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Chapter 1

I walked up to the TC Williams high school. I was coming in to the school on the first day of school. I couldn't believe this. I had to leave beautiful California to come to Alexandria. I, Heather Beck was forced to move her just because my parents wanted to get me a way from all the things going on there. So they put me dead square in the center of an integration. GREAT!

I started walking up the stairs. I saw so many people protesting the integration. No one knew who I was, I didn't look like most girls here. I dress differently, in sundresses rather then sweaters, my dark brown hair was long and curly, and I was about 5' 5''. I was different. I walked to the office. I couldn't believe I was here. They gave me my schedule and told me try not to mind the chaos.

"I came from California. There this whole integration situation isn't a problem there. The fact that I am with different races doesn't bother me at all." I walked away while the principals mouth was half open.

I went and found my locker, I tried to open it, it wouldn't budge. "Great!" I yelled. I banged on it and tried again. It still wouldn't open. I had an armful of notebooks and binders and I couldn't open my locker. I tried again. I sighed and decided to give up.

I walked to my homeroom. I sat down there. They went around, all the sudden I heard my name being called. "Is there a Heather Beck in here?" I looked up at the teacher.

"Right here."

I looked down in embarrassment. I didn't know anyone at this stupid school. Someone walked up to me and started talking to me. "Hi, my name is Emma." She said. "Are you new here?"

I nodded. "Yes, my name is Heather."

"Well, Heather, don't look so lonely. Where did you move from?"

"California. Oceanside. It was beautiful!"

"I bet. Do you have a boyfriend?"

"I did, we dated for almost two years."

"Wow, and then a move happened?"

I nodded. "Wow, well me and my boyfriend Gerry have been dating for almost a year. He is on the football team."

"Really, I use to be a cheerleader, I wanted to be one here, but I'm sure that everything is full and I couldn't do it."

"You aren't from around here. There are plenty of slot. Not many of us want to cheer with blacks."

I glared at her. "Everyone at this school is so closed minded."

She stood up, "You sound like Gerry." She rolled her eyes and walked away.

I walked out of homeroom after the bell rang extremely mad. I went back to my locker and it still wouldn't open. I pounded on it and it still didn't work.

"Here, let me help you" Someone said. The hit the locker at the very top and it opened. I looked at him. He had blond hair and blue eyes, he was extremely built. "My name is Ray Budds, this was my locker last year, so I know how much of a pain it is to open this."

"Yeah, it was frustrating." I smiled at him. I put all of my things in there and closed it. "So show me how to do that again?"

"Just hit it at the top." He did it. I tried to but I couldn't reach. He let out a chuckle.

"Great, I have no access to my locker."

"That just gives me a reason to come see you after every class." I smiled at him. He smiled back. "Can I walk you to your next class?"

"Yeah, that sounds good." We walked.

"So where are you from?"


"Really? There is someone here from California, he is on the football team. Sunshine."

"Really? That is interesting."

He walked me to Trig, "This is your class?" I nodded. "Weird, this is my class too."

We walked in and sat down next to each other. The teacher, Mr. Mayer announced that we would be alphabetically sat. I sighed.

"Great." I sighed. "I don't get to sit by you. I don't know anyone else. I met some girl but we didn't see eye to eye."

He laughed. "Do you know who?"



"Her boyfriend is on the football team."

"Oh Emma Hoyt, Gerry's girl"


"Ms. Beck." I looked up. He pointed at my desk, I got up and sat down. "Mr. Budds, behind her.'

I smiled. We talked the entire class. He walked me to my locker and opened it for me so I could put my new book in it. He walked me to my physics class, "I'll meet you here after your class, I am a few doors down."

"I wish you had this class with me, I don't know anyone in there."

He peaked his head in really quick. "Hey, Gerry! Come here."

I saw another built guy walk out. "This is Heather, this is her first day. Can you talk to her, keep her company?"

Gerry nodded. We walked in I sat down next to him. "I'm not meaning to be rude, I'll just save us both our breaths, my name Is Heather, and I came from California."

He laughed. "That is interesting. How did you meet Ray?"

"My locker, he helped me open it, apparently he had it last year. We had the next class together."

"Sounds good. I'm sure I can get Emma-"

"No, we don't see eye to eye on the whole integration thing. She doesn't like me."

"And have you asked Ray's views?" I was silent. "He feels the same way as Emma."

"Really? That is a major turn off!"

"So you were into Ray?"

