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"So girls what has gotten into Derek? I doubt he would normally send you with his girlfriend to get her ready for our date. Besides that he added JJ and Emily and while he loves you both as sisters I don't really know…" Penelope started not really talking to any of the other girls; it was more like thinking out loud. They had just arrived at the spa and Sarah was worried that she may catch onto Derek's plan if she stayed with this line of thought.

"He wanted to give us time to get to know one another. Besides he wanted you to relax and have fun, and you would not have relaxed here by yourself and with us around how could you not have fun." Sarah told her. "And he cares for JJ and Emily as well and they just finished a tough case so he is giving them something to relax them and allow them to have fun with us." The others nodded in agreement. Penelope did not look like they had completely convinced her but she let it go, which they too let go hoping to distract her with girl talk.

Sarah, Madison, JJ, and Pen started out getting pedicures while Fran, Emily, and Desiree started with manicures. They were the only clients in this area of the spa, Desiree noticed this and knowing that the workers would be discreet about anything they discussed so she started the conversation.

"So Penelope how did you and Derek meet? And don't just say at work." She already knew the answer but she wanted to hear it from Penelope's point of view.

"I was the only woman in the bull pen at the time and I knew that as I had seen the others go to lunch. I was new in the department so I didn't know them all that well yet. I was standing close to these two agents I later learned were Reid and Derek. I found what I was looking for and turned to leave. As I was walking away I heard the sexiest voice ever call out for Gomez, when no one responded the same voice called out for 'Baby Girl.' I turned around and it was the most…" Penelope blushed and stopped here.

"Come on we want to know all of the juicy details!" Desiree exclaimed, as Fran told her, "Penelope we know that Derek loves you and that you love him. What is there to blush about?"

"But he is your son, brother, uncle, and co-worker…"

"And as a man he has no idea how to gossip like a woman. Try explaining to us why it took so long for you two to get together. We want the whole story from the beginning from your point of view." Fran told her, knowing that she was being blunt, but knowing that this subject would be the distraction they needed to keep her thoughts off what Derek had planned for tonight.

"Alright but then each of you owe me stories of Derek as well something I don't already know." She waited for them all to nod before continuing her story. "I turned around and it was the sexiest man I had ever seen staring at me looking so ashamed of himself I think he actually blushed. He profusely apologized about calling me baby girl and I told him that it was not the worst that I had ever been called and he got this overprotective look in his eyes like he wanted to hurt whoever had called me worse. It was the most amazing connection right from the beginning. I knew in that moment that he was way out of my league but that I would love him for the rest of my life. He was so kind and over protective, his eyes so gentle. He asked what my name really was and introduced himself. Even know he rarely calls me anything other then what has become his nickname for me baby girl. He has others but the one he uses most often is Baby Girl. He is my protector my life line and my sanity. I doubt without him I would still be doing this job."

"The first time he came home after meeting you he was different. He was lost in thought all of the time and he called you as often as he thought was okay. I caught him on the phone with you well into the night sometimes and the conversations along with the expressions and body language told me that he had found the one. When I asked him who he had been on the phone with he would tell me about you, and the love he felt radiated from him. But he was blind and I could never figure out why he couldn't see how he felt about you I don't know what changed that in him. I do know that I am so excited that he finally figured it out." Fran told her.

They all chatted drinking mimosas, well they all drank except Fran and Madison. Penelope loosened up and was telling them story for story that one of them told her. They switched to talking about JJ and Will to Emily and Hotch then to Desiree's love life. They all had the best time and were very relaxed. Fran drove Pen back to the house for her to get ready then leaving with her daughters saying that they were going shopping. The team too left leaving Derek and Penelope alone at the house.

Tipsy Pen walked over to Derek and started kissing him. He let her for awhile, kissing her back and holding her close. He let her hands stray but holding his own in her hair. When he felt himself losing his control he pulled back and leaned his forehead against hers.

"Baby Girl, we need to get ready for dinner. If we keep this up with no one here we will miss our reservations." Derek told her not letting her out of his grip.

"And missing our reservations will be that bad?" She asked him trying to kiss him again. Derek evaded which landed her mouth on the pulse at the base of his neck. She licked it and blew out a breath onto his skin making him shiver.

