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Thursday, April 16th, 2009

"Edward, your grandmother is dead."

I had not been expecting that. Not in the least.

"Dead?" I asked. "Are you sure?"

"Very sure," Carlisle sighed. "Tony and I went together to I.D. her body."

"Wait, she was fine when I left." I was trying not to panic. "When did it happen?"

Carlisle saw my distress and put his arm around me. "Calm down, no one is implicating you," he whispered. "You have no reason to worry about that."

"What the hell happened?"

"She had a massive heart attack," he said. "She was found… oh, I need to tell you something else."

"Oh boy, what else can there be?" Bad news followed by more bad news? Then again, my grandmother being dead wasn't necessarily bad news. It was more like a huge surprise.

"When you had your accident did you see who hit you?"

I shook my head, trying to remember what had happened, but stopped when my vision started to swim and dizziness overtook me. I leaned forward, placing my head between my knees until everything stabilized. Carlisle sat silently, rubbing my back, waiting for me to regain composure. I sat up slowly to avoid my previous predicament. "No, Emmett and I were talking and laughing and then we were hit from out of nowhere. It was like the car had materialized out of thin air."

"The car that hit you belonged to Camilla and was driven by James. When he hit you the impact caused your car to almost go over the edge of the cliff." He paused and I heard him expel air from his lungs. "A tractor trailer came around the bend in the road and it was going too fast and couldn't stop. It hit James because the car was sitting in the middle of the road and he was killed on impact."

It all clicked then. The horn blaring. The squealing tires. The EMT's words. My grandmother had kidnapped me when I was two days old and almost eighteen years later she had tried to have me killed. I shifted slightly, supporting my elbows on my knees, and glanced at my father.

"Camilla was found after the police went to the house because of James." Even though she had been his mother, Carlisle seemed to show no real emotion over his mother's death. "They questioned the neighbors who told them that she lived basically alone with the exception of James as her staff. Because of her age and since she didn't answer the door they broke in and found her in father's study."


Carlisle sighed. "Exactly."

I closed my eyes and tried to steady my breathing. "I hope she burns in hell."

"I know."

I wanted to throw something and wondered if he felt the same way. What I wouldn't have given for a set of dishes right then. I would have shredded them to pieces. Carlisle appeared as if he could've gone through a set or two of his own. "How are you?"

"She's been dead to me for years now," he said, his voice rough but unwavering. "And now, she can't hurt you or anyone else ever again."

We sat there for a few minutes, neither of us saying a word until Carlisle cleared his throat and spoke. "Your mother is in the hallway and I think she'd like to see you. Do you think you can handle her right now? I can always tell her it's not a good time. I think she'd understand considering everything."

Glancing up, I spotted Esme standing on the other side of the glass enclosure, watching us. I knew she was concerned, understandably so. "She can come in."

Carlisle patted me on my back before he left. I straightened up and gazed up at the sky through the partial plexi-glass roof. The sky was bright blue, with big white fluffy clouds. If I had bothered to remember that portion of science class, I might've been able to tell what type of clouds they were. The door opened and then closed a few seconds later. My gaze left the clouds and I watched as my parents talked, presumably about me.

My parents. I hadn't referred to them in that manner a lot. They had probably shown me more love in the last few months that I had been with them then Camilla had ever showed Carlisle and Tony. An odd feeling of satisfaction and sadness washed over me.

I smiled as Esme reached out and embraced Carlisle. She was shorter than him and I could only make out the top of her head over his shoulder, but her arms encircled his back. They released each other and Carlisle blocked my view of Esme. She went around him and pushed open the door, her heels making contact with the stone pathway, echoing loudly in the small space. I watched her as she continued toward me and sat down on the opposite end of the bench.

Esme continued to be quite, letting me mull over my thoughts.


Esme looked confused. "Why what?" she asked.

"Why me?" I was thinking out loud at this point. "Why did she hate me so much? I was two days old. What did I ever do to her?"

"You never did anything to her, honey. You were a baby," she said. "It could have been Emmett or Alice. Or even one of your cousins. It just happened that all of her plans fell into place with you."

"I guess."

Esme wrung her hands together and pivoted her body in my direction. "I have never been so happy that someone has died," she said with no emotion. "And I don't feel bad about feeling that way."

"What about Dad?" I asked. "He said he's fine."

