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Chapter 1:

A middle aged Navy Captain stepped out of the elevator. When he did he saw someone he thought he knew. However when he saw her eyes he knew it was not her.

"I am looking for Jethro Gibbs." He asked the first person he saw.

"That is me Captain. Can I help you?" Gibbs motioned him over to his desk.

"Yes sir. I am Captain Rick De Falco, my wife and 6 year old daughter are missing, when I got home from work they were gone."

"I am sorry, when did this happen, have you contacted anyone else?" Gibbs asked

"Sir, I have all ready tried to file a police report. They said they had to be missing for over 24 hours and brushed me off. However Admiral Hyland said to come talk to you."

"Have you tried to reach your wife by cell phone?" Gibbs asked as he stood up from his desk.

Captain De Falco nodded. "It goes straight to voicemail. She was supposed to meet up for a play date with our neighbors, but never showed. That was around noon."

Gibbs hated cases of missing people, especially when a child was involved.

"What are their names?"

The Captain took out a picture.

"This is my wife, her name is Hannah and her, I mean our daughter is Natalia, she goes by Tali though."

Gibbs then saw Ziva's heard turn with the mention of the names and saw that Hannah was wearing the same Star of David that Ziva wore.

"Can I see the picture?" Ziva asked as she stood up from her desk and walked up to the Captain.

Ziva had not seen her sister in 3 years since she had left England.

"Have you tried the Israeli embassy?" Ziva asked with concern in her eyes, willing her voice not to give away her concern.

"Ziva do you know them?" Gibbs asked or more demanded.

"Hani is, ummm, she is my half sister." She then handed the picture back to the Captain.

"Is she also Mossad?" Gibbs asked concerned that her one half-sibling had been a bad seed.

"Hey wait Hannah left Mossad three years ago, and we have been married two years. I just adopted Tali. What would Mossad have to do with this?"

"Ziva do you ever really leave Mossad?" Gibbs asked looking at Ziva.

"Let me go to the embassy and I will see what I can find out. Did she leave anything?" Ziva asked ignoring Gibbs question.

"No, all her identification, her hand bag and Tali's identification was left at the house which is why I am concerned. The house was unlocked and she usually is very careful."

"I will be back, however I need to go to check something by myself." Ziva grabbed her bag and left leaving her badge and gun in her desk.

Ziva left quickly knowing that she could not take anyone with her if she wanted to get to Tali. What had her sister gotten herself into? However Hani was the best, she had trained Ziva when she entered the Mezada.

When she arrived at the embassy, she went right past the information desk and was headed to the back of the embassy to go to Michel's office.

Just then a small form ran into her.

"Let me go. Let me go. I want my Mommy and Daddy."


Tali looked up and remembered the picture her mom showed her.

"Aunt Ziva?"

"Tali, ohh my, how much you have grown."

"Saba said I have to stay here, I want my Daddy. Saba said he is not my Daddy, but he is he loves me and Mommy. I want Daddy." Tali had started to cry and was choking on her words and grabbed her Aunt in a large hug. She was so much like her name sake, she just prayed she would stay this way and break the cycle of the David's in Mossad.

"Let's go talk to Saba and we will then go see your Daddy, ok?"

"Ok, Aunt Ziva, ohh Mommy said to tell you she is safe, just like when you were my age, and that I would see her again in a month or so."

Ziva now knew where her sister was as soon as Tali said this. She was at the safe house in Suri, England.

"Now come on lets go." Ziva said picking up her niece.

"Aunt Ziva, ummm could I wait here, Saba might be mad at me?"

Suddenly Ziva looked at her young niece with great suspicion.

"What did you do?"

"She acted just like her Mother and Aunt; Officer Handlin is down in the infirmary and is recovering more from embarrassment than the pain that you caused my young one," Michel said as he walked toward Ziva and Tali.

"Tali, you and Ziva will come back to my office, please. Your grandfather in Israel would like to talk with you both."

Suddenly Ziva realized that Tali had a chain on her neck, and pulled it out, it was Hani's Star of David as with Ziva's it had her name engraved on it in Hebrew.

"Michel I want to take Tali to her Dad. Please Michel, I know you care about her, Jacob would have liked him he is a Naval Captain and is very scared for her and Hani," Ziva said with as much concern as possible.

"Tali, would you please go with Officer Tobian for a little while? Please do not hurt or threaten her or the other officers. Then I will arrange for you to go be with your step-father."

"Ok Saba, I promise."

"Ziva, this way."

Ziva followed Michel into his secured office. Last time she had been there she was being accused of murder. She then went on the run from just about everyone.

"So what do you think of her? I know you have not seen her since she was three. I think she looks more like Hani, though she has Jacob's eyes," Michel said with a longing in his eyes.

"She looks a lot like her mom, but those are Jacob's eyes. She has Tali's heart; she sure can turn on the tears."

"You and Hani did too at that age. Tali was not the only David child to cry. However we need to discuss Hannah, and your mission."

"I am on assignment with NCIS," Ziva stated sternly. She had to turn away she knew what was coming and she was not going to loose her temper.

"You were, here are your new orders. I will take Tali personally to NCIS and give her to her step-father. I would like to see the man special enough to take my son's place. You David women are difficult to win in trust and love. Please call Gibbs and tell him Tali will be brought over by me in the next two hours and that I will explain at that time about your new orders. If you want to send a note to DiNozzo I will give it to him also."

"Why would I want to send him a note?" Ziva asked trying to look shocked.

"Because you love him, you know it, I can see it in your eyes, it is the same look Hani had when she talked about Jacob and now has when she talks about Rick."

