Chapter 1

It had been weeks since the takeover by the Nevada king. I hadn't heard from Eric, Pam, or Bill. It seems like my life was getting back to normal. I should be glad that I was getting a break from all of the supes in my life, but honestly, I was annoyed that no one had contacted me. What happened? Is Eric having problems with the new king's rule? Doesn't anyone know how to pick up a phone?

I thought about going to Bill's after I got off of work. My shift is almost over. I don't really want to talk to Bill though. I am not very comfortable around him anymore, since the whole cheating, lying, pretending to like me because the queen said so thing. No. I am not going to Bill's. I don't want him getting the wrong idea and right now I just feel like screaming at him.

"Sookie, you can go ahead and go. We are almost empty and your section is cleaned. You have been working too hard the last couple of weeks." Sam said from inside the office.

"If you are sure you don't need anymore help. I can stick around." I really wanted to leave but Arlene was looking like she wanted to get out of here. She still had a couple of tables that hadn't cleared out yet. I walked into the office and looked at Sam. He looks really happy tonight.

"No. Go on. Get some rest. You seem kind of out of it tonight. Is everything ok?" Sam asked.

"I am fine. Thanks Sam. I'll see you." I grabbed my purse out of Sam's desk drawer and headed out the back. As I was walking to my car I saw Eric leaning up against it.

I was so happy to see him. Darn bond! "What are you doing here?" I asked rudely.

He just smiled at me. He knew I was happy to see him. Darn bond!

"Don't you know how to pick up a phone or anything? I haven't talked to you in weeks. What do you want?" I asked in a slightly nicer tone. Just barely.

"Do you really want to know what I want?" He really looked into my eyes and asked.

I got a little shiver of excitement. Yes I did want to know and he knew it.

"It's time Sookie."

"Time for what?" I demanded. I was playing dumb, but I had a feeling that I knew exactly what he was talking about and I wasn't sure I was ready for this.

"Let's go to your house." He stuffed himself in my passenger seat.