"I think there's some part, deep down, that's a bit sad over her death," she explained. "She was his mother after all, but treated him and Tony so badly that it's impossible to forgive her. You never give up on those that you love. I think some part of him had always hoped that his mother would come around and apologize for her misdeeds and strive to be a better person, but she never did. She was horrible until the very end."

"I'm tired of crying because of her." I said. "I'm tired of being angry over things because of her. I only met her once, but I'm tired of her and want to get on with my life."

"She's not worth your tears and anger." Esme moved closer, her eyes narrowed with intent. "She wasn't before and she's certainly not now. You don't know how much I want you to be able to move on with your life without her legacy shadowing you."

This time I moved closer to Esme, closing the gap between us until we were sitting next to one another. "Mom?"

She smiled faintly and blinked. "Yes?"

Her hand closest to me was wrapped around the seat of the bench, clutching it tightly. I placed my hand over hers. "Thank you for not giving up on me."

"You're my son." Her grip on the bench eased up and I squeezed her hand. "I love you. I will never give up on you."

Placing my head on her shoulder, I leaned against Esme. "I know you do. It is getting easier for me."

"You called me Mom." Her breath hitched at the last word. "At first I thought you were delirious and you were asking for Liz."

"I knew who I called out to when I woke up," I explained. "I wanted my mother. I wanted you."

Her head fell against mine and I heard her exhale and swallow hard. "You don't know how much that means to me."

Esme's free hand rushed to her face, wiping at it repeatedly. I assumed she was crying and not wanting to embarrass her or ruin the moment, I didn't move or mention it. "Somehow, I think I do."

We sat there together silently for a few minutes until a knock caused us both to search in its direction. Carlisle was by the door, looking in on us. He motioned to his watch and then mouthed the word 'dinner.'

"It seems as if it's time for dinner." Esme mumbled.

"Oh joy," my voice was less than enthusiastic. "I really can't wait to get home and back to your cooking. The hospital food is less than stellar."

"Well, you are in for a treat then." Esme rose from the bench. "We have a surprise for you and Emmett."

I slowly stood, not wanting to move too quickly and cause myself to pass out and miss dinner. Even with his broken left arm Emmett would still be fully capable of eating every last bite. "Real food?"

"Close enough," Esme explained as we started toward the door. "Take out from an Italian place Alice found."

As we neared my room I heard Emmett proclaim in an almost whining tone, "But Daaaad! He's not here yet. I'm starving! Gimme something!"

No, the accident hadn't slowed down Emmett's appetite one little bit.


While it seemed as if we were more than happy to put Camilla six feet under, we were doing it on our time schedule and no one else's. Her body was being held until such time that we were ready to put her to rest. Camilla had very wisely prepaid for her funeral arrangements, right down to the headstone. Everything set to her specifications except for the date because, well, who knows exactly when you're going to die?

Considering that no one liked her, I thought the pre-arranged plans were excellent on her part. Probably one of the best decisions she had ever made in her entire life. I would have been plenty happy marching over to the graveyard and helping them dig the hole and dumping her body down into it. I would watch as the dirt was thrown over her and smile as the shovel patted down the last bit of earth, forever cementing her place down below. Perhaps afterward Emmett would dance upon her grave with me.

But I guess that wasn't right, no matter how much you hated the person for what they did to you and your family. I couldn't be sad over her death, no matter how hard I tried, not that I even attempted to feel that emotion over her. Not after what she did to my father and uncle. Not after she confessed to giving me away. Not after she tried to kill me and my brother.

She did not deserve my sorrow, pity, or tears. She deserved nothing.

We did though. We needed closure. Closure that included seeing that woman buried, never able to hurt us ever again. That was the only reason we were even planning a funeral for the woman.

Emmett and I were released after three days in the hospital and on the fourth day we flew home. We were taken to the hospital in Forks by Carlisle before we even got home to have us checked out because of our concussions and flying. He must have either prearranged things or had been able to pull some strings because our wait time was minimal and we were in and out of there in no time, which was a relief because I had quickly grown tired of hospitals.

When we arrived home Bella and Rose were waiting for each of us. Bella did keep her promise and hugged the stuffing out of me and then in turn, did the same thing to Emmett. Charlie was still there, talking to Carlisle and Esme as we talked to the girls. He came over and did a weird half hug type deal that shocked the hell out of me. He told me he was glad that I was okay, but then he had to follow it up with insisting I take a defensive driver's course. He had to spoil our moment. Charlie was much more at ease with Emmett, his voice not as stilted, but no more emotional when he spoke to him.

