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Chapter 5: "Keep Your Window Open…"

The Next Morning…

Lois' eyes fluttered open. The sunlight hit her face and she was immediately awake. As she sat up from her bed, she let out a moan. It took a while for her entire body to adjust to the new day.

She slowly got up and walked out of her bedroom and into the living room, looking around. She saw that nothing was out of place. Her couch looked nice and neat, as if it had not been used at all that night. After she was done scanning the room around her, she let out a sigh.

"Figures. Probably inside another burning building right now," she said to herself. She let out another sigh and walked to the kitchen to make herself some coffee.

Suddenly, she felt a rush of cold wind blow behind her.

"Actually, Maya is taking care of that right now," came a deep voice behind her.

Lois turned around and found Clark standing right there. It took her heart awhile to regulate. "You seriously need a bell on you to warn people."

He cracked a smile. He placed his hands inside his pant pockets. He was glad that he kept at least three extra pairs of clothing and two suits here at Lois' apartment. It came in helpful when they were both working on a story late and Clark couldn't exactly run off to Smallville and come back to Metropolis without Lois getting suspicious. However, that really didn't matter anymore, now that she knew the truth.

Another silent moment fell between them.

It took Lois a while to force her sight away from the handsome man. "Coffee?" she asked as she headed to the coffee maker.

She checked the clock and saw that they still had two hours before they needed to be at the Planet. Plus, her apartment was only ten minutes away in walking distance. How would they fill up those two hours?

"Yeah, I'd love some." Clark walked over next to her.

The moment he was within two feet away from her, Lois felt shock waves run up and down her body. Usually, this feeling Clark had excited her. However, after what happened between them yesterday…she wasn't at all sure on how to react with this feeling.

Lois backed away and Clark gave her a frown of confusion. "I'm gonna go get ready," Lois explained with a fake smile.

Clark nodded. "Sure." He knew better than that. He knew that she just wanted to be away from him this very moment. The thought hurt him.

Lois awkwardly left to her room. She took her time in picking out her outfit and doing her bed before heading to the shower. She took even a longer time adjusting her hair and applying her makeup. She was sure that she had wasted at least and hour.

That meant she and Clark only had about half an hour before heading to their job.

When Lois finally made it out of her room, a big woof of breakfast smell filled her lungs.

She turned to her small kitchen and saw that Clark had literally made her a buffet. Everything from pancakes to bacon to five different kinds of eggs were laid out for her to choose from. Her mouth grew watery just looking at it.

He gave her one of his winning smiles the moment she met his eyes. "Hungry?" he asked as he pulled out a chair for her at her small table.

Lois hesitated before walking over to her small table. Once she sat down, her eyes darted around to see what she was going to attack first. Damn Ma Kent for teaching her hot son how to cook well! The Kents knew that one of Lois' many weaknesses was a great, home cooked meal!

After Lois filled her plate with her favorites, she turned to Clark. "You didn't have to do all of this." At that, she took a big bite of her pancakes which she had smothered in butter and syrup.

He smiled at her as his eyes sparkled at seeing her deep satisfaction. "It was my pleasure."

"I bet my fridge is more than empty right now," Lois accused as she chugged down her bacon.

"I'll fill it up by tonight, I promise." He took some coffee.

Lois shook her head. "Nope. You know the rule, Smallville. I provide with the food; you provide with the cooking. This was settled a long time ago. I was only teasing."

They both continued with their breakfast and small talk. Lois caught herself smiling a lot. She loved breakfasts like these with him. Nice and simple. Of course, they didn't have too many because he would usually leave before things got too heated between them at nights.

Clark noticed that her coffee cup was running low and he poured her some more.

She cracked a smile as he poured in two spoonfuls of sugar and some honey, just the way she liked it before she headed in for work. "Is this a way of you kissing ass to me about yesterday? Babying me?" she teased. However, she immediately wanted to take back the comments.

Up until then, yesterday had not been brought up at all. And it just had to be her that did it. She didn't want to start anything right now. Not when things were so…normal.

However, Clark's face turned serious then. "Lois…about yesterday--"

"Clark," she interrupted him. "Please. Lets not get into this right now. Lets just enjoy breakfast."

Clark let out a sigh and shook his head. "Lois, we can't just ignore it--"

"I'm not saying completely avoid it, just for now--"

"Until when?" he demanded. "Tomorrow? Next week? Next month?"

"No! Just…not now," she insisted. She checked her watch. "We're gonna be late, Clark." She stood up and headed towards her bathroom.

