The room was dark and the walls were padded

The room was dark and the walls were padded.

"It was wonderful." Mused Light with a small smile on his face. "I was creating the perfect world, free from crime and injustice." Light shifted against the wall, trying to find comfort within the jacket that held his arms to his body.

"He was the only one who ever really stood in my way. That's why I had to get rid of him. He eluded me for so long but I got him in the end. Kira gets everyone in the end."

"I know who you talk of Kira." Came a deep voice hidden in the shadows of the room. "Many called him a great man, others despised him and yet very few ever even met him."

The voice from the shadows quickly became a solid being and pinned the ex-god to the ground with one pale foot putting pressure on his chest. Light's eyes widened at the sight of the one who haunted his dreams. Surely this must be another nightmare for L was dead and even if he were alive his eyes would never possess the red glow of the shinigami or such an evil grin. What madness had befouled his mind?

The man increased the pressure on his chest. "Light Yagami, it is fortunate they put you with Beyond Birthday. It has been so long since he watched the numbers run out…"