"What's with Charlie?" I asked Bella after he left my immediate area. "He tried to hug me."

"I think he was genuinely worried about the two of you," Bella said with a smile. "He doesn't always know how to express himself when he's not yelling."

When I saw Charlie open the front door, I made a mad dash for it and chased after him. It wasn't so much of a mad dash, with the concussion and all, as me walking really fast trying to catch up to him. "Um, Edward, what are you doing out here?" Charlie fidgeted when he spotted me.

"I missed you too, Charlie."

Then I hugged him. He laughed, kind of oddly in fact, and patted my back. "Maybe you should revisit the hospital."

I released him and took a step back. "I'm fine. I should be concussion free very soon."

"Bella was really worried about you."

"Yeah, I know you were, too."

Charlie cleared his throat. "I have my shot gun in the trunk."

"Have a good night, Charlie."

"You too, Englebert."

Bella and Rose were both over protective of us, hopping up to get anything that we needed. Esme sat them down and scolded them both; telling them that while we needed to take it easy, but we weren't babies and needed to do things for ourselves. No personal maid service for us.

Bella was allowed to spend the night and for that I was grateful. With all that had been going on I needed some downtime and I sensed that Bella understood that. We didn't even fool around. We hung out in my room, talking about what had happened and since I wasn't supposed to be staring at anything for any length of time, Bella read to me.

The day after that we headed back to school. Of course there were stares and questions from our classmates, many of which I did not answer. It was none of their business. Emmett and I were both excused from gym class because of any lingering effects from our concussions and were subjected to walk laps in the other half of the gym. However, since we weren't in the same gym class I found it boring as hell. Mike and Angela somehow managed to sneak out of racquet ball and joined me. I still censored what I told them, but I was happy to have someone else to talk to that wouldn't turn around what I said and use it against me. In all honesty, I hadn't realized how much I had missed both of them until they snuck through the door with huge smiles on their faces and made their way over to me.

Carlisle wanted me and Emmett to heal from some of our injuries before heading back down to California for a funeral for Camilla. His heart wasn't even in having one for her, but I was starting to think it would be good to get everything done and over with. One night I caught him alone in his study and decided to talk to him about the subject.

"Closure," he said, echoing my earlier sediments. "I couldn't stand her, I'm glad she's gone, but for some reason I am very compelled to see with my own two eyes that she's put into the ground."

"I need the same thing."

"That's good to know." He shuffled a few papers on his desk and looked at piece of paper. "We thought about having the funeral on the first Saturday in May. I cleared the date with everyone else, how about you?"

I shrugged. "It's not like I keep a calendar. It should be fine."

"Your mother was thinking…" Carlisle's voice trailed off.

"That's a very good trait."

"Smart ass." He smiled before continuing. "I know I asked you this before, but maybe I should go ahead and make arrangements for you to see Liz the week after the funeral? You need closure on that part of your life, too."

"I think-"

"I hear that's a very good trait." Carlisle smiled smugly.

"I deserved that, huh?" He nodded. "I'd like that actually. I'd like that a lot."

It looked as if I was going to be getting a lot of closure in my life very soon.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

I was standing in a cemetery in a monkey suit, complete with a noose around my neck for a woman who didn't want me in her life. My hand flew to my throat in a vain attempt to loosen the tie wrapped around it. Emmett had tied the sucker for me and it felt like I was being strangled ever since.

"Let me fix that for you." Esme stood in front of me with a slight smile on her face. "He did the same thing to your father once. I thought poor Carlisle was going to turn blue." Her work was meticulous and I was never letting Emmett near me with a tie ever again. Not unless I wanted to torture myself.

"Thanks, that feels so much better."

My gaze traveled to the rolling hills of the cemetery. It was a beautiful place with lush green grass, tall trees, and a gate that winded around the land. "I want to be cremated." Esme announced out of the blue.

"Really?" I asked. "I haven't thought about that for myself."

"People rarely take the time to visit cemeteries anymore," she said. "Besides, I'd rather have my ashes split up between the three of you so I can haunt you from whatever table you put me on."

"Haunt us?"

"Or watch over you." She smiled and shrugged. "Depends on what kind of adult you grow up to be I guess."

"I will remember that."