Clark was in front of her in a blink of an eye.

Lois jumped a little. "Ok! I'm getting you a shock collar today!"

"Lois, we're not leaving until we've discussed last night." And he meant it.

And she knew it too. "Perry is gonna have our heads!"

"I don't care about Perry! I care about where we stand." With a pained and desperate expression on his face he said in a small voice, "Last night…well, you sort of broke it off between us. And…I just…I, er, I wanna know if--if you still--"

Lois couldn't stand this anymore. She couldn't hear his voice break off this way or have him feel so badly. She reached out and pulled down his face towards her, not able to control herself any longer. She pressed her lips to his gently.

It was one of the most tender kisses they had ever shared. One of the most beautiful. It was enough to almost knock the wind out of Clark.

Lois pulled back a bit and pressed her forehead against his as she stared deeply into his baby blue eyes. "I'm sorry about last night. I overreacted. I'm so sorry."

He wiggled his nose against hers, softly. "So, does that mean you don't want to get rid of me?"

She snickered and held on tighter to him. "Smallville, I don't think I'll ever be able to get rid of you." She gave a teasing laugh. "I promise you that Lois Lane is never parting away from Clark Kent."

He chuckled as well. "Lois and Clark…partners for life."

"You bet your ass. In more ways than one." And at that, she lowered down her arms and squeezed his butt in both her hands.

Clark jumped a little.

She grinned at him evilly as she began to soothe him.

A crimson red blush soon appeared on his neck. He cleared his throat and tried to move away from her. "We should go. Perry's gonna have our heads."

Lois shook her head. "Step by step, Smallville." She pressed her lips at the base of his throat and let her tongue linger around there. "Or would you rather me ravish you right now?"

Clark's eyes rolled to the back of his head as he felt her tongue explore his throat. He couldn't choke out a single word.

After Lois was done with her little devilish ways, she pulled back, knowing that Clark would burst into flames if she continued this way.

She gave him a quick wink and went to brush her teeth.

Clark watched her go and tried to catch his breath again. Lois Lane sure did know how to drive him crazy.


The next several days passed with such easiness for Lois and Clark. No major catastrophe had happened for a while and Clark saw this as a sign. It was time.

Clark looked around the Daily Planet to know where Lois was exactly. He wanted to know that she was well out of ear shot for what he was about to do. When he saw that she was in a heated argument with another reporter, he exited. He found that the safest place to hide from everyone around was at the phone booth.

Once inside, he dialed a number. There was an answer within the fourth ring.

"Hey, Boy Scout. To what do I owe this pleasure?" said a charismatic voice at the other of the phone.

"Hey, Oliver. Are you back in town or are you still overseas with Bruce and Diana?"

"No, we just flew in. I'm right outside of Metropolis with Dinah." said Oliver, the Green Arrow as he turned to his new girlfriend, Dinah Lance.

She sent him a flirtatious smile and turned to her mirror, her black wig falling across her face.

"What are you doing in town?" asked Clark curiously.

"I have a meeting early in the morning with the Senator of Kansas. We're going to be discussing some issues."

"Which issues?"

"I'll fill you in later after the meeting with the guy. Lets just say it ain't so pretty. I have reason to believe that he's working with Danny Brickwell."

"Great," Clark said in a sarcastic tone. "Another politician working with a mobster."

"Tell me about it. So, what's up?" he wanted to change the subject before he got too angry. He truly disliked Brick more than any of his other enemies.

"I'm gonna need another favor from you if that's alright," said Clark.

"Sure. Name it," asked Oliver.

"Would you mind patrolling tonight for me here at Metropolis? I got something important that I need to do."

"Does this involve another somebody by the name of Lois?" Oliver teased.


Oliver gave a low chuckle. "Who would have guessed some years ago that you and my ex, huh?"

Clark let out a breath. Even though he was real great friends with Oliver and knew that Oliver had no more feelings for Lois, it still made Clark uncomfortable knowing that they had had something. And it had been some pretty strong feelings.

Oliver knew all too well what Clark was thinking, he decided to change the subject because he knew that Clark could only be teased so much. "I'll give Hal Jordan a call right now, see if the Green Lantern won't mind doing a double shift."

"Thank you, Oliver," Clark said with sincerity.

"Just, can you do me a favor?" Oliver asked before Clark could hang up on him.

"Sure, what's up?"

"Well, there's this hard drive from Brick's office that I know will prove of his connections with the Senator. I can have my team hack into it very easily, but I just really need to have it physically. My team can't do it any other way. Would you mind…?"

