The sleet pounded against the bodies of the frozen travellers.

"We had better find some shelter soon!" yelled one over her shoulder as she pushed her way through the snow, a giant boomerang out in front of her, acting as a shield. The three other travellers walked slowly behind her. A young man with long white hair, clad in a red kimono cast his squinted amber eyes over his shoulder, meeting the tired gaze of woman with brown eyes and midnight black hair who he was leading by the hand. She in turn, cast her eyes over her shoulder to check that the monk with violet eyes was still following, a kitsune and a two tailed feline nestled in his robes.

"Yeah your right Sango!" the half demon Inuyasha yelled back. He turned around again to check Kagome. Her lips were blue and her hand was so cold it almost stung the inside of his slightly warmer fingers. Inuyasha growled quietly and pulled off his haori. He draped it over her shoulder and pulled it closed over her chest. She lifted her face to him and smiled miserably.

"Thanks," she murmured. He rubbed her arms a bit and then carried on walking.

I hope we don't run into anything, thought the monk as he trudged along. He sighed heavily. I don't have any energy to deal with demons today. His half lidded purple eyes drifted to where the demon slayer lead the group. She had one shoulder pressed against the Hiraikotsu, trying to provide them with some sort of cover. What a woman, he thought happily. The very sight of her warmed him a bit. He opened his mouth into a huge yawn and rubbed his face with his numb hand.

"You ok Shippou?" he asked, glancing down to where the top of the fox child's head was poking out of the neck of his robes. He got a muffled reply and felt Shippou move against his chest. Miroku smiled.

"And you Kirara?" The little cat moved about a bit. For a creature who favours fire, the sleet was causing her much discomfort.

"Ah!" Sango yelped in surprise as a huge demon lifted its pure white body out of a snow pile she had just stepped on. It reared up on its hind legs, roaring ferociously. Inuyasha dragged Kagome forward and threw her against the slayer as he unsheathed his sword.

"Take Kagome and find shelter. Miroku and I can take care of this," he yelled. The monk thrust the two smaller demons into the woman's arms and rushed forward. Sango nodded and took Kagome's hand. The two females edged their way around the demon while Miroku and Inuyasha distracted it and then stumbled of into the blinding whiteness.

"Look Kagome! A house!" Sango nudged the girl who was walking slowly next to her, clinging to her arm.

"Thank goodness," she said weakly. She looked down at the child who lay asleep in the crook of her arm.

"We need to start a fire as soon as possible," Sango said, looking down at Kirara's shivering form. Kagome nodded and they made their way inside. It took the two of them to close the door against the howling wind.

Flames burst into life and instantly lit up the small room. Sango sighed as she lay the two smallest members of their group down on a torn blanket from in the rickety cupboard. She pushed them closer to the fire and stroked Kirara's damp fur. Kagome lay the only other blanket on the ground. Her sleeping bag was soaked through so they couldn't use that. The two woman sat on the thin blanket, gazing into the fire. Both were thinking of the two males battling the snow demon in the sleet and vicious wind.

Kagome sneezed and rubbed her arms.

"I wonder where Inuyasha and Miroku areā€¦" she asked out loud. The demon slayer grimaced and moved closer to the school girl, putting an arm around her shoulder.

"I'm sure they'll be along soon Kagome," she replied trying to sound more confident than she felt. In all honestly she was sick with worry. Sure, Inuyasha would be fine, he was half demon, but what of Miroku? Was he alright? The two females sat together in front of the fire, Kagome with her head on Sango's shoulder, Sango with her cheek rested in Kagome's dark hair until Kagome declared quietly that it was night time now. They couldn't tell because of the sleet that had blocked out all other forms of weather but they both felt the temperature drop. It was going to be a long night.

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