"Ah, there's Tony." Carlisle's voice interrupted our morbid conversation and we turned to the opposite direction. Since there were so few of us we had planned to have just a small ceremony at the cemetery with a man of the cloth that the funeral home suggested and then quickly bury GramBitch six feet under. We watched as Tony's rental wound through the one lane dirt road of the cemetery with the hearse and another car behind it.

I felt Bella's fingers intertwine with mine and I squeezed her hand as she took her place beside me. When Charlie agreed to let Bella accompany us I almost kissed the man. Just thinking about what he would have done if I had followed through with the action made me smile. When I playfully punched him in the shoulder and said "thanks" the man gave me the evil eye and told me to get out of his house.

You know, typical loving Charlie.

Rose and Jasper had hopped on board the travel train as well, with the excuse of giving moral support to Emmett and Alice. I had guessed that things weren't going that well with their parents and they'd rather be with my family then theirs. Even though that aspect was sad, I was glad that they were here. Like it or not, we needed them as much as they needed us.

Tony's car came to a stop behind ours the other two behind followed suit because honestly, what else were they going to do? Slam into Tony?

Doors from all three cars cracked open, people spilling from them out onto the green lawn before them. Even from a distance Uncle Tony looked like hell. Jan and my cousins, Laura and Emily, stood near his side as they walked toward us. Carlisle and Tony embraced and it appeared as if some of Tony's mood instantly rubbed off on Carlisle.

The last car had contained the man of the cloth I had previously mentioned. He came over and spoke with Carlisle and Tony in hushed tones about what he was going to say. My family members greeted each other with warm hellos and smiles and I noticed that Laura and Emily did not seem to make any weird advancements toward Emmett. I guessed it was because Rose was planted firmly at his side. Or maybe they finally realized that hitting on your first cousin wasn't the correct thing to do even if he was handsome as hell.

Our attention turned as the back door to the hearse was opened. We watched as men from the funeral parlor used a cart-like device with wheels to remove GramBitch's casket. Having not attended a funeral before, I assumed that male members of the family had carried the casket, but in our case, a cart would be so much better. I knew that none of us had any interest in carrying GramBitch over to her final resting place.

Bella's grip on my hand had gotten much stronger. "Bella, have you been lifting weights with Emmett?"

She shook her head. "Are you okay? I've been crushing your hand for five minutes now."

"I've just a lot going on inside my head right now."

Bella smiled up at me as we made our way up the slight incline. "Your head is scary enough under normal circumstances."

I tried not to laugh, not because it was an inappropriate time, but because I didn't want to draw attention to myself. "I'm so glad Charlie let you come with us."

"Yeah, me too." Bella removed her hand from my grip and wrapped her arm around my waist. "But not because I'm morbid and like funerals—far from it in fact. I knew this was going to be hard on all of you."

"How can I feel sad over the death of a woman who gave me away because of money?"

Carlisle's voice interrupted Bella's response. "Don't be. It's as simple as that." He hurried past us, toward the minister or priest or whatever he was, who was standing at the gravesite.

Bella and I stopped in our tracks and looked at each other, our brows raised. "Huh." I said.

"I will write this day down in history that your father made your speechless." Esme said as she passed on our left, just as Carlisle had done.

Let's face it, a simple 'Huh' was about as speechless as they were going to ever get me.

Following a cemetery worker, we followed as he showed us Camilla's final resting spot—on a slight hill and off to the left in a bit of a alcove-like area right on the tree line of the property. The other gravestones had the same last name etched into them and assumed we were at a family plot. Carlisle and Tony stood by their father's grave, their wives by their side. Having not known my grandfather, I did not go over and join them.

Because honestly, what was I going to say when I was over there? "Hey, grandpa, how'd you manage to hook up with such a bitch?"

Yeah, totally inappropriate, but so "me" at the same time.

We milled about, waiting at the gravesite for Camilla's body to be brought over. They did not have enough staff to push the casket up the slight incline properly and it was taking longer than expected for them to reach us. With Rose to my left on Emmett's good side, I heard him say, "If I had two good arms I'd pick the damn thing up and throw her down there just to get this thing over with already."

Carlisle cleared his throat and did a slight shake of his head toward the minister that was standing next to him. Emmett turned his head in my direction and buried part of his face in the top of Rose's head. "Sorry." I heard him mumble, but I knew he wasn't and the light in his eyes that I saw peaking over Rose's head had suggested he was smiling.