Clark nodded. "Just tell me where to look."

Oliver gave Clark specific instructions on where the hard drive was. "After you manage to hack into it, drop it off at my office in the Queen Tower."

"Sure. I'll meet you no later than an hour."

"Alright." Oliver hung up the phone.

Clark closed his cell phone and opened the door of the phone booth. Once he stepped out, however, he saw that someone was waiting for him.

"Where you off to, Smallville?" Lois asked with narrowed and suspicious eyes.

Clark let out a sigh. "Doing a favor for Oliver." He knew there was no point in lying to her. She would find out sooner or later. And knowing Lois, she'd find out sooner actually.

"And what is that?" she cocked her head to side.

Clark looked around to see if anyone was listening in. "I need to hack in to Brick's office and grab his hard drive. Seems pretty important and Oliver needs it right away so he can have his team hack into it."

Lois gave a slight nod. "Alright. Well, lets get to it." She turned her heel and went to her desk to grab her phone and purse.

Clark immediately went after her before she got out the door. "Wait. You can't go."

Lois frowned. "Why not?" she demanded. "I can hack into computers faster than you can."

"True, but Brick has a lot of rough security," Clark pointed out.

"Don't worry, Smallville. I'll protect you." She gave him a pat on the arm and walked around him towards the door.

Clark rolled his eyes as he took her by the hand. "Lois, I'm serious." He stared down at her with deep concern.

She looked up at him with deep determination. "I am too. Clark, I can take care of myself. I didn't need my man of steel to protect me all of the time before I knew about the dual-identity and I sure as hell don't need it now."

Clark's eyes wandered off, wanting to argue with her, but knew she had a point. He couldn't and shouldn't be so over protective over her. It would only push her away. Plus, he knew Lois better than anyone else and knew that she could take care of herself very well. Still, it didn't stop him from worrying so much about her.

She smile up at him, wrapped her arms around him, and gave him a quick peck on the lips. "Come on, Farm Boy. We're gonna be late." She turned away from him and led the way out.

Clark sighed and gave in. He went after her.


Not even thirty minutes later, Lois and Clark were in Oliver's elevator heading up to his private office in the Queen Tower.

Lois held the hard drive in her hands. She turned to Clark with a wide smile on her face. "See? Now, was that difficult?"

Clark sent her a glare. "It almost was."

Lois rolled her eyes. "Ok, it's not my fault that that guard caught us right as we were about to leave."

Clark frowned. "He heard your scream, Lois."

"I tripped."

"Yeah, after I had suggested that it would be better if I carried you out of there."

It was her turn to sent him a glare. "I don't need you to sweep me off my feet every time there's a hint of danger, Smallville. I am no damsel in distress."

"I never said you were--"

The elevator came to a stop, but neither of them noticed.

"You didn't have to--" Lois argued back.

"Lois, all I'm saying is that sometimes you could be a little more careful--"

"Oh, I'm sorry that I'm not as perfect as Superman--"

"Will you stop trying to put words into my mouth!"

"I only--"

"Well, well, well," a deep voice interrupted them.

Lois and Clark turned to see who it was.

There they saw Oliver Queen, suit and all, smirking at them. "Guess the happy couple isn't as happy as they let out, huh?"

Lois sent him a glare as she walked out of the elevator. "Don't make me punch you in the face again, Robin Hood."

"I would have loved to have seen that," said a female voice.

Clark turned towards his left and saw that it was Dinah Lance.

She walked over right next to Oliver.

Oliver turned to her and smirked. "Thanks, babe."

She smiled at him and turned to Lois. "How is the most top reporter in the Daily Planet doing?"

Lois sent back the smile. "Not so bad. What have you been up to?"

Dinah nodded. "Oh, a little crime fighting here, a little crime fighting there."

Lois frowned. She didn't understand what Dinah was talking about.

Clark walked over to Lois, knowing that she was more than confused by Dinah's words. "She's the Black Canary," he explained.

Lois frown deepened, but quickly her eyes popped. "Oh." She thought back to how the Black Canary looked as she stared at Dinah.

Dinah was grinning from ear to ear, teasingly.

It all came together now and made more sense. "Wow." She shook her head. "How is it that I keep missing this?" she asked Clark as she turned to him. "I mean, all it is a simple outfit and some cover up on the eyes. I can do that."

Clark smirked, but decided to change the subject. "We got the hard drive."

"Awesome." Oliver turned to Lois and extended his hand.

Lois hesitated before giving it. "So, what do we get out of it?" She gave Oliver a look that told him all too well that she was serious.