"Ok, however you will promise not to read it or read it to my father."

"I promise. It is up to you to tell your father. Hani will tell you how it was telling him about Rick. Your plane leaves soon. Make the calls and then join Hani, the faster you get this done the faster you can both return to your normal lives. You can have Tali deliver the letter."

"Will we ever be free of Mezada?" Ziva asked as she read the orders.

"I wish I could say yes," Michel said as he gently touched her shoulder in comfort.

Ziva then grabbed the phone off Michel's desk and called Gibbs. She informed him that Michel would bring Tali to NCIS and would explain everything. Before Gibbs could ask more questions she hung up the phone. She could tell he was not happy.

"Can I see Tali privately?" Ziva asked feeling defeated.

"Yes, let me get her while you write that letter."

Michel walked into the guest quarters and saw his granddaughter, the only child from his only child, sitting playing cards with the young embassy officer.

"Natalia it is time to go, Aunt Ziva would like to talk to you though."

"Ok, Saba, but call me Tali. Or am I still in trouble?" She gave a grin that made his heart melt.

"No, I could never stay mad with my favorite granddaughter."

Tali and Michel went to his office. He let her in and then nodded at Ziva and left her alone with her Aunt.

"Tali, I need you to do me a favor. I need you to give this to a man named Tony DiNozzo, he works at NCIS. Until then I want you to wear it. Ok? Also just remember I love you very much and so does your Mommy. I promise we will be back very soon ok?"

Tali looked at the necklace that was a duplicate of her Mom's that now hung on her neck. The only difference was the names in Hebrew.

"Is he your boyfriend?" Tali asked with a giggle.

"No, he is just a good friend. He is my partner at work. However I want you to give him this also, it is a note explaining something's. Tell him to open it alone. Ok? This one is for Gibbs and the rest of the team."

"Sure Aunt Ziva."

"Now it is time for Saba Michel to take you to NCIS and see your Daddy."

Ziva walked with Tali to go find Michel. Michel told her the car was waiting to go to the airport. She gave her niece a hug and kiss and left.

Michel then informed his granddaughter it was time to go to NCIS.

Michel arrived at NCIS in the Israeli embassy limousine. The gate guards verified with the director they were clear and they headed on into the NCIS headquarters.

Michel held onto his young granddaughter's hand, glad he had got to spend sometime with her. He knew for her safety he would not be able to see her for awhile. As the elevator went up the floor he picked her up and carried her off the elevator. He then gave her a kiss and told her he loved her in Hebrew and pointed toward her stepfather.

"Daddy Rick!!!"

Tali ran from Michel when she saw Rick. Rick grabbed up his daughter and hugged her. She may have only been in his life a short time however he felt like she was his own child.

"Daddy Rick, I want you to met Sabba, I mean Grandpa Michel, and he was my Abba Jacob's Abba."

"I am honored to meet you. Hannah does not give her heart freely so you must be exceptional. I can also see you love my granddaughter as much as she loves you."

Michel then touched his granddaughters back as Rick held her in a large hug.

"Tali, I believe you have something for Mr. DiNozzo that is him over there." Michel offered pointing out Tony who was standing by Gibbs, Abby and McGee.

Tali got down from Ricks arms and went over to Tony.

"Hi, I'm Tali; Aunt Ziva wanted me to give you this."

She then handed Tony an envelope and then started to look at her necklaces.

"She also wants you to have her Star of David. See it has Ziva written in Hebrew, the other one is for Daddy Rick it is my Mommy's."

Tali then went up to Tony and whispered something in his ear. Tony grinned at the six year old and whispered back.

"Ok it will be our secret right?" Tali told Tony aloud.

"Sure," Tony grinned.

Gibbs went to grab the envelope when the six year old grabbed his hand and gave it a thumb tap causing him to let it go.

"That is for Tony. You should not take things that do not belong to you. Aunt Ziva gave this for Gibbs and said the team could hear this letter." Tali then reached in her pocket and handed a multi folded piece of paper to Gibbs.

"Wow a mini Ziva," Tony commented.

"The David women learn to take care of themselves at an early age, Mr. DiNozzo. Tali, I must leave. Captain, if you ever need anything for Tali please feel free to contact me at the embassy. This envelop is from Hannah, it will explain all you need and can know." Michel then handed him the envelope and left.

Gibbs opened the letter and started to read it.

"Gibbs, here give it to me. Tali said it was for all of us to hear." Abby said as she grabbed the letter and read it aloud.

Dear Gibbs, McGee, Abby, Ducky, and Tony.

I have written many of these letters before stating I was going away on a mission. However, this is the first time I find it with a heavy heart I am writing this letter.

I am sorry I had not told you about my half sister Hannah. Well, she is 3 years older than me and 3 years younger than Ari. Her mother was American and was killed when she was just a few months old in a terrorist bombing in Tel Aviv. Our father raised her for a year on his own then met and married my mother. She is my only living sibling. She is also Mossad; she actually trained me when I went into Mezada.

I cannot tell you what our mission is or what we must do. However in order for us to be free we must complete this mission. Tali is aware of Mossad and missions even though she is only 6 years old. This is going to be hard on her step-father as I could tell he thought my sister was no longer in Mossad. Earlier when Gibbs asked if you ever leave Mossad I did not answer. However the answer is no, you never leave Mossad after you are in as deep as we are.

I wish I could tell you all more. However for our safety I cannot say another word. Please take care of each other and watch out for each other.

If I would need anything I know I can depend on you all to help care for my niece.