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BPOV October 4, 2008

Much to my surprise, I had made it through the entire day without spilling anything on or tearing my dress. Well...not just a dress...the dress; my wedding dress. Yes, today I would finally be Mrs. Bella Black. Hmm...I would have to get used to saying that.

The whole morning actually seemed a blur to me as I had been carted around from place to place as my mother and best friend, Alice, made sure that I "remained calm." So I kind of had a tendency to stress, okay maybe obsess over minute details, that today they would not let me have anything to do with and it was driving me crazy. But now it was all worth it as I began to hear "Clair de Lune" begin to play signaling my dad and me to prepare to face the crowd. I never did well with crowds, so I guess it was good that I had such a good focal point up ahead of me...I couldn't help but smile as I thought of Jake waiting for me.

"Ready to go Bells?" Dad said quietly. "Am I ever," I said with a small smile.

Sam and Ben pushed the doors open and exposed the sea of people that had gathered for Jake and me. At that moment I wished that Jake came from a smaller less known family, but that was too little to late. My eyes locked with Jake, and I was on my way down the isle; Dad had to gently tug my arm to remind me of the pace we'd finally settled on at last nights rehearsal.

I began to look around at my friends and family. Jessica and Lauren sat together, all too happy to see me marrying Jake and not Edward. They just never understood. Edward and I were just friends. "Always and forever" we would say.

My stomach started to tighten. Nerves I suppose; I never was good at the spotlight thing. Edward always calmed me, where was he...where was he?

Ahh...that bronze spiky hair, so hard to miss. But why wasn't he looking at me? He was looking down and Esme, noticing that I was looking at him, nudged him in the arm and whispered something in his ear. He turned to look at me, and I expected all my fears to dissolve with one look at that crocked smile that I have come to love, but something was different. His smile wasn't complete, so I looked up to his eyes.

Those darn green eyes that I always said I should have been born with. I once told him that it wasn't fair that God had given him green eyes and me plain old brown ones, but all he said was, "God couldn't put too much beauty in one package, we men would never have a chance." My brown eyes hadn't really bothered me since.

However, his familiar green eyes didn't ease my mind today. They looked sad. You know the kind of sad that you try to hide behind a happy face. Why? Why was he sad?

Something must have happened before he got here or maybe Jessica or Lauren did something. So help me, I would hurt them, wedding dress or not.

Esme gently placed her hand on his back; was she comforting him? It took all I had to not drop my dad's arm and rush over to his pew to find out why he was hurting, but that would look bad wouldn't i? It had already taken me too long to convince Jake that Edward and I were just friends; "always and forever."

My mind was set. By the end of the night his smile would be complete, and I would help him past his hurt. I was after all his best friend, newly married or not. I would fix this.

"Who gives this woman away?" Suddenly I snapped out of it as my hand was placed in Jake's, and I was being led to my future.

EPOV One week earlier

Why was this happening? Who had sent me this letter?


I know it's been much too long since I've seen you, and when we talk you get frustrated at me and say I'm being secretive and short. I'm sorry, I really am. I just don't know how to pretend anymore. Being so far away from you has been the hardest thing I've ever been through. You've been my rock for so long. Hmm...my rock. So when you called and said you were seeing a girl who "could be the one" I felt fear not happiness. Fear that I was loosing my best friend, fear that I was missing out on something; something more than our friendship. I guess I had my chance, why hadn't I just said yes when we were juniors? Maybe I'd be there with you know, dating, engaged, married maybe. I guess if you haven't figured it out by now, I'm in love with you. I love you Edward Anthony Masen Cullen. I love your messy bronze hair. I love your crocked smile that only I get to see. I love how you catch me when I fall. I love how you used to sneak through my bedroom window. I just love you. I'm too cowardly to tell you this in person. I don't want to ruin everything, but I had to tell you. If I never hear anything from you about this, then I know your answer, and I'll understand. Everything will be the same and I will never mention it again. But if you feel the same way, please call me or find a way to come to me. I need you, but I need your friendship more. Promise me. I'll be waiting.

I love you, always and forever,

Your Bella

One week. Bella gets married in one week. This letter came 5 years to late; who would be giving this too me now?

Do they know she still had feelings for me; do they want me to know what I could have had?

What do I do?

Should I go there and tell her that I love her that I've always loved her, but thought she hadn't loved me?

Do I keep this to myself and live in my personal hell forever?

Bella, my Bella.

I wish you would have told me.