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Tetrax's ship, The Resolute landed within Vilgax's ship in a large open area in within his ship.

Ben and the others minus Gluto and Julie stepped out of the Ship.

"Did you tell Gluto what to do", Ben asked Tetrax.

"He knows, if anything happens to us he'll take off and drop your ,uh, girlfriend off, you sure she won't mind that she's can't help you", Tetrax asked.

"She'll mind, but it's better if she doesn't get involved in this", Ben said.

"So where's Vilgax, he invited us in didn't he", Kevin said.

Suddenly a pair of sliding doors opened up.

"Tennyson, I see you've arrived", Vilgax said walking out.

"Vilgax, nice to see you, where's the Omnitrix", Ben said aiming his gun towards Vilgax.

"You are too late Tennyson, you and your friends will not be able to stop me", Vilgax said showing the Omnitrix with a red plating covering it.

"The Omnitrix, what have you done with it", Tetrax said.

"I have altered it, made improvements to its functions, and in my hands it is more powerful than it ever was in any humans hands", Vilgax said.

"What do you mean", Ben asked.

"Tennyson, do you know specifically how the Omnitrix works", Vilgax said.

"The base of all of the Onitrix's powers lies in DNA, whenever you activate the Omnitrix it takes your DNA rewrites it with the DNA of the alien. Your DNA is replaced with alien DNA till you have less than 1% human DNA", Vilgax said raising his fist and activating the Omnitrix showing a picture of Humongousaur.

"But imagine if you could alter that, so that it doesn't replace your DNA, but combines it with other alien DNA", Vilgax said.

"Combine", Ben asked.

"For a normal human like yourself, the combination would be useless, but for me", Vilgax said raising his other hand and slamming down on the watch and blinding everyone with a bright green light.

"Nothing in this universe could ever stop me", Vilgax said in a deeper voice.

When everyone got a look at Vilgax he was a complete monster.

He turned into Humongousaur but his body looked deformed, his arms were oversized and his face looked more beastly than like a dinosaur with fangs and what looked like tentacles at the bottom of his chin.

"And now you Ben Tennyson and your comrades, shall have the honor of being the first destroyed by my new power ROOOAAR", Vilgax said causing the place to shake with his roar.

Everyone spread out to fight Vilgax Tetrax took his laser gun and started firing at the Humongousaur Vilgax.

Vilgax's hide was to strong and the laser was ineffective.

Vilgax grew to an even bigger size and knocked Tetrax away with ease, knocking him towards the wall.

Tetrax took his gloves off and started firing shards of diamond but it was also inaffective.

Tetrax then started aiming at his face which did work for a while till Vilgax turned into a deformed Chromastone (muscular looking, with the diamonds on his shoulders and head jagged and sharp) the diamond shards were ineffective.

Kevin absorbed the metal of the ship and charged towards Chromastone Vilgax.

Unfortunately when he got close Vilgax turned into Goop, (A Vilgax shaped Goop with chunks of green whatever you think it is swimming in his goopy body) and Kevin's hand got stuck in his body.

The UFO disc above Vilgax's head swirled around Kevin and Goop wrapped his entire body around Kevin and he started to drown.

Gwen used her powers to knock the disc above Vilgax, allowing Kevin to get away.

The disc gathered all of the Goop around and transformed into Swampfire (A muscular bodied Swampfire with thorns growing out of him with the flower face looking jagged and a green mist coming out of him).

Ben started firing rounds of lasers towards him, which were ineffective.

Gwen used her powers to cut off Vilgax's arm but he instantly re grew it.

Vilgax threw a large fireball towards Gwen, which she blocked with a shield of mana but the force of the attack caused her shield to break and Gwen to fall unconscious.

"GWEN", Kevin yelled.

Kevin charged towards Vilgax to try to take him out, but Swampfires strength stopped Kevin and knocked him away.

"Do you see now Tennyson", Vilgax yelled.

Tetrax tried to sneak up behind Vilgax, but Vilgax charged up another fireball and tossed it to Tetrax.

Tetrax was knocked all the way to the wall and was knocked out.

"The power I now wield with the Omnitrix is far more powerful than you ever could weild, and once I have this power mass produced I will easily conquer the Galaxy with an unstoppable army at my command", Vilgax said.

"Not gonna happen", Ben said.

"What can you possibly do", Vilgax said walking towards Ben.

"You have no power, your weapon is useless, your comrads can not do anything to stop me, you have nothing lef-"


"GAAAAAHHH", Vilgax yelled.

"Huh, Ship", Ben said.

Ship had turned into his ship form and fired one of his missiles at Vilgax.

"BEN", Ben saw Julie coming out of Tetrax's ship.

"JULIE", Ben yelled. Gluto came out of Tetrax's ship as well and started attacking Vilgax, Ship turned into the Vilgax Drone he absorbed from a while back and helped Gluto.

