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Ch 10

Tony started to wonder if Ziva was watching the conversation he just had with her father. He did not seem as bad as he always imagined. He seemed to care about his daughters and granddaughter. He wondered how long her father had been in DC, it seemed a little to perfect. Was this a set up? Tony wondered what Ziva would think that Eli was implying that he would have more grandchildren. In one of their recent conversations, Ziva had mentioned that she did not want children, Tony Wondered how Eli would feel about not having any more grandchildren.

Sighing, now Tony regretted telling Ziva that he did not want kids. Tali had made him realize that he was much more of a person then just a NCIS agent. Tony fell into a restless slumber, dreaming of Ziva, her being in danger with their child.

The next morning came quickly and Tony and Tali joined her Grandfather's for breakfast along with many Mossad personal. Tony was amazed how many there were and how they all knew Tali and greeted her by name.

After breakfast they were informed that they would need to stay in the embassy in the guest quarters. Tali started to protest when Tony whispered to her he brought along her favorite DVD's and that they could have a mini film festival today.

Later that day, Eli sat with Tony and Tali in the guest lounge watching Sound of Music. Both Hani and Ziva had watched them from the control room. However the doctor had just arrived to see Ziva which she was sure her father arranged so she would not see the team and hear what the offer was, as it was almost 2pm and the team was arriving at the embassy.

Ziva cried as she heard the baby's heartbeat for the first time. Hani gently squeezed her hand, knowing that Ziva wanted Tony to be with her for this and not her half sister. The doctor had a small portable ultra sound with him and confirmed that the placenta was in a safe position and that there seem to be no problems and she could continue the mission.

Ziva was due November 19th, which felt so far away right now. Ziva and Hani both wanted to have the mission done by Tali's birthday which was only 32 days away on May 9th.

Officer Rivkin walked into the room he smiled as he saw his small cousin.

"Hey I heard we have a mouse in the house?" He called out.

"Michael!" Tali screamed and jumped off the couch and ran into his arms.

Eli smiled and then looked over to Tony. Tony did not look happy. Tony recognized the man from a picture he saw on Ziva's desk when she first returned from Israel she had teased him however never told him who the man was.

"Tony this is Michael, he is Jacob Bashan's, cousin, Jacob was Tali's Aba. As you see he is very close to Tali. He has spoiled her rotten, almost as much as you have." Eli whispered to him.

"Shalom Tony, Ziva has told me a lot about you. I am sure Tali will tell me more." Michael offered Tony a hand to shake.

Tony smiled and nodded his head. Not sure what to say.

"Shalom Michael." Tony finally said.

"Eli your guests are here in the office, I will take Tali for some ice cream and we will see you later." Michael stated.

Eli reached down and gave his granddaughter a kiss, and looked into her eyes and told her something in Arabic. He knew Tony could speak some Hebrew and wanted to not risk him hearing what he was saying.

"Little one Michael will take you to see them however it is a secret. When you come back you will have to do as you are told, understand?"

"Yes" Tali responded back in Arabic. Then she gave him a kiss on the cheek, Eli reached gently for her face lifting her chin and looked into her deep brown eyes. After a moment he motioned for her to go with Michael.

"Ahhh children. I had to remind her to behave. At least with Michael I know she will not hurt him as he watches her. She is too much like her mother and her Aunt Ziva. When you and Ziva have children I hope they take more after you than her or else you will be in big trouble." Eli told Tony as he motioned for him to follow him.

"Your team members are here. I have a offer for you all, however before we go in there, I want to let you know that I would like you to accept this offer and encourage your friends to accept this offer." Eli stopped and looked at him before they entered the room.

"So what is the offer?" Tony asked suddenly becoming very serious.

"For you all to come to Israel, where you can work as a liaison position with various Israeli agencies." Eli stated.

"I take it I would be highly encouraged to accept this position." Tony tried to keep an even tone in his voice as he said this,

"I can not make you, however Ziva would like you to take this position." Eli pulled out his trump card.

Tony nodded as he looked at the man knowing that there was no way he could say no now.

"I will be there, Tali was right she is going back to Israel." Tony then opened the door and saw Gibbs, Abby, McGee, Ducky and Vance sitting at a large table.

Tony and Eli walked into the room and Eli motioned for Tony to sit at the chair to his right as he sat at the head of the table.

"Welcome to the Israeli embassy. My name is Deputy Director Eli David, however you can call me Eli. I have heard about all of you from my daughter. To get straight to the point. I have talked to Vance concerning reciprocation for Ziva being a liaison to NCIS. Ms. Sciuto I would like to make an offer for you to work with our forensic specialist at the Mossad headquarter. Mr McGee we would like you to accept a position with our computer specialist team this is also at Mossad headquarters. Agent Gibbs and Di Nozzo I would like to offer you to work with Mossad officers on investigation techniques and with our version of NCIS with Israeli defense forces. Dr. Mallard we have our own medical examiner, who would love to discuss how you do things here in America compared to our techniques also at Mossad headquarters. Before you can decline you would be guest at my home. You would each have your own room and bathrooms. Yes I have a very large home being the deputy director. I will take leave for the next 30 minutes to let you make your decision. Agent Di Nozzo if you would please come with me." Eli motioned for Tony to come with him and then they both left.

