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(At school during lunch)

"So you could make an unlimited amount of yourself", Julie asked taking a bite out of her sloppy joe.

Julie and Ben were sitting together eating lunch in the cafeteria.

Julie had asked ben about some of his old aliens from when he found the Omnitrix at age ten.

"Well I could but all of my clones were connected, if something happened to one Ditto it happened to all of us", Ben said drinking some of his milk.

"BEN", someone yelled.

Ben and Julie turned their heads to see Gwen.

"Ben you have a problem", Gwen said.

"What is it, is it DNAliens", Ben asked.

"You wish, come on", Gwen said.

"Alright, sorry Julie", Ben said.

"It's fine, you go ahead", she said.

Ben and Gwen left the cafeteria.

(In the hallway)

Gwen and Ben were walking through the hall till they came to a corner.

"So what's so important that you dragged me away from Julie", Ben asked.

"Take a look around the corner", Gwen said.

Ben looked around the corner, half expecting to see some sort of alien activity, instead he saw a familiar face.

"K-Kai", Ben said.

There he saw her, Kai, Ben's first crush and heartbreak, putting some books in her locker.

Fortunately for Ben she didn't notice Ben pull his head back behind the corner.

"What is she doing here", Ben said.

"She just started coming to this school, she was in my fourth period class", Gwen said.

"Did she say anything to you", Ben asked.

"She kept asking me about you, I think she might like you now", Gwen said.

"Well too bad, she only saw me as some pet before, and anyway I've got Julie now", he said.

Gwen just gave him a weird look and pointed at him.

"Uhh Gwen", Ben said.

"Hey Ben", Kai said.

Ben nearly jumped at the sound of Kai.

"K-Kai, uh good to see you", Ben said.

"Ben, it's so nice to see you after so long", Kai said giving Ben a seductive smile.

"Uh, so what are you doing here", Ben asked.

"Oh my family moved here, so we'll be able to see each other more often", she said moving closer to Ben and putting a hand on Bens shoulder.

Gwen was fuming at the sight of what Kai was doing.

RIIIIIINNNNNNG "Oh uh class is starting, sorry gotta go", Ben said quickly leaving.

"OK, bye", Kai said waving.

(After school at in Kevin's car at )

Kevin was feeling uncomfortable, Gwen looked like she was mad at something and Ben was drinking more smoothies than usual.

"Alright what's going on you guys, something wrong", Kevin asked.

"Some stupid flirt named Kai, that's what's wrong", Gwen said taking a sip of Smoothie.

"Kai", Kevin asked.

"I used to have a crush on her back when we were 10, she's back and well, she kinda likes me now", Ben said.

"So, oh wait I get it, you're afraid you'll lose your other girl, uh Julie, right", Kevin said.

BOOOOOOOOM Their was al loud explosion.

"Trouble", Ben said. They all drove into the city.

(At a Jewelry store in town)

The front of a jewelry store had been blown off and was being robbed by three men armed with guns.

They chased everyone out of the store and were taking all the jewels they could.

Unfortunately they had a single woman who was running the register handing them all the money and diamonds the store had in their bags.

"Come on lady, hurry up", one man said.

Suddenly his gun was pulled away by a strange pink aura.

The three men looked to see three people standing at the front of the store.

"You like diamonds huh", Ben said as Chromostone "let's see how much you like them when I'm through with you".

"Crud, it's those guys", one of them said.

They started firing their guns at them but Gwen put up a barrier.

"Dang it run", one of them said.

They started running out through the back door, Gwen and Ben followed, Kevin went to some of the jewels on the counter and became covered in diamonds.

(With Ben and Gwen)

Chromostone was moving towards one of the robbers.

The robber tried firing his gun at him but the bullets would deflect of his diamond hard body.

"You gonna give up", Chromostone asked.

"Never", he said pulling out a knife.

But the knife broke in half when it struck him.

"My turn", Chromostone said as he punched the guy and knocked him out.

The other two were firing at Gwen's barrier.

"Could use some help here Kevin", Gwen said.

"Got it", he said. He went through a small opening through and knocking out the other two robbers.

"Well that was boring", Kevin said.

"Come on, we have to take these back", Chromostone said grabbing one of the bags the robbers took.

(An hour later)

Kevin was driving Ben home and Gwen wouldn't stop bugging Kevin about something.

"Kevin the fight has been over for an hour will you turn back to normal", Gwen said.

Kevin was still covered in diamond.

"No way, I'm worth more than my car now", Kevin said.

"So, what are you gonna do, put yourself on sale", Gwen said.

"No, I'll cut my hair of or something and sell it", Kevin said.

"Your made of Diamonds Kevin, how are you going to cut your hair", Gwen said.

"I'll figure out something, we're here ben", Kevin said.

"And someone's waiting for you", Gwen said.

Ben looked to see Julie waiting for him out on his frontyard, Ben got out and walked up to her.

"Julie what are you doing here", Ben said.

"I saw what you did on the news, and I thought I'd just come to say hi", she said putting her arms around him.

"I still can't get over the fact that my boyfriend's a hero", she said moving closer.

"Well it's not something I don't do every day and I'd be nothing without the omnitrix", he said putting his arms around her.

"It's not just the omnitrix, anyone else would probably use it for themselves, but you use it to help people", she said moving her face closer.

"You really are a hero", she said.

Suddenly she placed her lips on Bens.

Ben was kinda shocked, sure he and Julie were boyfriend and girlfriend but they had never actually kissed before.

And yet he sure wasn't complaining, and he started to kiss her back.

HOOOOOONK both Ben and Julie pulled away from each other and saw a snickering Kevin and a mad at Kevin Gwen.

Both Ben and Julies cheeks were red as Kevin sped off.

"Uh, so I'll see you tomorrow", Ben said still red.

"Uh yeah, see ya", Julie said walking away still feeling embarrassed.

Ben went inside his house.

As soon as he closed the door though, he couldn't help but smile.

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