"Baby Girl, I am really trying here and you are not helping. This place is nearly impossible to get into, so we are going to go." He told her before giving in and kissing her again. He stopped her this time when she was trying to take off his shirt. "Penelope Garcia please baby I need you to stop." His voice broke a little making her look up at his face finally and she could see the major turmoil going on in his head but misunderstood it.

"How can you say that you love me and then do this? How can you love me if you wont have sex with me, do I disgust you?" She asked tears spilling out of her eyes.

"That's just it Baby Girl. Pen I love you and I want to do things different with you. I have always just jumped into bed with women. You are special and I do not want to treat you like I have always treated women. I want you to know that you are cherished, that I cherish you. So we go to dinner at a lavish new restaurant where I can spoil you rotten. We will get back to this I promise. I am sorry Baby Girl I know you want this but I was trying to avoid feelings like this, like you didn't measure up. You are my measuring stick; I never stayed with any women for long because none of them ever came anywhere close to you." Derek told her holding her face in his hands never letting her look away from his face, not that she was fighting him.

Her tears had increased not lessened and Derek had no idea what to do until she started to giggle, which caused him to worry more until she pulled his hands away from her face and pulled his head down for another kiss, before telling him. "Alright my Chocolate God we will wait until you are ready, as long as both of us know that this is why we are waiting. No holding out on me Derek, we need to be on the same page all the time. I would not have been able to handle you holding back anymore if you had not told me what was going on in your mind. I would have called the girls just now and had them come back and get me for the night."

"Alright baby no holding back with feelings; we will talk them out if they are getting in the way. Thank you for being okay with this, Baby Girl. Now go upstairs and get ready or we will still miss our reservations." Derek told her giving her a quick peck on the cheek, not really trusting himself. Then groaned as he then had to follow her up the stairs.

Hearing him groan, Pen put a little extra wiggle in her walk, and laughed when he groaned again. "That is what you get for trying to be protective. Now you get to be just as frustrated as I am." She told him over her shoulder then closed her door behind her.


Penelope was slightly confused when they arrived as on the outside it looks like a brand new complete building which fit with what he had told her about the restaurant. But the inside still needed finished making her wonder how this could be the top restaurant in the city. They were the only ones in the elevator, knowing that it was a long way up and not wanting to get anything started Derek just held her close and snuggled with her, whispering that he loved her in her ear, placing sweet kisses here and there. He only slightly pulled away when the elevator arrived. Letting the whole place know that she was his. He had her wait there though when he went to talk to the maitradi, which made Penelope wonder again what he was up to. She did not have to wait long to find out, as the table they were lead to was full of their friends and family.

"You didn't have to surprise me with our family Handsome, I would have loved for them to come with us out to dinner." She said lightly whacking him on the chest, the smile on her face told him she wasn't lying but she was excited to see everyone so he decided that he would have to through in a surprise family meal every once and a while back at home as well.

"What would life be like without little surprises?" He asked her smiling as he pulled out her seat, excited that she had not yet figured out his master plan. He figured that he would wait until they ordered at least before asking. That would give the girls time to gush about it and the men to give him the 'if you screw this up' speech before he took her back to the hotel room that the girls had used earlier. "Now do you understand why we couldn't skip dinner?" He whispered in her ear as he sat down himself.

"Hey no secrets!" called Desiree from the other end of the table seeing the whisper. Which made everyone that had been distracted from them look at Derek and Pen.

"You sure you want to know?" Derek asked making Pen blush brightly. Desiree nodded along with the rest of the ladies; the men looked confused and did not commit to yes or no. "I asked if she understood now why we had to go to dinner."

They all smiled understanding why she had asked, all except the children. Derek and Pen watched from their end of the table as their families got to know one another, while everyone was deciding what to eat. Hotch and Fran were on either side of the couple talking about raising children when Derek was kicked in the shin, knowing that it was Hotch he tossed him a quick glare, before motioning for the waiter to do something and turning to the table again this time everyone was looking at him wondering what he had just asked for.

Smiling Derek stood and moved his chair out of his way before getting down on one knee and pulling the ring box out of his pocket. He heard Pen gasp slightly and the oohs of JJ, Emily, and his sisters. He heard Reid and Rossi mutter finally but he ignored them all and focused on his baby girl.

