The Blood Splattered ThingThat Should Not Be

Upon entering the building, the three young men were overwhelmed by the horrid stench of burnt human flesh. Once inside, they

found themselves staring at a bloodied, pale man who had been fastly tied to the floor. The man was unable to speak and he

began to moan loudly now, pleading for help. Unmoved, the men stood in silence with the same fearful expression across all three of their faces.

It was not the man's spoiled state that frightened them, nor was it the incessant moaning. It was more to do with what he

was and where he had come from. Undoubtedly, the most alarming sight, was the headless bird that'd been shoved into his pocket.

This was no ordinary man. An unbelievable thing to witness. People of his kind were not supposed to

end up like this. To be found anywhere near the scene of this crime, would surely lead to a fate worse than death.

The End