Clark arched a brow. "Lois," he said in a tone.

"Shut it, Smallville," she warned.

"We already made an exchange," Dinah said as she snatched the hard drive out of Lois' hands. "Ollie and I agreed to keep an eye on Metropolis for Clark tonight."

Lois frowned. "Why?"

Clark sent Dinah a disapproving look.

Dinah gave Clark an innocent look. "Oops. Was I not supposed to say anything?"

Lois turned to Clark. "What is she talking about?"

"Clark must be planning something big tonight with you, Lo." Oliver looked as if he was a kid in a candy store. His smile was as wide as it could be.

Clark could seriously sock his two friends right now. "Come on, Lois. We gotta go." He grabbed her by the hand and started to head out.

Lois pulled back. "Wait! Smallville, what are you keeping from me?"

Clark could hear his two friends laughing behind him. He let out a groan and decided to screw it. He swept Lois off of her feet and flew off.

It wasn't easy. Lois kicked and screamed the whole way.


Lois rubbed her eyes as she let out a big yawn. She turned to the clock and saw that it was nearly 7PM. Wow. Where had the time gone?

She decided to finish off her story tomorrow and call it a day. As she turned off her computer, Jimmy came strolling in.

"Headed off already? Where's CK?" Jimmy looked around to see if Clark was anywhere.

At the sound of his name, Lois let out a groan. "He got caught up in something."

After Clark had flown them out of Queen Tower, he had left Lois a block away from the Planet and told her that he wouldn't be catching up with her until that night. He said that there was something he needed to take care of.

Of course she had more than demanded for him to tell her what it was that Oliver had meant by Clark "planning" something for her. However, Clark had not budged and had flown off without another word.

Lois could seriously sock him for this! Stupid Farm Boy!

Lois took her coffee and purse. "I'll see you tomorrow, Olsen." She started to walk out of the building.

Jimmy waved to her. "Later, Lane."

The whole walk to her apartment had Lois thinking and wondering what it was that Oliver had talked about and what Clark was hiding. Was there another deep secret that he was keeping from her? Something much more deeper than his dual-identity?

Lois took a deep breath. Well, whatever it was Clark had nothing to worry about. Lois was sure that there was nothing that Clark could tell her that would send her running from him. He should know this by now.

Some minutes later, she was right in front of her apartment. She was about to put her key in her door, when all of a sudden it burst open.

Lois got into her defense stance immediately, not knowing that this might be a burglar in her own home.

However, it wasn't.

Clark gave her a big grin. "Hey, you."

Lois let out a sigh. "Dammit, Smallville. You sure do know how to give a girl a heart attack." Then, something clicked. "Wait. What are you doing here? I thought you said you were gonna be busy most of the day?"

Clark gave a slight hesitation. "Well…I was. Everything's taken care of. Well, so far."

Her frown deepened. "What are you--" Then she saw it. Her eyes moved over Clark's shoulder and she saw the most beautiful thing.

"Oh my God." Lois walked passed Clark as she gawked at her surroundings. "Clark," she said breathlessly.

Clark closed the door behind him as his stomach did flips. "You like it?"

There were candles everywhere; blue, red, and white. The table was full of Lois' favorite dishes. There was a glass of Lois' favorite champagne next to the beautiful table. And there had to be at least a thousand white and red rose petals all over the floor.

Tears stung Lois' eyes.

Clark came up behind her and wrapped her into a tight embrace. "I thought you deserved a perfect night."

Lois leaned into his chest and breathed in the moment. "It's perfect."

Clark chuckled and gave her a kiss on the top of her head. "You're perfect."

Lois rolled her eyes and turned her entire body around so she could face him. She gave him a long and endearing kiss on the lips. "I love you," she said as she looked at him straight in the eye. "So much."

Clark leaned over and placed his forehead against hers. "I love you, too."

They stood there for the longest of time. Their arms were wrapped around each other as if they were glued--as if they were one. Two pieces of a puzzle.

It was Lois that finally broke the silence. "So, was this what you were planning?" She snickered. "I thought that it was gonna be something bigger, by the way Oliver was talking and how you got so tense."

And then Clark did tense, because he remembered the reason as to why he had gone all out tonight. What he was planning on doing.

Lois felt his tension. She slightly pulled away. "What is it?"

Clark took in a shaky breath. "Lois…I gotta ask you something."

"What is it?"

