Well... I know its not a chapter for Now that War is Done. And I apologise for all you Bones fans that got excited when you received a message saying that I had posted a new story (thats you Acegrace). But this is another oneshot. Though it be longer than I first thought...

I havent really tried to write an angst one before, so please be nice with this one as it is my first. Of course its D&N. I thought I should have it all done when I decided to post in hopes that you will forgive me for the fact that I wont be posting anything else for a few weeks. Exams are too close.

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Hidden Fairy

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-Chapter One-

Glorious sunlight shone through an open window, spilling into the room and onto the occupied bed. Birds chattered outside, awakening the world like every other morning. The Black-robed mage stirred quietly, his mind urging him to awake while his body struggled to catch up. Lying on his back, the dark haired man opened his eyes slowly, stretching his lanky yet muscled form. The room surrounding him was brilliantly lit as the rising sun shone into the bed chamber.

Silk sheets slid over his naked body, and it was a moment later that his mind recalled the reason for his inherent lack of clothes, a satisfied, satiated smile playing at the edge of his lips. The figure beside him stirred gently, a deep sigh from between swollen lips. Numair rolled to his side quietly, propping himself up on one elbow, careful not to disturb the Goddess beside him.

The Wildmage was asleep on her back, one arm curled above her head, the other forming a soft fist beside her cheek, both peaceful and vulnerable. The sun shone over her, causing Numair's breath catch in his throat and his heart almost stop with the beauty of it. Words couldn't describe the picture beside him.

The sheet rested low on her breasts, barely concealing anything, the sun almost reflecting off the paleness of her chest, enticing him to reach out and stroke the soft skin. What ever he had done in his life to be with his other half eluded him. In that moment he thanked every God and Goddess for blessing him with this woman who held his heart.

The Wildmage sighed again and Numair couldn't resist reaching over and brushing his finger tips down the underside of her arm, relishing in the softness of her skin. He had learned some time ago, the many sensitive areas on her body, sometimes using this knowledge ruthlessly until she was almost screaming his name in pleasure, both of them lost in each other. Or he used his knowledge of her for his on benefit, finding solace and comfort in the way that only he knew her this way, and only he could delight in the beauty of her body.

The undersides of her arms were one such spot that was particularly sensitive to Numair's gentle ministrations. As the sun raised higher, the Mage continued to stroke her arm tenderly, adoring eyes fixed on her face as she slept.

It wasn't long before she stirred once more, her back arching in a graceful stretch, and though her eyes remained closed her soft, sleep filled voice spoke.

"While I find it sweetly adorable at the way you stare each morning." She began, a yawn cutting her off half way. "Others would disagree and see it as highly disturbing. She settled back into the bed as Numair chuckled softly.

"Good morning Sweetling" he murmured softly, causing her to smile and turn her face in his direction. Bending forward, he brushed several small and tender kisses along her arm, smiling in enjoyment at the goose bumps his kisses had raised. Daine mumbled something to him, her words, filled with sleep, were incoherent. He chuckled over her skin.

"What was that?" She licked her lips before repeating her words.

"You tease me too early." Numair grinned and moved his free hand to her waist, pulling the sheet away from her hip and stroking the soft skin there.

"On the contrary Magelet, the sun is already up." The woman only mumbled softly, waves of sleep pulling her away.

"But I am not." Before turning onto her stomach, arms slipping beneath her pillow, she had not yet opened her eyes to the sun filled room. She only sighed deeply as Numair's fingers began to stroke down the length of her spine stopping just below her lower back where the sheet laid covering her downwards, and then going back up.

"What did I do to deserve you?" he asked softly, Daine turning her face towards his.

"Hmm?" she mumbled, sleep still in her thoughts. He almost laughed heartily.

"So sleepy my Magelet."

"You cannot expect me to rise this early N'mair, when you spend the night ravishing me the way you did last night." This time he did laugh out loud, though Daine's eyes remained closed she was grinning widely. He pulled her to him, lifting her easily beneath the sheets until she rested on his chest, soft groans of disturbance being emitted on Daine's behalf, until her body lay flush against his. Her cheek rested over his heart, Daine moved one hand to stroke down his side, nails scratching softly, her other hand twirld a black lock around her fingers. His own hands were busy too, one continued to stroke her back while the other ran fingers down her side, caressing the curve of her breast and hip.

"What did I do for the Gods to bless me with you?" She grunted in reply.

"Luck I s'pose." His laughter rumbling through her. "No one else would've put up with you for so long."

"I'll have you know Sweet, that there would be ladies lining the streets from here to the Swoop with the hope for a marriage with me. What with my divine power and rank among-" Daine snorted again, not a becoming sound.

"Perhaps." She interrupted. "Problem is, is that I am at the front of that line." Her body tensed suddenly as the hand caressing her back slipped down further, fingers now stroking the curves of her bottom. "I am a stubborn woman, who can endure your hours experimenting or your nose lost in a book, knowing you will remember me sooner or later-"

"Which I am eternally grateful for." He interrupted.

"And put up with your long hours of ravishing me breathless." He flipped them suddenly, her eyes finally opening with the shock of the sudden movement. He pressed against her gently, causing her to sigh in pleasure.

"I didn't hear any complaints from you last night." He murmured hotly into her ear, watching the small smile play across her face.

"And you wont either." She murmured in return, wiggling against him suggestively. He grinned again and pushed his lips against her shoulder.

"You know that I love you?" he questioned, trailing a fire of kisses to her neck.

"Yeah you'd better." His laughter was cut short by a sudden pounding of their bedchamber door. Someone obviously had let themselves into their main room.

"Daine?" Onua called through the door. "Are you up?" Numair groaned and fell against her as Daine giggled.

"If I say no would you believe me?" Daine shouted back. They both heard the Horse-mistress laugh on the other side of the door.

"Only if you wanted to miss out on our trip into the city that you promised to do for the Queen this morning." Daine shouted in remembrance, shoving Numair off her none-to-careful and jumping from the bed.

"You were going into the city this morning? You didn't mention that last night." Numair lay on his back, watching as his love raced around the room in a disarray, not bothering to hide the fact he was enjoying watching her bare form scurrying for her things.

"Yes, well I didn't get the chance last night did I?" she replied swiftly, pulling on underclothes. "You were too busy having your way with me." A cough came from the other side of the door. Daine's eyes caught and held Numair's. "Enjoying the view?" she asked, pulling on breeches which were quickly followed by a shirt.

"Well I did enjoy the other one, the one where you had no clothes on." He said somberly, though his eyes burned with passion and mirth.

"Please you two! I can hear every word." Onua shouted at them.

"Then you should have waited further away!" Daine shouted back to their friend.

Daine rushed over to his side, a leather tie for her hair, pair of stockings and boots in one hand, a tunic halfway over her head.

"Have a good day with the pages." She murmured breathlessly, brushing her lips against his. Numair however, had other plans. He grabbed her around the waist and pulled her down to him, crushing her mouth to his in a searing kiss.

"I don't hear anything from in there." Onua called. They pulled away breathless.

"I couldn't let you leave without stealing a proper kiss Magelet. You know how pedantic we scholars are." Daine shook her head and mock disgust.

"Player." She muttered and ran the short way to the door, yanking it open and shutting it behind her.

Numair listened to the two women as they left, before he sighed and rolled out of bed. It was time for him to be getting ready for the day also.

Well I hope you enjoyed the fluff of chapter one.... in the meantime ONWARDS TO CHAPTER TWO!

Hidden Fairy