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Chapter 9: Let our Powers Combine

Having made it out of the world of Bioshock the Young Guns wondered what to do next as they sat at a bar back in the realm they had been forced to leave, and were now at a space station near Telos hiding out. "Sarge are you sure they won't be able to find us here?" asked Kiva who was drinking something simple were as Darkstar and Blazer were getting hammered, and Slade was busy drinking a soda tonic.

"Yes Kiva, I made sure they couldn't trace us when we jumped, but something is bothering me." he said sipping on his own tonic drink.

"What's that?" she asked.

"It's that prophecy back on Tatooine, along with that Slade and Blazer picked up those two elemental blades. So I wonder if their connected, not to mention that water blade was quite impressive." Kiva had to nod at that, the fact that the blade was able to disable Andrea who had always beaten them was something.

"Then again, Slade got in a few good hits as well." she said, Sarge sighed.

"Probably because he has more experience and dealing with opponents like that than we do, besides if he wasn't being forced to hold back he could've obliterated her completely..." he said watching Slade drink. "I wonder how powerful he really is, I've seen some of his power during his battle with Faulks, but even that didn't seem like his full potential." he thought as some of the bar's human patrons started messing with Kiva. "Oh god..." muttered Sarge, knowing what was going to happen.

"Hey baby, wanna go have some fun?" asked the first one who had brown hair and an AC/DC shirt, his pal had blond hair and a Metallica shirt on.

"Yeah we like wanna score and stuff." said the second before both began laughing in a weird manner, however this didn't last long as Darkstar broke a chair over the blond haired person's back knocking him down.

"That's my woman!" he said abit plastered. This made Kiva sweatdrop as a bar fight began to ensue. "Ok Shade let's see if you remember the basic's of the bar fight, consider this an exam!" he yelled, Slade sighed as he punched out two aliens, and Blazer kicked two more.

"Well it's only once in a blue moon he gets this drunk, so I guess I won't smack him this time." said Kiva.

"Come on foolish peons!" Blazer said grinning with a red face as he grabbed two more people and tossed them into the ceiling of the bar

"Why do they always do this?" Slade wondered as they beat up everyone. "I mean it's fun, but at the same time it's abit..." someone slammed a glass bottle over his head. "Forget what I just said." he muttered grabbing the person and turning him into a pretzel

When the screaming in the bar finished the group finished their drinks, tipped the barkeep, and headed back towards the Ragnarok. "Hope your all happy with yourselves." Kiva said sighing, Slade shrugged while Darkstar and Blazer were just now getting sober.

"Don't look at me." said Slade, sighing as he didn't enjoy it anymore than Kiva did.

"Well at least they got it out of their system for now, they only get that bad every once in a while like Kiva said, so once their completely sobered up we'll be good." said Sarge as they continued back towards the hanger area of the space station.

Meanwhile in the nexus of time in space at the base of the Guardians, Draken, Roberta and a rejuvenated Faulks entered a darkly lit room that had a conference table in it, after shutting the door behind them, a screen came on showing four cloaked figures in a similar setting. "It's not often we have to meet like this Draken, why haven't you gotten rid of these pesky annoyances yet?" demanded a figure who sat at the end of the table, as if he was seated directly across from Draken.

"Just give us some time, we're dealing with it." he said sighing, another figure spook up, her voice old and decayed.

"What has happened to Andrea, my hold on her has all but completely slipped, only a small trace of darkness remains in her which is not enough for her to be controlled, explain!" the female figure demanded, Faulks sighed.

"Grandma Andaba's pissed, and who can blame her after what's happened. Heck I'm still shocked myself." Faulks thought, as he remembered what had happened shortly after Andrea had been brought in from her encounter with the Young Guns.

Begin Flashback

Inside a healing tank, a naked Andrea stirred and soon her eyes cleared to see Faulks and Roberta starring at her with concern and anger. "I can't believe those punks actually managed to defeat her, she always found ways to counter their attacks." said Faulks. "It's bad enough they blew my head up again in that stupid underwater base, took me hours to get back here."

"Well at least you recovered, she on the other hand is going to need some serious re-brainwashing by Andaba in addition to healing after all she is one of the strongest among us." Roberta replied, Andrea glared at the two of them, but they didn't seem to notice. The room soon began to shake making both wonder what was going on and their answer came when Andrea used the water around her to bust out of the healing tank, and send both Roberta and Faulks into the walls hard and both soon succumbed due to the pressure of the attack, quickly finding a towel to cover herself she exited the room with the water following her.