"Ben, Ben are you OK", Julie said running towards Ben.

"Yeah, I'm fi-"


Julie had smacked Ben right across the face.

"Ju-Julie", Ben stuttered.


"I didn-", Ben was saying.

Tears could be seen from Julie's eyes "DO YOU KNOW HOW WORRIED I WAS, I could hear the fighting going on, I thought you were hurt, or even worse, and there was nothing I could do about it, why wouldn't you let me help you", Julie said sobbing.

"Julie", Ben said.

SPLAT CRASH Gluto and Ship were knocked away by Vilgax.

"Ship, Gluto", Julie and Ben yelled.

"That is it Tennyson, you and your mate will now perish", Vilgax said.

He started moving towards the two, but Ship got up turned into his ship form and started attacking Vilgax.

"Grr, insolent Mechomorph", Vilgax said and started throwing fireballs at Ship.

"What are we gonna do Ben", Julie asked.

"Not sure, I don't know how to stop him we've tried everything", Ben said.

"Isn't there some kind of weakness, or glitch in the Omnitrix", Julie said.

"No there's no… wait that's it", Ben said.

"You got an idea", Julie said.


"SHIIIP", Ship yelled firing some more weapons.

Ben started running towards Vilgax.


Ship fired a dozen missiles at Vilgax, which caused a smokescreen.

Suddenly Vilgax felt something turning the Omnitrix symbol on his chest, Vilgax had transformed into a different alien as he wacked someone away.

When the smoke cleared Vilgax saw that he had turned into Alien-X (Vilgax shaped Alien-X with a four pronged horn thing on his head).

"Did it", Ben said.

Vilgax didn't move, he was completely frozen in place.

"Wha- Ben what did you do", Julie asked.

"I'll tell you later, for now can you help me see if everyone's OK", Ben said.

"Oh also can you get ship to do something for me", Ben said.

(Within Alien-X)

"What is this place, where am I", Vilgax said floating in an endless void.

"Ah, so you have finally come", a voice said.

"What, what are you", Vilgax said.

He saw two large faces in front of him.

"I am Bellicus, voice of rage and aggression", Bellicus said.

"And I am Serena voice of love and compassion", Serena said.

"And you are in a lot of trouble little Chimera Sui Generis", Bellicus said.

"Insolent fool, do you know-", Vilgax was saying.

"Yes yes, Vilgax, terror of the Galaxy, conquer of worlds, blah blah, are you aware of the damage you are doing thanks to your DNA manipulation of the Omnitrix", Bellicus said.

Suddenly everything went wavy and blurry for a second.

"Your DNA combination to the Celestialsapien is distorting time and space, it's a miracle that the universe hasn't imploded", Serena said in a gentle voice.

"I do not care what happens to you, allow me to go back now, or else", Vilgax threatened.

"What are you gonna do, little man, you can't do anything unless we agree on it", Bellicus said.

"You do not know who you are dealing with you fools", Vilgax said.

"You don't have to be so mean", Serena said sadly.

"Oh please don't start crying", Bellicus said.

"Hello, can anyone hear me", a voice said.

"Hmm, is that you Ben", Serena said.

(Outside of Alien-X)

"If you two can hear me I vote that you let me in there so that I can talk to you more clearly", Ben said to Vilgax's frozen body.

"Who's Ben talking to", Julie asked Kevin and Gwen who had woken up.

"Don't worry, he's not going crazy", Gwen said.

ZAP "Huh, wha, hey where's Ben", Julie said.

Ben had suddenly disappeared.

(Inside Alien-X a little earlier)

"If you two can hear me I vote that you let me in there so that I can talk to you more clearly", Ben said.

"I second that", Serena said.

"Very well then, motion carried", Bellicus said.

Zap Ben suddenly appeared.

"TENNYSON", Vilgax yelled in rage. Vilgax brought his fist down to Ben, but some invisible force stopped him.

"Weren't you listening, you can't do anything unless we allow it", Bellicus said.


"Is there a second", Bellicus said.


"Motion denied", Bellicus said.

"Alright now I want to ask you two something", Ben said.

"ENOUGH THIS END'S NOW", Vilgax yelled enraged.

He moved up to hit Bellicus but he suddenly stopped in place frozen in midair.

"Now that that's settled what would you like to debate with us", Bellicus said.

"I vote you to take the Omnitrix off of Vilgax, turn it back to normal and give it back to me, if he keeps it a lot of people, not just on earth, but throughout the entire galaxy will get hurt", Ben said.

Suddenly everything turned wavy and blurry for a moment.

"Wha-what the heck, what was that", Ben said.

"Oh that was just a side effect to Vilgax's DNA combining to the Celestialsapien, it's distorting time and space", Bellicus said.

"Well there you go, another reason to take the Omnitrix off him, so how bout it", Ben said.