I paused, I thought about it. "Maybe a little. But I just got out of a relationship two months ago, I miss him, he had to move though, I slowly followed. Ironically he moved to Virgina too. Isn't that weird?"

"Yeah, I understand that. So I just ruined his chances?"

"Kinda, he seems like a nice guy."

"Don't let him fool you, he is my best friend but he can be mean. And he has a temper on him!"

"So you advise against it?"

"Not necessarily." He smiled. "Just forget everything I said, so what do you have next?"

"I have World History. Then lunch."

"Really, you'll have world history with Julius, he's another one of my really good friends."

"Really? Awesome."

"And then lunch with me, Julius, Blue, Sunshine and Alan. They all play football with us."

"A bunch of jocks?"

"Yeah." He laughed. "You should sit with us, I remember where Ray's old locker is, why don't I met you and Julius there after next hour?"

We were given our books and told what we would be learning about. The hour ended and Gerry and I walked out. I waited for Ray, he walked out of class and walked towards me. He smiled, we walked to my locker and he helped me open it again.

"So I found out that I have next hour with Julius and lunch with Gerry and some other people."

"Julius?" He got a weird look on his face. "Julius doesn't belong here let alone on our team."

"Why is that?"

"He is black."

"So, he must be a good ball player if he is on the team."

He was silent. "I forgot that like Sunshine you are from California"

"Yeah, people out there aren't so prejudice."

He was silent. He looked down. "I don't have the same views, maybe it would be better if we let that subject be."

I nodded in agreement. "Will you at least show me who Julius is?" He nodded.

I walked into the classroom, he pointed him out to me. I walked up to him. "Let me guess, Heather." He said.

I looked shocked. "Gerry talked to me."

Julius and I made little conversation. He talked mainly about football. I talked mainly about California.

The bell finally rang and when I got out Ray was waiting by the door. He walked me to my locker and opened it for me. I set my books in there and then waited. "Are you gonna wait for Gerry?" I nodded. "Okay well, I have to head to gym. I'll see you later." He kissed my cheek and left.

Julius was looking at me. "Budds?" He laughed. "Man, you could do much better then him."

Gerry was finally coming up to us. Julius told him what had just happened. "Man, we should try and get her and Sunshine together seeing as they are from California. Maybe even Alan could handle her." Julius said.

I smiled. "Wow, first day and you are already trying to match me up with people."

We sat down at a table, I got a coke and sat down. I sat there drinking it. I met a few new guys, Petey, Blue, Rev, and Alan. Me and Alan were talking when I heard someone sit a few seats away from me.

"Man, I can't believe how different this school is from my other one. So much hate," He was shocked.

I looked down. I saw the guy that still had my heart. Ronnie. His hair was all gone though. At that point a million thoughts rushed through my mind. What if he already has someone. I mean I have only been here for half a day and Ray is already into me. What if he doesn't have feelings anymore? What happens if he no longer wants to be with me, and just wants to move on.

I was having a mini panic attack. Gerry got back from getting lunch. "Now, Heather, I don't think you met Sunshine." I looked down.

"No, not yet. Hi.."

He was looking right at me. I looked up, his eyes widened, and he was frozen.

"Sunshine, are you okay?" I heard Julius say. "I mean I know she is pretty but you don't need to stare."

"Heather..what..." He was in shock. I was too.

"Ronnie..I..how.." I started.

Alan looked at us. "So you two know each other?"

I nodded. "I thought you said you were going to be in southern Virginia."

He smiled. "They changed my dads orders when we got there. They relocated us up here. Why are you here."

"My dad, you know his job...I can't believe this."

Gerry finally stood up. "One of you two need to tell me what is going on here."

"We..use to date." Sunshine said.

"For almost two years," I said.

Everyone was shocked. "What about Ray?" Julius asked.

"Budds?" Sunshine asked. "What could you possibly see in that guy."

"He's been nice to me, Blue, will you trade spots, I want to see Ronnie."

"We call him Sunshine, but okay." I wrapped my arms around him. "I can't believe its really you!"

"I know." He stroked my hair.

As if summoned there to ruin our moment. Ray came up. "I got out of gym, whats up Ger? I'm starving!"

Everyone went silent. "Hey Mary, mind if I sit by you?" He sat down, it was awkward. Sunshine, grabbed my knee underneath the table. He smiled at me.

This was going to get complicated. I could tell.

End Chapter 1

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