Written by Dean's Little Secret and co-written by perfectharmony22

Warning: Rape, torture, wincest and mpreg

Escape the Darkness


It takes a while to be able to breath, to be able to see past the darkness and see the light. But when you do, when you finally grasp it, everything falls back into place and you can start to move forwards. Life is getting better and each day you can breathe a little easier. You can sleep without being taunted, haunted, by the memories of your darkest days. You've swum all the way back and your head is above the water and you take in the salty air and everything is clear to you. The light has chased away the darkness and you can see, see it all so clear, only it's too clear. You found yourself in a nightmare only to be woken up by the one person you love the most, the one person you love too much. You can't bear to be without him, you can't breathe without him. He is your life support and he is the only thing keeping you afloat.

He is the only thing keeping you whole.

He keeps you safe. He is always there, no matter what. He wakes you from your dreams and you find yourself in his arms, in the embrace you can't live without. He sleeps beside you and though you have succumbed to the darkness you know he is still awake, caressing your hair and protecting you. He whispers soft words into your ear and they make no sense but they calm you down. You can relax and he chases away the demons of your past. You snuggle closer to him and you know this can't go on forever but you never want him to leave you. To let go. You need to feel him, you need to hear him. You need him.

You need him too much.

When the sun rises bright into the sky you wish it would disappear just so you never have to leave his arms. It's safe where you lay, your head over his heart and his fingers in your hair. You love the feel of his warm skin beneath yours; you love the sound of his heart beating softly. You open your eyes just so you can take a quick peek at him then pretend to still be asleep. But he catches you and he presses a soft kiss to your forehead subconsciously. You stare into his green eyes and you realise you love him too much; you love him the wrong way.

You feel the heat on your face and you look away and you lie to him. To yourself. You hear him ask what's wrong and you say nothing when everything is wrong. He is your brother and you're not meant to be falling in love with him. He is the one who pulled you from a fire and saved you twice from Cole, the monster that haunts you. He is the one person who makes everything better, makes everything ok, and you ask yourself, how can I not love him? When he gives you the world, he gives you his all and you love him for it. Only you're not mean to be in love with him, its wrong and you know it but you can't deny it.

You can only hide it.

The days turn into weeks and the weeks into months and you can't keep fighting it. You're not ready though. It's only been four months since he found you beaten and broken at the mercy of Cole. It hasn't been long enough to move past such an event and it took too long and your not going to destroy it all on a silly feeling. You tried to tell yourself that what you feel is just something to do with the aftermath of being tortured, of being raped. But no matter what you come up with, you know, you know with ever bone in your body that you love him. Love him the wrong way.

You have no idea what to do and you're so confused and so scared. You tell yourself that you're going to tell him but you don't because you are so afraid he'll leave. You can see him look at you, hatred and disgust in his eyes, his hands balled into fists and his lips in a snarl. He'd hate you and you know it, he'd wished he'd let Cole finish you off. He'd be ashamed and he'd turn his back and he'd walk away and the darkness would come back and this time, this time it would pull you so far under that there would be no way up.

And there you'll stay… lost in the darkness.

Lonely, forgotten, loathed.