A tall man brushed past Brittany, shouting an apology. Before she had time to reply, he was running down the street. His feet skidded on the wet pavement as he changed direction to dash down a side alley. Brittany caught a glimpse of red shoes, a blue suit, and messy hair flattened from running through the rain before he disappeared.
"What a strange man," she muttered.

The man wearing the blue suit smiled at Brittany. He slipped his makeshift necklace off and threw it down. "Recognize me now?" he asked, grinning widely. Brittany gasped. It had been four years since she had last seen that man, but she would never be able to forget him.
It was the Doctor. He had come back.

Brittany locked gazes with the Doctor. "Something is obviously going on, and you want my help." The Doctor ran his hands through his hair.
"A rift has opened up just out of the city, and something has already come through. A voidic shade. Nasty thing. That's why I need to close this rift."

"Rift?" Jana queried, not taking his eyes off the Doctor as the Time Lord stood up.
"Mister Piwanski, I know exactly what has been causing the disappearances, and you're not going to like it." The Doctor pulled a pair of glasses out of his suit and put them on.

"Doctor!" Brittany shouted, as something unseen latched onto the Doctor's wrist and pulled him out of sight.

The touch of a shade was the bane of life…The Doctor sank to his knees, feeling his strength waning as the shade absorbed his life energy.
"No," he managed to croak. He never thought he would die like this. It was so cold. So very cold.

The Doctor and Brittany return in Second Chance.