Clark reached over and placed both hands on either side of her face. "Lois, you know how much you mean to me, right? You know that I feel as if you're the one I was born for. I love everything about you." His eyes lingered at every angle he could reach on her face. "Your smile. Your eyes. Your cheeks. Your lips," he said as his fingers touched her entire face. "Your self-consciousness that you try so hard to hide," he said with a chuckle. "I love the way you talk non-stop whenever you get nervous or anxious. But mostly, I love the way how I feel when I'm with you. I know I'm physically unbreakable, but I don't feel that way…when I'm away from you. However, at your side…I feel that nothing can touch me. Nothing can cause me any kind of pain. Because at your side, next to your heart, I'm whole." His blue eyes looked into her own with the greatest love of all.

And as he said these beautiful things, Lois' eyes filled with tears. She couldn't stop the stupid, quirky smile from forming on her lips. "I feel the same way, Clark. Even before I knew you were Superman. When I was in your arms…I feel invincible." She got into her toes and kissed him.

When he pulled back, he knew that this was it. He took a deep breath. And with all the strength in him, he pushed himself down, never losing eyes contact with hers.

And it didn't seem as if she didn't get what he was doing at first.

Clark was now on one knee. He reached into his pocket and brought out a small blue box. "Lois Joanne Lane…"

And then it clicked in Lois' head. "Oh!" Her eyes popped in surprise.

Clark took another swallow. "Will you marry me?" He opened the box and revealed a small diamond ring.

The tears finally made it out of Lois. Her mouth shivered and her hands shook. It took her several seconds to finally get out her response. "Y-Yes," she barely let out.

Clark's smile could have blinded even the sun right now.

She smiled down at him. "Yes, Clark."

Clark got to his feet and took her in his arms.

The two shared the most passionate kiss, each grinning and crying of happiness equally.


"Clark, it's beautiful," said Lois about a half an hour later as she stared at her small engagement ring. It was perfect.

They were both sitting on her couch, arms wrapped around each other.

He kissed her hand. "My mother gave it to me about two weeks ago, after I told her what I was planning on proposing. My father proposed to her with this and she believed that it was appropriate if I gave it to you."

Lois turned to him. "I love you."

"And I love you." He leaned over and gave her another kiss.

When he pulled away from her, she looked at him intently. "So…what did you do the entire day? I know that it wasn't just working on the apartment, because that would have taken you three hours tops--because of all the cooking. So…what did you do?"

Clark smiled. "I uh…went D.C."

She frowned. "D.C. Why?"

"Your father is stationed there now," he said simply.

Her frown did not disappear. "Ok…?"

"I had to ask him for your hand before proposing to you first."

Lois' eyes did another pop. "You…what?!"

"Yeah." He laughed at her reaction.

"What did he say?" Lois had a pretty good idea what her father, General Sam Lane, would have told her boyfriend when he asked for her hand in marriage.

"Well…lets just say that the talk we had lasted about two hours."

Lois shook her head. "Clark, you didn't have to go and ask him. I don't need my father approval for anything--"

"I know." Clark placed both of his hands between hers. "Lois, that's just the way my father raised me. I couldn't have proposed before speaking to the General first."

Lois eyed Clark for a while. "You're too much of a gentleman sometimes, Clark Kent."

Clark kissed her. "I have to keep balance in the relationship since you're always so bad mannered."

Lois smacked him. Not too hard though. She didn't want to hurt herself.

He chuckled.

"Wait until I tell Chloe. She's going to flip."

Clark was about to say something, but something made him stop.


Clark's ear strained to hear the cry for help.

"Superman! We got a situation!"

Clark knew that voice too well. He got to his feet immediately.

Lois rose along with him. "What is it?"

"It's Oliver and Dinah. They keep calling for me." He sent her an apologetic look.

Lois dismissed it. "Go, Clark."

He changed immediately. And before he could fly off he went to her. "I'm sorry, Lois. I swear I'll--"

"Clark, go!" Lois knew of his obligations. She wasn't mad or disappointed in him at all.

Clark leaned over and gave her a quick and passionate kiss. Then, he broke it and placed his lips to her ear. "Keep your window open," he said in a husky voice.

Shivers went up and down Lois' body.

And then he was gone.

Lois walked over to her window, seeing a bright blue and red blur disappear into the night.

She smiled. "I always will, Smallville."

And with that, she went to have her dinner by herself. She cleaned everything and saved what she could for him.

Afterwards, she went into her bedroom, walked over to her window, opened it, and went to bed.

She smiled in the pillows as she brought her engagement ring close to her heart. My fiancé…. My Man of Steel.

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