muttered as the ship entered the portal and traveled through a large blue vortex like tunnel with may circular exits until they turned into one of them. "Is this our destination?" Sarge nodded.

"Yep....." they emerged into a Japanese like land with many archaic like structures, Slade seemed to recognize some of them.

"Kinda old but this is where the signal leads." Slade nodded.

"This place...looks familiar..."he said as they landed, they then departed the ship and put it into capsule form as Slade looked around. "No way...it can't be." Kiva seemed to recognize it as well.

"Definitely japan but it doesn't look like any anime world." Sarge nodded.

"Tenchu Realm or so the computer said." Slade's eyes went wide.

"We're in a world ninja's roam and my first teacher is here.." Blazer looked interested hearing this as he had ninja training as well from another master.

"Really now...so Slade who was your teacher?" Slade smiled.

"A man named Rikamaru." Darkstar chuckled.

"Then I have the perfect form to blend with the ninja." he said before turning into a young blond haired boy with a bright orange jumpsuit. "Believe it!" everyone but Slade face faulted.

"I don't get it." he said as the others rose.

"You don't want to." said Blazer, Slade shrugged and prepared to head off.

"In any case I'm gonna go pay my respects to sensei." the others nodded.

"Alright lead the way." said Sarge smirking, as they head off, a young woman in a dark green kimono along with a man wearing a basket head and samurai garb watched them.

"Why do we simply watch them, why not attack!?" demanded the girl. "and why must I wear this weird clothing..I can barely move in it!" the man next to her sighed.

"Shit woman do you always have to complain this much, seriously it's bad enough I had to bring your noob butt with me.." said the man.

"Bring it bird boy Faulks, I will cut you to pieces if you insult me further!" said the woman preparing to draw a blade, Faulks shrugged and set his hands ablaze.

"You can't kill a phoenix Dark Emerald, you aught to know better than that.." he said, the woman now known as the Dark Emerald sighed and put her sword away.

"Fine then, what is the plan?" Faulks took out a small wooden puppet.

"I am a fan of wanton slaughter as much as you but for now...we are mearly messengers." he said as he tossed the puppet into the air and it glowed, meanwhile the Young guns and Slade approached a small house in the middle of no where, inside the house sat a white haired man with a scared eye, Slade kneeled before him.

"Master Rikamaru it is very great to see you again." the man now known as Rikamaru arose and smirked.

"Ah my star apprentice returns, and you've brought friends this time it seems." Slade nodded, Rikamaru however eyed his demonic arm. "What happened to your hand?"

"Yes, their my companions sensei, and as for my hand....I got in a fight with a demon and lost." Kiva nodded and bowed with the others.

"Greetings, Rikamaru-sama we are known as the young guns." Sarge nodded.

"Yep." Rikamaru nodded and eyed Blazer curiously and Darkstar with a sweatdrop.

"What is with these two, the tall one in red seems to have a little ninja training but only the basic's of stealth..the other looks like he is mocking all that being a ninja stands for." Sarge nodded.

"Believe it." Darkstar face faulted and turned back to normal.

"Ok that's enough of that, let's get serious." he said, Rikamaru nodded.

"Indeed, have you returned to finish your training Jack?" Slade flinched but nodded.

"Yes but master, I go by a different name now, Slade Matrix." he said, Rikamaru nodded while looking at Blazer.

"You..would you like to learn more about being a ninja? I can sense you were trained well in stealth but there is more to it." Blazer nodded.

"Rikamaru-sensei would it be alright with you if I too received some of your teaching?" Rikamaru nodded.

"Of course it would, as a matter of fact I've got some missions from lord gohda ready and waiting, let us prepare and move out. " Slade and Blazer nodded, he looked at the other three.

"Why don't you three head up the road from here to my friend Ressai's house for us." they looked at him confused at first but nodded.

"How come?" Rikamaru didn't say anything and motioned for the boys to follow him, the three left. "That guy is mysterious..." Darkstar nodded.