"Umm Eli, shouldn't I stay with them?" Tony asked confused.

"They need to think about this with no influence. You and Tali are my most immediate concern, they are not in danger. However we do not want to risk them, so I that is why I am making this offer." Eli stated not looking at Tony as they walked down the hall back to the room they had been watching movies with Tali earlier.

Tali and Michael had left Tony and Eli. Michael escorted her to the control room and told her that her surprise would be there any minute.

"Is it her?" Tali asked with the worlds biggest smile.

"Tali you will not be able to tell anyone about your surprise, including Tony." Michael became very serious as he tells her this.

"Why can I not tell uncle Tony?"

"Because that is the rules. Or you can not get a surprise." Michael hated to use that threat however he knew it had to be done.

Then the door opened up and Hani and Ziva walked in.

"MOMMY!" Tali ran and jumped into her mom's arms.

Hani grabbed her daughter and hugged her with all her life. She had not hugged her for what seemed like a lifetime.

Ziva stood and watched the two together, she was jealous of the relationship that Hani had with her daughter, though soon she would have a son or daughter and would hopefully have the same bond.

Ziva and Michael both walked into the smaller room to let Hani and Tali talk.

"So I finally got to met your Tony, seems like Eli and him are getting along." Michael started to tease Ziva.

"Is he ok? Is he going to Israel with Tali?"

Michael took a long look into Ziva's eyes and smiled.

"I am not sure, however I do not think Eli will take no for an answer. He is making an offer to everyone actually." Michael was not sure if he wanted to push her for more information at this time.

Ziva then turned on the sound in the conference room. Tony and her father were not in there. However she could hear the others talking about going to Israel. Vance was telling them that it would be only for 6 months and they could return NCIS and to their previous positions guaranteed.

In the other room Hani was talking to Tali getting updated on everything that had happened while she was gone. Tali adored her Uncle Tony though she laughed when Tali told her that her Daddy was better but not to let Uncle Tony know.

"Tali, we need to talk. We only have about 5 more minutes and then you will need to do exactly what I am about to tell you. Do you understand?" Hani hated to do this however she knew that Tali would do as told.

Tali listened as her mother explained what she had to do. She was disappointed to learn that she would have to return to Israel, however happy to learn she could help convince her new friends to go and that Uncle Tony would be going.

"Tali it is very important that you not tell anyone that you saw Aunt Ziva or me. Do you understand?" Hani then gave her little girl a kiss as Michael and Ziva came into the room.

"Aunt Ziva, Uncle Tony says he loves you. I miss you, I love you also. Well I will see you soon, right? Take care of Mommy ok?" Tali hugged Ziva and whispered this into her ear.

"Thank you baby girl. I will take good care I promise." Ziva then let go of her and Michael grabbed her hand and they left the room.

When they got outside the door, Michael looked at her.

"So mouse it is time. Are you ready?" Michael asked

Tali nodded as the tears started to build up and flow down her face.

"They are in the office." Michael stated.

Tali then ran away from him and headed toward the office.

Tony and Eli had just returned to the Office after being gone for thirty minutes. Eli sat down with Tony beside him.

"Have you made a decision? Agent Di Nozzo has already stated he will be coming to Israel." Eli asked.

Just as planned the door slammed open and shut and a little brown haired brown eyes child came running into the room speaking in Hebrew and grabbed Eli at the waist.

"Tali, what is wrong?" Eli asked in English.

"Grandpere I want to go back home please, I want to go to Israel." Tali cried and buried her face into his shirt.

"Tali it is ok, you can go, your Uncle Tony will be coming also." Eli told her.

Tali then let ago of her grandpere and went over to Tony and climbed onto his lap.

"Abby are you coming also?" Tali asked innocently.

Abby looked at Tali, how was she going to say no to her, after all Vance said he thought it would be a great opportunity for the team.

"Gibbs, McGee, Ducky you can all come Grandpere's house is really big. Right Grandpere?"

The team all looked at Gibbs.

"So when would we leave?" Gibbs asked.

"Would 8pm tonight be enough time for you to met back here and then we will take my jet back to Israel leaving here by 10pm." Eli stated.

Tali then whispered to Tony "It has a DVD player and flat screen TV we can watch movies on the flight."

Tony laughed, he had created a monster.

Tali then jumped off Tony's lap and ran up to Abby. "You can have my Mommy's room you will like it."

Abby smiled. "That is nice Tali, are you sure it would be ok? Maybe your grandpa has another room in mind for me."

"Ms. Sciuto, she is right you would like Hani's room. My wife kept the girls rooms like they were when they were teenagers." Eli smiled as he said this. Eli was glad that Hani grew out of her Goth phase.