Alice stood with Jasper on Bella's right. She had never known Camilla, but was downright furious after hearing about what had happened. Like me, she didn't understand how anyone could do what they did for money. She nearly went into a full blown panic attack, but somehow Jasper had brought her out of it. Alice's gaze was glued to the ground where Camilla was going to be placed and leaning heavily against Jasper.

We waited patiently as the casket was put into place. The funeral director apologized to Carlisle, but he told them that it didn't matter. This was meant to be a quick ceremony that was haphazardly thrown together so we could say good riddance and achieve some closure. At least, that was the way I was viewing it.

When things were ready, we formed a semi-circle around the casket and listened to the minister. He spoke of forgiveness and God and how forgiveness does not come easy to most of us. Evidently he did not know my grandmother. We had no reason to forgive her. He quoted scripture which I was unfamiliar with. Honestly, I tuned him out and barely registered Bella's arm being wrapped around my waist. I stared at the casket and waited for the ceremony to be over. Unfortunately, I would not see the casket being lowered to the ground.

My fantasy of Emmett and I doing a dance over her grave had been dashed by cemetery workers.

When all was said and done, I wasn't sure if I felt any better. If this was closure, then it kind of sucked. We wandered back down to our cars and chatted about whether or not we felt any better and where we were going for dinner. Tony excused himself and headed back to where GramBitch had been placed. When I spotted the cemetery workers coming down the hill I had guessed that he needed some time alone and was going to tell her off one more time on his own.

Now, that might work for me. One more "I hate you" spat at her grave for good measure. I excused myself, leaving Bella with my family, and took the long way back over to her grave, traveling along the tree line, hoping to give Tony enough time.

Then again, he grew up with Camilla has his mother. Would any length of time cursing her out be quite enough?

I stopped and read names on gravestones that I had never heard of and read dates from before my time. Convinced I had managed to give my uncle enough time, I carried forward toward Camilla's final resting place.

Tony was still there and down on one knee. The casket had been lowered, but the hole hadn't been filled and an open grave remained. I had been surprised that he hadn't heard my arrival. I turned and spun in a circle, double checking that no one was around. Nope, we were alone.

I took a few steps forward, ready to ask Tony if he was okay, when he spoke out loud.

"I'm sorry, but it had to be done."

He evidently wasn't through and I didn't want to interrupt him. I thought I should leave, but what if he heard me now?

"It was so easy," he said. "Just two drops in your water and then it was done."

Tony ran a hand through his hair and sniffed. His strong front had been broken and he was in tears.

"I couldn't let you hurt us anymore. You had a bad heart anyway."

I tried not to breathe as I stood listening to him. Had he done something? Did Uncle Tony really…was he saying what I thought he was saying?!

He spoke again, his voice much lower and barely audible to my ears. "I had to kill you."

My brain couldn't take it. On the inside, I heard myself yelling "What?" and "It's okay!" and maybe even "You're my hero!" over and over, but none of that came out of my mouth.

Uncle Tony was the one that had made me speechless and I could never, ever tell anyone why.

Well, damn him for that one.


I turned to find Carlisle standing behind me. I had been so wrapped up in what Tony had been saying that I hadn't heard my father creep up on us all stealthy-like. Tony turned and his jaw dropped at the sight of us.

There were tears streaming down his face as Tony rose to face us. Carlisle walked forward and as he passed me, his arm went around my shoulders taking me with him. He let me go before we reached Tony and then closed the short distance between them.

"Did I hear you correctly?" Carlisle asked his brother. "Was it because of you?"

"I'm sorry," Tony apologized. "I knew she'd never be through with us."

Carlisle took Tony's face between his hands. "Don't ever be sorry for what you've done. You did something that I never could have."

They embraced and I felt as if I didn't belong there, but I knew I did. I walked over to them and wrapped my arms around each of them. "Thanks, Tony."

"You're thanking me?" Tony and Carlisle backed away from each other slightly, but we were still linked together.

I nodded. "She can't hurt us anymore."

"You weren't supposed to find out any of this, Edward." Tony looked away from us. "You shouldn't have been here."

"My timing evidently sucks." Carlisle grinned at my choice of words. "I take it that we have to keep this between the three of us?"

Tony needed some time to compose himself and somehow make it appear like he had not been crying because it could raise questions. Carlisle called Esme and told her that the three of us needed some time alone.