"Yeah but he's very skilled it seems, we might as well do what he wants." said Sarge, they walked up the road as Slade and Blazer followed Rikamaru through the trees and soon night fell as they reached a temple.

"My mission was to exterminate someone in that temple, but since your back, I'll let you and your accomplice go in my steed." Slade nodded.

"Alright sensei if you say so." he said gripping his sword and crawling up towards the temple. Blazer looked at Rikamaru.

"You aren't going to do anything?" Rikamaru shook his head.

"No...this was to be my final test for him...and you best follow his lead." Blazer nodded.

"Alright.." he followed after Slade, the two slowly crawling up towards the temple, Blazer soon caught up with Slade who made a silent prayer. "Not to keen on killing eh?" Slade shook his head.

"No..cause sis would be ashamed of me, and I've taken enough lives as is.." he said back silently.

"Well we have no choice dude, just let it go..." Slade sighed.

"Alright..follow my lead..." he said narrowing his eyes, he snuck up on someone walking with a sword he stabbed the man in the neck with his sword, Blazer winced.

"Wow...I didn't mean go that cold..." Slade didn't seem to care.

"You said to let it go..and I will..follow me Blazer." Blazer nodded and did so and followed Slade around the large temple stealthily and silently, and after eliminating everyone in the temple, the two returned back to Rikamaru who smiled.

"Well done, you've passed your final test my apprentice.." he said smiling to Slade, who bowed.

"Yes my master..." he said back, Blazer smiled.

"What about me?" Rikamaru nodded.

"You have proven to be very skilled as well, but I believe you have much to learn, now let us go...to Ressai's." Slade and Blazer nodded.

"This guy is clearly weird, we slaughtered everyone in there..I couldn't tell who the target was.." thought Blazer.

"I could..." muttered Slade as they kept walking towards the house where Ressai and the others were.

"Welcome back, so how many heads did you guys cut off?" asked Darkstar, only to earn a smack from Kiva.

"Don't ask.." said Slade, but at that moment his sword and Blazer's sword, both began to pulsate as if reacting to something. "What's this?" he wondered, Sarge began shaking and two orbs one blue and one brown along with two swords, one gold with a silver hilt and one silver with a gold hilt, appeared, but as the orbs landed on the ground pieces chipped off of them.

"What's going on, the Soul Edge and Caliber orbs are reacting..." said Sarge.

"As are Alondite and Ragnell..." said Kiva..

"What could this mean?" Darkstar looked at their swords. "Oh I get it, we should merge the swords with these things, and probably some cortosis as well." Sarge looked at him oddly.

"Cortosis? Isn't that the alloy from Star wars that resists lightsabers?" Darkstar nodded.

"Yes, get the ship out so we can get some made." Sarge nodded as Ressai was confused.

"What is all this?" Slade looked at him.

"Let's just say dude that this time, your gonna be hard fixing our weapons up." soon all was ready and Ressai melted down the swords as well as the cortosis alloy and as for the jewels...

"Hang on, before melting them down I say the chipped shards should go into the others alloy." all looked at him confused.

"Why should we do that?" asked Kiva.

"You remember how those swords acted...this way their powers will be kept in check." Sarge replied, Ressai understood and melted the alloys together before getting to work on Slade and Blazer's swords.

"How long will this take?" asked blazer.

"Patience dude, Ressai is good he'll have them finished soon knowing him." he said smiling, however the smile turned to a frown when the sounds of footsteps coming were heard. "Ressai were you expecting anyone else this evening?" Ressai shook his head.

"No I was not, you have been my only guests.." Slade and the others nodded and headed outside to see none other than Faulks now in his normal clothes, the Dark Emerald in dragonic warrior attire brandishing an eight pointed sword, and another demonic cloaked puppet before them.

"Faulks do you ever learn when to stop coming after us!?" demanded Darkstar. Faulks mearly set his hands ablaze.

"As long your breathing I'll never die, besides our last fight wasn't finished properly." Kiva raised her hammer up.

