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"Hey guys, look at what I found", April replied as she entered the lair. In her arms was the cutest little puppy ever known to man. Michaelangelo scurried over to see the puppy, making cutesy noises and nuzzling its small snout with his own. Raph looked up from the paper and snorted, rolling his eyes. Leo stood in the kitchen, laughing at his brother's antics.

Donatello was sitting in his shop, trying to repair the toaster that had died once again.

"Hey, Donnie!" Mike said from behind him. Don turned to find the floppy face of a puppy filling his entire area of vision.

"Gah! Get 'im away from me!" Donnie shouted before falling backwards from his chair and landing on his shell. He sat up on the floor and looked at the dog in disdain.

"Aw, come on, Don, its just a cute lil' puppy-wuppy!" Mike cooed.

"I told you, get it outta here!" His light New York accent started creeping out. Mike started talking to the puppy, and Don grew more and more irritated.

"What was that? You want Uncle Don to hold you?" Mike joked. Don lost his patience with his annoying brother and glared at the small 'Guardian of Hades'.

"I told you Mike, get that damn dog away—"

"Michaelangelo, please take the dog out into the living room." Splinter suddenly appeared in the doorway. Don blushed after letting his sensei catch him swearing and looked at the floor. Mike pouted and departed from the shop. Splinter then offered his son a hand, and Don accepted shyly.

"I just…I still don't like dogs".

Splinter merely patted his shoulder and smiled softly.

"I know, my son, I know."

The End!!!