Luckily, we had rented SUV's and Esme was able to cram everyone into ours while the three of us hung back and we'd take Tony's and catch up with them at the restaurant.

Tony admitted to how he hadn't been in California just for a medical conference. He hadn't planned on attending it, but when he heard that I was going to confront Camilla on my own, he panicked. Knowing that I would insist on speaking to her myself, Tony followed us to the estate and used the tunnels in the walls to listen into my conversation with GramBitch.

"I found the most fascinating thing while in the tunnel," Tony said. "Remember, all those years ago when you helped me run away?"

Carlisle's expression changed as his features went darker, as if he was remembering something bad. "Of course I do."

Tony reached into a pocket in his suit jacket and pulled out his wallet. Opening it, he retrieved what appeared to be an older issued twenty dollar bill. "You must've dropped it."

Carlisle stared at it, a slight smile forming. "From the money I stole so you could run."

"Maybe should have it." Tony held it out to his brother. "You don't know how much it helped to get away that weekend."

"I have a better idea." Carlisle walked to the edge of the grave and motioned for Tony to join him. "She was the reason I had to take it. Let's do it together."

With the twenty dollar bill pinched between two fingers, Carlisle raised his arm in the air over the grave and Tony did the same, both of them holding the bill. They let it go and watched as it floated down into the open grave.

"She's probably rolling over in her coffin." Carlisle said, and then mimicked his mother. "How dare you waste money!"

Tony continued on with his confession and would not stop apologizing for not getting to me and Emmett on time. He had known what Camilla had sent James to do, but wanted to make sure Camilla had drank the spiked water before he left the house. Through more tears he apologized for not getting to the scene of the accident fast enough. "I saw the tractor trailer slam into the car James was in. I heard you yelling for Emmett, but I couldn't bring myself to let you know that I was there and reassure you that he was alive. I was so afraid of anyone finding out who I was. I left the scene before the cops arrived and couldn't stop thinking about you and Emmett the entire time. It was so hard to wait until I got the call about the accident so I could go to the hospital and make sure the two of you were okay."

It must have been so hard on him to have had kept all of this to himself. No wonder his moods had been downright odd lately. He probably felt guilt over killing his own mother and not helping his nephews.

"I should have manned up and came forward at the accident scene." He stared at me. "I'm sorry, Edward."

"Stop apologizing," I told him. "You might've been caught and I don't want to see you go to jail for something so many of us wanted to do. We're fine, right dad?"

Carlisle smiled at me and then made Tony look at him. "It's okay, Tony. Emmett's arm will heal in a few weeks and Edward's nose is almost healed now, right son?" I nodded and amazingly kept my mouth shut and Carlisle continued. "If Edward accepts your apology then so do I."

Tony started talking again, apologizing some more and then started breaking down for the second or third or fourth time. "Tony, it's over, it's finally over because of you." Carlisle held his brother, consoling him, as the sobs and guilt racked his body.

It took some time, but we finally managed to convince Tony that we weren't angry at him. I was completely sure that we had totally missed having an early dinner with everyone at the restaurant. There was no way in the world Emmett would have held out and waited this long for us. The three of us made our way down the hill and toward Tony's car. Another car pulled up behind us as we approached the vehicle and we immediately thought that we were in the way and blocking the road through the cemetery. The car came to a stop and the door popped open.

A man stepped out, his gaze trained in our direction. "Sorry to be blocking the path, but we're leaving now." Carlisle said to appease him.

The man rose to full height and he was tall and lean like Carlisle and Tony, but his skin tone was much, much darker. His black hair was braided into dreadlocks that fell half way down his back. Black framed sunglasses covered his eyes, the lenses blocking any view.

"I presume I'm late for the burial then." The man's voice reflected an accent I couldn't place. Perhaps European?

"Maybe have the wrong day or time?" Tony offered. "We were here to place my mother to rest."

"Camilla Cullen?" The man asked. "Is that correct?"

"Yes," Carlisle said. "Did you know her?"

"Well enough to know I didn't like her," he said. "I wanted make sure she was dead."

"She's dead, that we're sure of." Tony offered. "We're her sons and this is my nephew, can we help you?"

"I'd like to introduce myself." The man closed the car door, stepped toward us, and removed his sunglasses. His eyes appeared dark like the rest of him, but it wasn't just the color that made them seem that way. "My name is Laurent and I'm your half brother."

And for the second time that day, I was totally and utterly speechless.

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