Chapter one

During one early afternoon, three six-year-old turtles sat anxiously on a dilapidated sofa, crossing their fingers and muttering silent prayers. They looked up hopefully when they saw their brother dash into the room.

"Guys, Master Splinter said we could have free time out in the sewer," Raphael said with a big smile.

"Alright! Yahoo!" his brothers cheered happily. Splinter entered the room and the young turtles turned, looking up at their father with excited eyes.

"I believe your hard work this week should be rewarded. You all have been working quite diligently and I am very pleased. But remember, my sons, to stay within the boundary limits I have given you. I will be here in the living room if you need me for anything".

"Yes, Master," his sons answered, eagerly waiting to be set free.

"Enjoy yourselves, my sons, you have earned it." The young turtles stood, bowed once, and scampered out the door, readily getting into play mode. Splinter sat down in his chair with a smile. And I have earned some rest. They certainly can be a handful, but I wouldn't miss it for anything. He chuckled softly and picked up his book.

"So what are we gonna play, huh, what're we gonna play?" Michaelangelo asked excitedly. "How about.hide and seek?" Leonardo suggested first.

"What about Tag?" Donatello asked.

"Yeah, let's do tag!" Raphael agreed.

"Wait a minute, who's going to be 'it'?" Leonardo asked. His three brothers exchanged evil grins.

"Run! Leonardo's it!" Michaelangelo giggled mischievously. In a split second, Leonardo's brothers rushed away from his reach as fast as they could.

"Wha- hey how come I have to be- oh, that's it I'm gonna get you guys!" Leo called as he took off after his brothers. Leonardo first ambushed Mike, jumping from a ladder and tackling him to the ground.

"You're 'it' Mikey," Leo said evilly. Then he got up and hurried away, laughing.

"Hey, that wasn't fair! You cheated! I can't run fast anyway, you're all taller than me!" Michaelangelo complained as he stood up and wiped stuff off his face from landing in the muck.

"That's never stopped you before, Mikey," Raphael teased.

"Betcha can't get me, Shorty," Donatello said. He pretended he was going to sit down. Mike scowled at him.

"Shorty?! I'll show you who's a Shorty!" Michaelangelo said angrily. He dashed after his brother like a leopard. Donnie leapt to his feet and took off.

"I'm gonna get you, Donnie," Mike said, trying to speed up. The two young turtles ran so fast, they didn't realize how far they had gone until they saw a large conduit pipe. Donatello and Michaelangelo both stopped as soon as they saw it.

"Uh-oh, we better get back to the boundary limits before the other two see us out here and tell Master Splinter," Mike said anxiously. They knew they were out of the boundary limits that their father strictly enforced. There could be serious consequences for disobeying the rules. They started to turn back towards the boundaries when Mike suddenly froze.

"What's wrong, Mikey?" Donnie questioned him.

"D-Donnie, w-w-what's that?" Mike asked, pointing to a dark corner. Donatello turned to look and saw a pair of glowing eyes. They slowly started to step back, when a large dog revealed itself. It glared at the two little turtles and growled. It looked like a Doberman or maybe a Rottweiler, but with a nastier temper.

"Hey, what are you guys doing out here, you know we're not allow-Uh-oh," Leonardo and Raphael had come after them and stopped upon seeing the dog. The four turtles continued to back up slowly, hoping that the dog wasn't going to come after them. It suddenly lunged, barking ferociously.

"Run back to the lair!" Leonardo yelled as they ran as fast as their little legs could carry them. They ran around a corner and hid, listening quietly.

"Hey, I don't hear the dog anymore", Raphael whispered between breaths.

"W-where's Donnie?" Mikey gasped, looking around frightfully. That was when they realized they were short one brother.

"Oh no, the dog must have him," Leonardo said as he looked back at the dark tunnel," Raph, you and Mikey go get Master Splinter, I'm gonna go help Don." Raphael opened his mouth to argue, but when his brother started to drag him back towards the lair, he decided that now was definitely not the right time. Leonardo watched as they disappeared, took a deep breath, and ran back towards his entrapped brother.

Donatello tried to get up after tripping on something, but couldn't move his ankle.

"Oh no," he said in dread. He looked up as the big dog circled him menacingly, looking him over like a piece of meat.

"Uh, nice doggie?" He said, hoping the dog would not think of him as a possible next meal. All Donnie could see was a big, black blur as the dog sprang at him.


Donatello looked up from where he was crouching. Instead of the dog being in front of him, it was the panting form of his brother.

"Are you okay, Donnie?" Leonardo said, trying to help his brother to his feet.

"I think my ankle's broken," Donnie replied through clenched teeth. They turned to leave, when they heard growling quickly approaching them.

"Leo, Look ou-" before he was able to finish his yell, the dog attacked Leonardo, jumping onto his shell and pushing him forward. Donnie tried to stay standing, but when he put his weight on his bad ankle, he fell to the ground. Unable to move out of fear, he watched as the dog mauled his brother.

Leonardo fought with the dog, throwing some blocks and punches to its face. The dog's split lip began to bleed, seemingly intensifying the fire of its rage. The dog swiped back, and Leonardo looked down in surprise; Red lines of blood started to seep out of his arm slowly. That one glance downward was all the time the dog needed. The dog knocked him down, causing him to hit his head on something hidden in the sludge. Leonardo was knocked unconscious, thus unable to protect himself from the dog's assault.

Donatello looked on fearfully, racking his brain to think of what to do, when he noticed something. Right above the dog, a section of pipe teetered across another one, threatening to plummet over the edge. An idea suddenly popped into his head, and Donnie stood up as quickly and as carefully as he could. Holding his Bo like a javelin, he carefully aimed and launched it toward the pipe. The Bo hit dead on, providing enough force to set it off. The pipe rocked slowly, and then fell over the edge, landing right on top of the dog's head.


The dog staggered back, getting off of the form laying down in the sewer gunk. Yes, It worked! It stopped attacking Leo! The dog shook its head and glared menacingly at the small figure that had caused the pipe to hit it in the head. Donatello lost his balance from the force he had put into the throw, and fell down, pain shooting through his ankle in pulsating waves. The dog growled, baring its teeth. Oh no! I shouldn't have thrown my Bo. Now I don't have a weapon anymore!

Don tried to push himself away, scooting back as fast as he could. The dog was still a lot faster, and leaped towards its cowering target with a renewed sense of deadly intentions.