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The Poem:

It was yet another normal day at Titans tower. The only thing not so normal, was that Beast Boy had stayed in his room all day for three days strate; except for when someone had committed a crime and they were called out, that is. Whenever someone came to his room and asked him why he wouldn't come out, he would just reply with 'I want to be alone.' or 'Go away.'
At the end of the third day, when everyone had gone to bed, Beast Boy came out of his room holding a piece of paper in his hand. He quietly walked to Raven's room, and slid the paper underneath the door. Looking down, he wondered if this was not such a good idea after all. He then heard her, with his sensitive hearing, walking towards the door. He quickly turned in to a green cheater and ran back to his room. Raven had gotten out of her bed, having heard something, and was now at her door. She noticed the piece of paper on the floor, so she picked it up, and opened the door to see if anybody was there. But nobody was. So she shut the door, and read it. It said:

My dark flower.

In a field full of flowers I see one so dark.
This one nobody picks out of fear.
But I pick this one out of my heart,
Knowing it is the most dear.
It is you,
You are the one my heart beats to.
All I ever think about is me and you.
But I need to know how you feel too.
Does your heart beat like mine?
Do they always rhyme,
When you think about me too?
Out of my heart, I rip this poem,
Because this is how I feel.
I don't know how to say it,
But I think, no I know...
That I love you.

Beast Boy.

PS: I think you're more beautiful than any black rose.
And please don't kill me!

Raven's eyes widened in surprise, and a small blush crept across her face. She never thought anyone could love her, let alone think she was beautiful; especially Beast Boy. They seemed too different. But when she thought about it, they did have a few things in common. And they do say opposites attract...

'I think it's sweet.' Said Happy, giggling.

'I think it's romantic.' Love said dreamily.

'It's probably just a bet with Cyborg you two...' thought Raven.

'I think you should go and find out, Raven.' said Knowledge.

'Yeah, and if it is a bet, we'll kick his ass!' shouted a very exited Brave. Raven looked over the note, examining it thoroughly, thinking of how much time it must have taken him, knowing Beast Boy wasn't the most intelligent. And the writing was beautiful. She decided she would go to him.

"I wonder if it is true… No, it can't be... can it?" she whispered to herself. "How could anyone lo-love me; or… or think I'm beautiful..?" She eventually arrived at his door. She knocked, and after waiting what seemed like a lifetime, which was actually only half a minute, Beast Boy opened it.

"Oh… Hi, Raven..." Beast Boy knew why she was there. A small blush spread across his face, he was becoming a little worried she would kill him; or something much worse...
"Raven please, I can explain... please don't kill me I'll do anything! Please don't send me to another dimension; please don't throw me out of the window, p-pleasssssse!" He lifted his arms up in front of his face as if to protect himself.

"Beast Boy, I'm not going to kill you, or send you to another dimension, or throw you out of a window." She said this in such a sweet warm voice that it could rival that of Starfire's.

"You… you're n-not?" he mumbled, shocked by the soft quiet response, and put his arms down.

"No Beast Boy, I'm not." she looked down at the floor, and said "But I need to know, ...Is this true?" her blush grew bigger, as she showed him the piece of paper, holding it out in front of them.

"Ye-Yeah, it is." his ears had gone down, and he too was now looking at the floor.

"Really?" they both looked up, their eyes meeting.


"BB, ...I... I..."

"You what?" he pushed.

"I... I like you too." She said, not really managing to say the word 'love'. Beast Boy's ears suddenly perked up at this. Grabbing the opportunity, he quickly lent forward and gave her a peck on the lips. He then ran back inside of his room, shutting the door behind him; scared of what she might do to him. But she just stood there dazed and wide-eyed, the blush on her face growing. With the note now tightly clutched to her chest, she started to walk back to her room; breaking a few light bulbs on the way without even noticing because of the trance like state she was now in.
She would definitely need to meditate for a while after this.

The end!

This has now been updated once again!
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