"I'd say it was..." she said shifting her gaze to the Dark Emerald. "Who are you as there is such an evil aura I sense from you."

"Heh, My name is Dark Emerald and your not as dumb as you look lowly life form..." she retorted, Sarge pulled out a laser gun and Blazer began glowing, Slade motioned for Rikamaru to step back, while clenching his demon fist.

"The only lowly life form here is you, and I swear I'm gonna use this arm you caused me to have and break you into pieces with it!" he yelled making everyone including Rikamaru shake.

"You're annoying!" Slade growled when she said this.

"Sensei step back.." he and everyone else prepared to fight, Blazer shook his head.

"Not even past the first chapter and already a fight to the death?" Sarge nodded.

"Yes, glorious isn't it?" Darkstar nodded before turning into a yellow and blue suited man with extending adamantium claws.

"It is!?" he yelled before lunging at Faulks who came in along side the puppet.

"Another stupid puppet, Fireball!" yelled Kiva blowing off one of it's arms with a magical fire blast, Slade meanwhile grabbed the Dark Emerald by the head, slammed her into a tree and began slugging her with his demon arm.

"Tell me HOW DOES IT FEEL!" he yelled, Dark Emerald only grinned with madness.

"I LOVE IT!" she yelled whilst slashing a large gash across his chest, and then licked the sword with his blood on it, chuckling with excitement, Slade however was starting to grin evilly as well.

"You like that huh ok, GET OVER HERE!" he yelled extending his demonic arm, grabbing and tossing away her sword he then slammed her onto the ground hard and began pounding on her harder. "DIE DIE DIE!" she grinned more as Rikamaru watched in awe.

"Such power..it surpasses Mei-oh in every way." Slade would not be stopped but Dark Emerald kicked him off, grabbed her sword and took off into the air.

"Come fly after me little boy!" she said vanishing into the clouds, Slade prepared to follow, but Ressai emerged and tossed him and Blazer their tempered swords, and both grinned feeling the powers within them.

"Thanks Ressai, Your gonna die Dark emerald!" he yelled taking off into the sky after her, Rikamaru and Ressai were stunned.

"He can fly?!" they both said at once, Blazer grinned as Faulks and Darkstar went at it, claws vs fire.

"Hey Darkstar, move aside, Kurokikan's got a new move!" Darkstar did so as he grinned evilly.

"Kumori-Nami!" he yelled out, sending forth a powerful wave of darkness that slammed into Faulks hard sending him back.

"Why you little!" he yelled, lunging for them along with the puppet, only to be intercepted by a rocket from Sarge. "That hurt..." Kiva continued to fire off fireballs at the puppet blowing it's arms and legs off, up in the clouds, Slade looked around but could not find the Dark Emerald in the darkness of the night.

"COWARD, COME OUT AND DIE!" he yelled before a whisper reached his ear.

"Oh no need for name calling..." said the Dark Emerald childishly before slashing her sword into him in several places, ripping terrible wounds into him, Slade however grinned and turned around and slashed her with his sword causing her to scream in agony while feeling holy and light forces coming from it.

"What's the matter? I thought you enjoyed pain!" asked Slade evilly.

"Holy light...you've being getting aid from something!!' yelled Dark Emerald charging forward.

"No, I just had two holy weapons fused into my sword, let's see how well it fairs against yours!" he lunged forward as well and the two swords clashed, causing the clouds around them to dissipate, soon however Dark Emerald's sword began to crack and soon broke under the pressure of Slade's powered up Hoshiryu.

"WHAT?!" yelled Dark Emerald in shock as she was slashed again, Slade moved back as he felt the urge to use something new.

"THAT'S RIGHT FEEL THE PAIN AND TORMENT, FEEL IT ALL!" his sword began to charge with energy as a portal opened behind the Dark Emerald and an arm yanked her through it as Slade yelled out his call. "Hoshijuuji-eda!" a beam of harsh light came forward out of the sword and lunged at the Dark Emerald but it was too late as the portal had closed, Slade laughed ."That's right, run you cowardly shadow, it is just a matter of time.." he said as back down on the ground, another rocket blast from Sarge sent Faulks flying.

