Author's Note: PLEASE REVIEW!! It's vital to an author's future accomplishments! (Internal comlink will be depicted with :: ) I debated on weather to post this epilogue or not but Jazz has been pestering the crap out of me to post it... I do plan to write more stories featuring the twins and Jazz. Enjoy!


The twins avoided everyone for the next three weeks, sulking and vowing revenge. The infamous duo, were not known for their patience. The other Autobots on the base finally returned to their daily lives. One of them in particular was in for a rude awakening.

::It's now or never::

::Just as we planned::

Oh yes… revenge was a dish best served cold.

Despite some heavy revisions and modifications to their original plan, this new one was bound to be the best ever. Although next to Jazz's prank, it would probably still be viewed as second best.

::I have him in my sights…::

Their target in question never did seem to learn, that a prank pulled against them always resulted in war.

::He is turning the corner, heading for the med-bay::

::I've got him::

The victim in question entered the med-bay like clock-work.

::Go for it!::

Bumblebee happened to turn the corner at that exact moment and stopped dead in his tracks. His optics seemed to short out for a moment before burning brightly again in shock. He shrieked and ran screaming something about the return of the living dead, bringing Ratchet running out into the hallway.

Sunstreaker and Sideswipe fortunately hid themselves just in time, diving behind a couple of crates long enough for the Hatchet to return to his post.

::Hey bro, even if this doesn't work, at least we scared somebody:: Sunstreaker snickered.

::Let's just get this over with:: Sideswipe sounded highly uncomfortable through their bond.

A few moments of silence passed as neither twin made a move.

::What are you waiting for Sideswipe? You go first::

::Are you sure this will work? I mean, the Hatchet didn't make any more of that temporary virus for the fun of it… what if he was on to us and knew we'd try something like this?::

::Having second doubts already, bro? I'm disappointed::

::Use your head for just one minute, Sunny!::

::Your optics are glowing red same as mine, its working. I see nothing wrong with our plan::

::There are PLENTY of things that are wrong with our plan!!::

::Look we'll never know if we don't TRY!::

::I already feel like a slag-tard::

::Thanks to holo-projection technology, we are merely introducing an optical illusion::

::I still think we should have thought this completely through::

::Stop your whining and let's go!::

The twins snuck out from around the crates. Ratchet had his back turned to them as he was sorting through different tools. They limped their way in, with fake energon smearing their faces and hands. They zombie walked in and began to growl low. Ratchet slammed a wrench down on the table and straightened, voice sounding dangerous.

"Sunstreaker…Sideswipe, what are you glitch-heads trying to pull?"

He turned around with a smirk on his features but froze, unable to reply at the sight that now greeted his optics.

The others came running in behind Bumblebee, all sliding to a halt at the bizarre spectacle before them. Jazz looked incredibly smug as he leaned against one of the med-bay walls with his arms crossed, clearly enjoying his handiwork.

Bumblebee saw them again and shrieked at the top of his vocal capacitor before diving behind the towering form of Optimus Prime.


The twins knowing they had to stay in character kept inching their way towards Ratchet but stopped when Bumblebee's words finally registered.

"Did he jus—"

Sunstreaker clamped a hand over his mouth when his voice came out rather high pitched and feminine.

Sideswipe stared at his twin in shock and began laughing as well but clamped a hand over his own mouth.

"That has got to be the girliest laugh I have ever heard!"

"You're to talk, sister!"

Both twins couldn't believe that their completely flawless plan was crumbling before their optics. Thanks to the holo-emitters, they were supposed to look and sound exactly like Ironhide and Jazz!! And with the virus, they were supposed to sound and look like the evil, bipolar, zombie versions of them.

The brother's looked each other up and down and couldn't see anything out of the ordinary. Until their red optics flickered, returning to normal for a few seconds before flickering back.

"I don't get it… you look just like…"

"…A femme…"

The twins finished for each other, turning to glare at the others who were laughing maniacally at the troublesome prankster's failed attempt at revenge. They pointed fingers at first Ratchet and then the others, screaming death threats in high pitched feminine, chipmunk sounding voices.

"You think this is over?!"

"You are soooooo wrong!!"

"We'll get you for this!"

"Be afraid… BE VERY AFRAID!"

With those words the twins fled the room with their commanding officer's laughter following after them.

Optimus shook his head and looked at Ratchet and Jazz awaiting an explanation.

Ratchet spoke up first.

"Well sir, it was obvious that they would surely attempt revenge by giving us a taste of our own medicine. A strategy that has been long overdue, I'd say. Not to mention, Jazz's prank was so genius that their creativity has suffered incredible damage. It could take them years to recover."

"I'm almost insulted that they were targeting you first, Doc," Jazz chuckled.

"I would be very careful from now on. They will surely be gunning for you next."

"I highly doubt that. I would love to see them try."

"Be careful what you wish for."

Optimus cleared his throat to get their attention.

"And how exactly, did you both accomplish such a… unique spectacle?"

"I simply modified the virus we used, to alter their voices and create a false optical illusion so that all they could see were the holo-emitter's original guises."

"I sabotaged their holo-emitters to make them both look like femmes," Jazz shrugged casually, as if sabotaging the twin pranksters was an every day routine.

They all shared another laugh before parting ways, returning to their previous duties.

As Jazz was on his way to the firing range, he paused outside of the twin's room. His optics brightened mischievously as an evil grin spread across his face.

"Be prepared… be very prepared," Jazz chuckled.

If the twins knew what was good for them, they would be prepared indeed…