"What do you think your doing!" came a female voice, she turned to see Dark Emerald standing before her. "Aren't you supposed to be..."she was cut off when Andrea forced some of the water into her mouth and soon she couldn't move.

"You are not even supposed to exist." said Andrea, her eyes widening causing Dark Emerald to explode from within, her blood and guts spewing all over the walls. Draken felt this and twitched.

"NO she can't be...!" quickly teleporting into the healing room, he saw that both Roberta and Faulks had been rendered unconscious while the healing tank had been destroyed, and upon looking out into the hall his eyes widened abit in fear at what had befallen the Dark Emerald. "I've gotta find her and stop her before she escapes!" probing the base with his mind, he quickly found her energy signature, but he was too late as upon finding her in the control room, she had jumped into a portal made by the computer and left behind some water that short-circuited the computer closing the portal and preventing them from following her.

End Flashback.

"It is my unfortunate duty to report, she has apparently regained her consciousness and has gotten away, and where she may be I have no idea." the head figure on the screen brought his hand down.

"Draken you piece of fucking shit, do you have any idea how long it took for us to get her and Windy under our control? They are just as powerful if not more so than me, and way too much for you to handle." Draken gritted his teeth, but said nothing. "You know damn well that after our encounter with those two overseers long ago you got more of a beating than I did and lost more power at the same time, if you still had that power you could track Andrea down, but we'll have to accept this loss and move on." everyone else looked at him. "I am the true leader of our outfit, never forget that." everyone else nodded.

"I still don't see why we call ourselves the Guardians though, I mean it's not like we're "guarding" anything Lord Geo." the head figure on screen growled.

"Our goal is to control the dimensions with an iron fist, make everyone abide by our laws using the elements of life instead of being vigilantes like those two overseers who act like crazy psychos and take out anything that they don't like, besides I truly believe this is what Lord Kuraz wanted before he perished, we must bring our iron fist down on the dimensions, and we must eliminate those who would stand against us, and the barrier Tenma created was left for a reason as well, to prevent outside interferences from people in most of those high powered dimensions that were sent out from the inner realms when it was put up." he said, Faulks made a mocking gesture. "You want to die bird boy?"

"Like to see you try, you and Draken might be stronger but as long as I have the phoenix you can't kill me." a grunting from two people sitting close to each other on screen stopped the discussion.

"We're getting off topic here Lord Geo, weren't we discussing these annoyances calling themselves the Young Guns?" Geo nodded.

"Yes, Electra, Kuro your right. Draken, you must eliminate these pests as soon as possible, or should I send some of the other inner realm Guardians to help you since you can't do it yourself?" Draken shook his head.

"I told you I can take care of it." Geo shook his head.

"I don't believe you, many of your side have already perished or in...Andrea's case defected, even one of my own guardians who went out there to check on Roberta was also destroyed in battle."

"Lord Geo, If I may speak for a moment, Rocky was the weakest of all the inner realm guardians..." said Roberta before she was cut off.

"Even so, he should not have been defeated so easily." replied Geo. "Li is on his way to the outer realm as we speak, I've asked Wendy to join him, and should they fall then I will have to take further action." Draken sweatdropped.

"Wendy's active? She's more wild than Andrea when using her powers." he thought, the two cloaked individuals who were sitting by each other chuckled and giggled.

"What about bounty hunters lord Geo?" Geo thought for a moment.

"What makes you think bounty hunters will work if our own can't stop them?" he asked.

"You forget our lord." they said together. "The outer realm guardians are weak compared to us, maybe they could use the help." Draken and Faulks both became pissed.

"I'd like to see you two go up against them, especially since one of them is the same kid who beat Tenma kou!" yelled Faulks, upon this declaration, Draken lowered his head while Geo shuddered for a moment, but only abit.

"Are you serious?" he demanded, Draken nodded. "Why didn't you bring this up earlier? That would explain a lot!" Draken sighed.

"The thing is, he's only destroyed two of the guardians, Glace and Lucian where as his comrades defeated the others." Geo shook his head.

"Whatever the case may be for the time being, go ahead and send bounty hunters after these fools, with the promise of a high reward they shall not be paid. Windy and Li are also sure to test them eventually." his focus then shifted to Roberta. "As for you Roberta, you are to remain in the outer realm until further notice, I want you to help Draken defeat these pesky annoyances." Roberta was shocked but the lowered her head in understanding.

"As you command lord Geo." she said, Geo then spoke once more.

"Also, try to locate Andrea and bring her back, if you can Andaba will make sure she doesn't resist anymore." said Geo.