"Penelope Garcia, I have loved you since we first met and I called you Gomez on accident. You are my God Given Solace and I really do not know what I would do if you were not in my life. You are my best friend and I could not imagine what I my life would be like if I had not gone home on auto pilot that night. We are a perfect fit, I am sorry it took me so long to realize that you were not only my measuring stick but my compass and that no one could ever come near to what you are to me. Baby Girl would you do me the honor of becoming my wife?" He asked her his eyes never leaving hers as he opened the ring box with one hand allowing her to see the original Harry Winston that his grandparents had left to him. He began to worry when she did not say anything she just sat there her mouth hanging open, was she going to tell him no!

Hotch saw the panic rising in Derek's eyes and decided to see if he could break Penelope out of her shock. He reached over and laid a hand on her arm and no response still, so he gave her arm a little tap. Whispering to Derek that she was just shocked, which made Derek settle down a slightly.

"Pen, baby are you alright? You are worrying me and everyone else!" Derek tried telling her. This got her eyes to refocus on him at least. "Hey there is a little bit of life!" Derek celebrated, before asking, "Are you okay? I'm sorry baby I should not have asked in front of everyone." Her still non-response was killing him and everyone could see it even Pen but she still couldn't get her mouth to form the words that were coursing through her mind but her body was back under her control so she leaned forward and kissed him before he could pull back further. When she pulled away to breath she nodded holding out her hand for him to put the ring on for her. She had completely forgotten how to talk she was so shocked.

Fran and Hotch shared a relieved look when they kissed the second time, both still a little worried that Pen had yet to say anything, and tears were starting to stream down her face.

"Penelope, I know that you are shocked but you need to say something, anything, you are worrying everyone." Derek whispered in her ear.

"You planned this! You sent us to be pampered and then brought us all here to be wined and dined and you had it all planned! Someone had to know then, Hotch, Fran! You didn't tell me. No advance warning so that maybe I would not scare everyone while I sit in shock staring at my dream man and the perfect ring and wondering if I was just dreaming or that he had just asked me to marry him!" She said so fast that everyone had a hard time understanding her, but once they sorted it out they all laughed.

"Penelope that is not how a marriage proposal works at least one party has to be surprised by what the other does." Hotch told her.

Seeing the ring was on her finger the waiter brought over a few bottles of champagne for the table. They stayed and talked everyone getting to know Derek's family better. The girls talked about potential dates and colors for the wedding. The guys harassed Derek about how long it took him to realize his feelings for Penelope and how he did find out. Hotch high-jacked the check not even allowing Derek to see it knowing that he had planned on paying for everyone. They fought over it for a little bit before Hotch pulled rank telling Derek that he was putting it on the company tab and to leave it at that.

After desert they went to the roof top bar to celibrate a while longer before the team had to head back to Quantico. Sarah and her family gave their congratulations and goodbyes before leaving to get their kids to bed but not before getting Derek and Pen to promise to let them know what was going on with the wedding and to come visit again.

Derek dragged pen out onto the dance floor telling her, "Oh, come on nothing crazy today just a few slow dances, with this cast on. I can not wait until I can stop wearing it, then we can do things properly." Derek smiled when he saw Rossi ask his mother to dance. Followed by Hotch with Emily and Reid with JJ, Desiree found some guy at the bar to dance with so she wouldn't feel left out. "I wonder how our relationship is going to effect that?" Pen said looking at how close Hotch was holding Emily, they were practically inside the other's clothes. Then he noticed Reid and JJ and was curious, she clung to him for dear life and he held her like she was the most precious thing on earth. "Wonder what is going on there really" he fired back to Pen swinging her around so they could switch views of the couples. "I guess I should be happy Rossi is behaving himself with my mother, which is more then I can say for the guy my sister chose to dance with."

They were walking out to their cars about to head their separate ways when JJ's phone rang. "Agent Jareau." She answered, before she completely stopped moving and she lost all of her color as she listened to whoever had called. The others did not notice this odd behavior until the phone fell from her hand and her knees gave out.

"JJ! What's the matter?" Garcia asked as Reid asked, "Who was that and what is wrong?" But JJ just sat their frozen while her phone called out to her, "Agent? Agent, what happened? Are you still there?" Hotch picked up her phone as the girls tried to get her to stand and talk to them.

"This is Agent Hotchner, Agent Jareau's team leader she has collapsed into a cationic state. Who is this and what did you tell her?" Hotch demanded into the phone, using his most commanding voice that would normally be very effective with anyone.

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