"Hmph, well I guess I don't exactly like this person anyway, very well I second the motion", Bellicus said.

"I also second the motion", Serena.

"Well in the thousands of centuries of us debating I think this is the first motion we've ever agreed on, motion carried", Bellicus said.

(Outside of Alien-X)

"Did you do like I said Ship", Julie asked Ship who slurred out of the floor.

"Shiip shiip", Ship said.

"Good boy Ship", Julie said patting Ship on the head.

"Alright, now all we have to do is wait for Ben", Tetrax said.

"So what exactly did you have Ship d-", Tetrax was saying till a bright light cut him off.

Everyone saw both Ben and Vilgax in his normal form.

"Wha- WHAT HAPPENED, WHERE IS THE OMNITRIX", Vilgax yelled seeing the Omnitrix was no longer on his wrist.

"Looking for this", Ben said showing his wrist.


"It's called debating", Ben said activating the Omnitrix and slamming down on it.

Humoungousaur Ben yelled.

"Everyone, get out of here, I'll hold him off", Humoungousaur said.

"Ben", Julie said.

"Don't worry about me, I'll catch up", Humoungousaur said.

"Come on, we have to go", Tetrax said.

"But- fine", Julie said.

"Don't worry, Ben can take care of himself we have to go now", Gwen said.

Everyone got inside the Ship, as Humoungousaur in his maximum size fought Vilgax.

Despite the difference in size between the two Vilgax was just as strong a Humoungousaur.

"This isn't over Tennyson, even though you have the Omnitrix I still have enough data to make a new Omnitrix, even if you and your friend escape I will still have the necessary tools to destroy your planet and conquer the galaxy", Vilgax said.

"Don't count on it, you've already lost", Humoungousaur said.

"You honestly think you have defeated me", Vilgax said.

"I know I have, and it looks like my rides about to leave", Humoungousaur said.

Tetrax's ship was taking off and Humoungousaur turned the symbol on his chest.

Bigchill Ben said transforming.

Bigchill flew towards the ship and going thru the walls.

(Inside The Resolute)

"Alright fire the missiles we're gonna blast our way out", Tetrax said.

Gluto pressed some buttons and the Hatch doors were blasted open.

"Alright let's go we need to get out of here now get our defenses ready", Tetrax said.

"Oh don't worry about Vilgax attacking us I took care of that", Julie said.

"Really, how", Kevin asked.

(In Vilgax's control room)

The doors open and Vilgax walks in.

"Do not let them escape, destroy them", Vilgax said.

"Something is wrong sir, the weapons, they're all offline", an alien said.

"What, well fix it", Vilgax said.

"We're trying sir but- bzzzt ack", the small alien was saying till the control panel discharged.

"What is going on", Vilgax said.

Suddenly the ship started to move on its own and accelerated at a fast speed.

"Something's wrong the ship's locked on autopilot, it's not responding at all", the alien said.

"Useless alien move", Vilgax said knocking the alien out of the way.

Vilgax tried to fix the problem but he couldn't.

"Who could have done this", Vilgax said.


Suddenly the red alert alarm was going off.

"What, NO", Vilgax saw the reason for the alarm.

The ship was headed right for the sun.

"NO THIS CAN NOT BE HAPPENING", Vilgax yelled, desperately trying to move the ship.

But it was too late, the ship had already arrived at it's final destination.



(From a distance in The Resolute)

Everyone saw the huge explosion from Vilgax's ship.

"He's gone, he's finally gone", Tetrax said.

"Julie what did you do", Gwen asked.

"Ben told me to use Ship to get into the computer of Vilgax's ship and make it so that it flies into the sun", Julie said.

"Wait, Ben, where is he", Julie said.

"Right here", everyone turned to see Bigchill come up from the ground and turn back to normal.

"Ben", Julie said running up to hug him.

"Ben, I'm so glad you're alright", Julie said.

"Way to go man, you saved the day, and got rid of Vilgax for good", Kevin said.

"Great, so can we go home now I just want to sleep for the rest of the day", Ben said.

"Of couse, take us home Gluto", Tetrax said.

Gluto pressed a few buttons on the ship and started flying towards earth.

"Uh Julie, are you gonna let me go", Ben said.

Julie was still hugging Ben.

"No, never again", Julie said.

"Julie you're gonna have to let go sometime", Ben said.

"groan fine", Julie said letting Ben free.

"Thank yo-mph", Ben was saying till Julie cut him off and kissed him.

As soon as their lips parted Julie whispered to Ben.

"Please, don't ever do something like that again without telling me, please", Julie said.

"OK ", Ben said.

"And don't you ever lock me in a closet again", Julie said with anger in her tone.

"Uh right sorry about that, it won't happen again", Ben said. Julie hugged Ben again.

"I love you Ben", Julie said. Ben returned the hug.

"I love you to Julie, thanks for always being with me".

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