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Boy Trouble

Ash and Emma

Shows Ash and Emma in the cool room.

Shows Emma laughing.

Shows Ash kissing her.

Are always together

Shows Emma and Ash at the counter of the Juicenet Cafe.

Shows Cleo and Rikki looking from the door.

"She hardly had any time for us anymore."

But when Byron comes back

Shows a big bus parking.

Shows Byron stepping out.

"Dude, how was Water Camp?"

And Emma's ex-boyfriend is not over her

Shows a boy with brown ruffled hair.

Shows him trying to kiss Emma.

Shows him making an apperance at the Cafe.


Plus with her hot new tutor

Shows a cute guy holding some books.

Shows a page in Emma's algebra book.

"And therefore X plus Y equals 6."

And a new guy at school

Shows a boy walking in.

Shows Emma giving him a tour.



There is bound to be lots of it

Shows Emma with Ash.

Shows Emma with Justin.

Shows Emma with her tutor (George).

Shows Emma with Zachary (Zac).

Boy Trouble

Shows Emma with Rikki and Cleo.

"I'm sorry guys, it's just that I've got a lot on my mind now."

"Yeah, like your ten million boyfriends.

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