"Are you sure you want a nutcase like her around?" Faulks asked

"Yes, she is too valuable to be left on her own, her elemental control over the water is what we need for our cause." Draken nodded.

"We'll do what we can Lord Geo." he said.

"You best Draken, cause trust me when I say that you do not want me to come out there and kill these meddling kids myself and if I have too I'll kill you as well." he said before ending the transmission.

"Well that was a waste of time." said Faulks, Roberta got up silently and left the room, Draken also left after a moment.

At the inner realm guardian base Kuro and Electra had left the room, Andaba however remained behind. "Lord Geo, what about Roberta?" Geo only smiled.

"She's there to see how things play out, if she goes down then so be it." he said smiling. "After all, if these pests aren't dealt with by her, then we'll just have to take care of it ourselves." he said grinning, Andaba smiled evilly as well.

Meanwhile in a random place in the outer realms.

"So Li, how should we find and kill these Young Guns?" came the voice of a perky teen about Slade's age, next to her a man who looked Chinese but also had blond hair similar to a professional wrestler.

"I don't know, but I hope they can fight." he said cracking his knuckles.

"Is that all you ever think about?" she asked before being interrupted. "Oh a communication from the head base." upon reading it Li's smile widened so much it was as if he had met the joker.

"Well well, so the kid who beat Tenma Kou is among them? I may just get my wish after all." he said grinning, Windy only sighed.

"How did I get stuck with him again?" she wondered.

Back in the Star Wars realm, the group headed to the hanger bay, but were quite surprised when they came across what looked like a second Ragnarok. "Ok who's idea of a joke is this?" demanded Slade.

"ok who's idea of a joke is this?" demanded a familiar voice from the other side of the hanger. The young guns walked around the ships only to come face to face with an almost identical group of people.

"!" both darkstars screamed while pointing at each other.

"who the hell are you." both Blazers said while drawing their swords.

"they appear to be identical copies of you down to your powers, this is highly unusual." alpha said next to Sarge.

"You can say that again alpha." Sarge said

"You can say that again um, robot guy." the other Sarge said.

"wait you don't have familures? I wonder why that is." Kiva said. Both Darkstars stopped screaming and started to turn their backs on each other and turn back around making the same faces and mirroring each other.

"perhaps we can shed some light on the situation." said Darkman as he and Shadowlord appeared.

"Slade, when you defeated Tenma Kou the force of his death caused the universe to split a into mirror universe. That is why we had to transport you young guns to the correct universe." Shadowlord said

"So that was that dimensional trouble you were talking about." both blazers said.

"We have determined you five are the key to returning the universe to normal." Darkman said

"What do we need to do?" both Sarges asked. Both Darkstars having decided each other were ok decided to shake hands. The second they touched they merged into each other and became one being.

"Damn I was having fun..." Darkstar said.

"That is all that is needed. If the rest of you will shake hands the connection holding the mirror verse should break rejoining the two." Shadowlord said. The other young guns shrugged and shook the hand of their counterparts. As Blazer joined with his clone he felt a serge of dark energy and almost thought he heard a voice laughing in his head, but he shrugged it off as part of the fusion.

"There that should have done it, we shall check the universe out to make sure. Your assistance was appreciated." Darkman said before he and Shadowlord vanished.

"Ok so now that we've got that out of the way, where too next boss?" asked Blazer, Sarge sighed.

"We need to find the other "elements" in that prophecy since those seem like our best bets for now to defeat the guardians." the others nodded as Sarge prepared the ship for take off and soon they were back out in space.

"At least we don't have to look for the star maps anymore." said Darkstar, everyone glanced at him but he simply held up a news data pad. "Got this in the bar before getting my drink, seems Bastila and some others finished what we started." he said smirking.

"Good, hopefully the Jedi order won't come looking for us either." said Blazer, Slade smiled.

"Not like it matters cause I'd blow their heads off if they did." he said smiling gripping his caster gun.

"Would you put that away." Sarge demanded while driving, however as they drove he didn't know why, but he felt something calling out to him mentally and it was coming from Slade. "What is this feeling, I keep feeling the energies of the earth, was that sword supposed to be mine?" he wondered as the ship flew across the galaxy before going into hyper drive.

Darkstar has problems with his transformation powers while the group lands on the wookie planet of Kashykk trailing an energy source, what will they find and will Darkstar be able to regain control of himself?

Thanks to Darkstar for writing the merger part of this chapter, as well as beta reading this, till next time peace out.

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