"Enough I'm outta here for now, but this isn't over Darkstar!" he yelled lunging into a portal that opened and closed quickly.

"Sore loser he is." said Darkstar as Rikamaru walked up and made a circular motion with his hand before thrusting his weapon into it and pulling it out, he then made a pose as lighting struck the puppet disintegrating it into pieces.

"Holy shit that was awesome!" yelled Blazer in praise, Sarge wacked him over the head however in annoyance.

"Mister Rikamaru sir, we needed that thing in tact to locate a foe of ours.." however Rikamaru handed him a small paper on which was a bar code. "What is this?"

"I found it among the air when this "puppet" exploded...it will help will it not?" Sarge nodded and took it as Slade landed, blood coming from many portions of his body.

"Oh my god, Slade what happened to you!?" asked Kiva concerned, quickly using a healing spell to heal most of the wounds and stop the bleeding.

"She got away, again...but I got her back for this.." he said waving his demon arm about, Sarge sighed.

"In any case we better head out now that we got what we need from this realm, I'll analyze the code on the ship and we'll go from there." Slade nodded and bowed to Rikamaru one last time.

"Till we meet again Master." Rikamaru nodded and watched with Ressai as they climbed aboard the Ragnarok and headed off.

"Such strange things they have.." Rikamaru nodded.

"Good Luck in defeating your foes my apprentices, or should I say fellow master and apprentice." he said before heading back to his hut for the night, meanwhile in the nexus of time and space, Draken was carrying an injured Dark Emerald through the base and placed her in a restoration tank.

"He roughed you up didn't he, and broke your weapon too.." Dark emerald winced at the thought of what had transpired.

"He must've had somekind of help." Draken however shook his head.

"I don't know, I felt several sources of powers coming from the blade, and you might want to rest and heal for now ok?" he said as Faulks came into the room.

"Dang them." he said holding his chest. "Their getting better." Dark Emerald rolled her eyes at him. "What are you looking at noob?" she turned away.

"Nothing." she said as Faulks climbed into another tank.

"Leave her be Faulks, I'll not be having anymore arguments between you two in my presence." Faulks nodded as Draken left the room and as soon as he got out of it. "I'll have to get her a new weapon since she can't be his weapon with her own power." he said as a radio transmission came through in the main room upon his arrival. "Who is it." a cloaked figure stood on the screen. "We'll I'll be...what brings you to the outer realms...Roberta?" he asked evilly.

Meanwhile back in the pokemon dimension, in Slade's realm, in a familiar darkened room in saffron city of Kanto.

"We've got no other choice now, are they ready yet?" asked a man to a scientist on a screen.

"Well yes...and no, one of them failed completely but the other two succeeded grandly. " the men sighed.

"Well send the defunct one away and have the other two good and ready to..." at that moment a door blew open, and from it stepped the cloaked Roberta.

"I'm afraid your target isn't in this realm anymore...but I could make use of your toys...more than you fools can." she said in a demonic monotone voice before the sounds of gunfire drowned out into the night, along with the screams of men who stood no chance against the woman before them.

Back on the Ragnarok Slade felt better after coming out of the shower. "Man I feel like a new man." Sarge chuckled.

"Well Kiva's a great healer, but the healing waters we've installed help too, by the way Slade, as far as I'm concerned your one of us now, got that?" Slade nodded.

"Oh yeah, I do, and by the way...can you uh..build me one of those portal gun things?" Sarge sweat dropped.

"Maybe later, right now I got some analyzing to do." he said as he headed for the cockpit. "What a day, and the party's just getting started." he said as he prepared to find out where they would head next.

Thanks go out to Darkstarj13 for beta reading it, also, yes there will be occasions where the fourth wall is broken and if you don't like it well then...don't read, until next time, later on.