Allen ran inside and sat down on the couch next to Lavi.

"Lavi, look," he said and held up a bunch of envelopes. "I finally figured out how to use the mail box."

"It's not that hard though," Lavi said. "You open it and pick up the letters inside it."

Allen hit him over the head with the letters.

"You're mocking me," he said and pouted. "But anyways; we have mail, fun!"

Lavi picked up one of the envelopes, opened it and read some of it.

"This is from ," he said. "What's that?"

"It better not be from an online porn store, Lavi," Allen said, a dark aura surrounding him.

"It's not, don't worry," Lavi said and backed away from the angel; Allen was scary when angry.

"Good," the white-haired boy said smiled again. "There are questions on this letter. From a girl named Flicca. I'll read them; has Lavi ever molested Allen, like touching or suggesting; even when he was drunk?"

"No," Lavi said fast.

"Oh please," Allen said as he rolled his eyes.

He picked up the Book from the table and opened it. He flipped through the pages until he got to the right page.

"Ah, found it," he said. "Allen took his shirt off, revealing his white wings and slender body. He was completely naked as he walked over to the shower to turn it on. The water was cold, but he didn't mind as he stepped into it. Lavi, being the pervert as he was, had entered the bathroom after him, not making a noise. He was also naked as he stepped into the shower and started molesting the angel."

"What the hell?" Lavi almost yelled. "That never happened! All I did was grope your ass and kiss your cheek, after you had showered. Besides, why does that sound like a yaoi story?"

Allen blushed.

"Give me the Book!"

Allen shook his head, but the redhead grabbed it and opened it at the same page Allen had read from. He picked out a paper that wasn't a part of the Book at all.

"You wrote yaoi stories about us and hid them inside the Book!?" Lavi said, not really angry.

"Well, why not!?" the angel said and grabbed the story and refused to let Lavi read the rest of it; it was very detailed. "All right, we need Kanda for this question."

"I'm on it," Lavi said and wrote a text message to his friend.

Five minutes later Kanda slammed the door open, panting.

"What's the emergency?" he asked.

"Oh, about that," Lavi explained. "I just said there was an emergency to get you here."

Kanda's eye twitched. Then he che-ed and sat down while muttering about stupid rabbits.

"All right, Kanda, there's a question for you here," Allen said. "Have you ever done anything naughty with Lavi; even molesting?"


"YOU DID WHAT TO MY LAVI?" Allen yelled as he tried to attack Kanda.

Luckily for Kanda, Lavi was stronger than Allen and manage to hold him far enough away from the Japanese boy.

"I would never do that to him," Kanda said, clearly offended by the question.

More silence…

"HE'S NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU?" Allen yelled and tried to attack him yet again.

Lavi sighed.

"Allen, calm down," he said. "Here, eat your ice-cream."

Allen looked at the ice-cream and then at Lavi. Then at the ice-cream again. Then Lavi. Then the ice-cream. And the he sat down eating the ice-cream.

"Right," Lavi said and sat down next to the angel again before he picked up a new letter. "Okay, these are from oOAnchanOo; why did Kanda always make GPS jokes?"

"To prove a point," the Japanese said as he sat down in a chair and crossed his legs. "And I did prove it; the Moyashi needs one."

"It's Allen," the angel whined.

"Yeah, okay," Lavi said fast, not wanting those two to fight. "Next question; what would happen if Tyki had tried to rape Lavi again?"

Lavi whimpered, pulled his legs up, hugged his knees and buried his face in his arms. Apparently that was still a sensitive subject.

"Well, I sure wouldn't give a damn," Kanda said and picked up a new envelope.

"BaKanda, that's mean," Allen said and starting stroking Lavi's hair. "Don't worry, Lavi, I'd be here for you if that happened again."

He smiled at the redhead. Lavi smiled back and hugged Allen, holding him.

"Yuck," Kanda said. "These are from SakuraKissy. First question; how is Kanda reacting to all of this? Well, I'm slowly losing my mind and mentally dying. I hate my life even more, and have now two people to kill because they annoy the crap out of me."

"Awwww, but you love us, Yuu," Lavi said and smiled his goofy smile. "And we love you!"

"Like I said; I'm mentally dying," Kanda said and sighed. "Next question; has Allen been like, disowned by God now or something?"

"Yeah, Allen, explain that," Lavi said. "I still don't get that myself."

"All right," Allen started to explain. "I'm not disowned or anything. I chose my friends instead of my job as an Exorcist, forcing me to live on the Earth pretty much like a human. But God still loves me like he loves everybody. Well, everybody except Kanda."

He stuck his tongue out at the Japanese who only rolled his eyes and che-ed. Allen picked up a new letter, reading it.

"This is from Dgm-yoai-lover," he said. "Yay, it's a question for me; does Allen have both wings still? Yup, I do! The Earl just damaged them a little, but they'll be fine in no time."

"In no time?" Lavi asked. "Allen, it'll take a while since we couldn't bring you to the hospital and I had to fix you up."

"You could have taken him to the vet!?" Kanda said and smiled his evil smile.

Allen threw his empty ice-cream bowl at him.

"Quiet you," he muttered. "But yes, I do have both wings. Next question; Will Lavi and Allen get married?"

"I hope not," Kanda said.


"'Cause I'd be forced to come."

"You wouldn't want to come?"

"Hell no!"

Allen looked up at his redheaded boyfriend with his cutest puppy-eye look.

"Lavi, can we get married just to annoy Kanda?" he asked sweetly, cuddling closer to Lavi.

"Hmm, maybe," Lavi said and smiled.

Kanda slammed his head on the table, muttering about some evil fate brought to him by a bean sprout-eating bunny. Lavi and Allen ignored it, and Lavi picked up the next letter.

"Let's see, this is from RoseKurenai," he said. "The question is; does this mean Allen's appetite will go bazook again? Weeeell..."

He looked over at Allen who was currently eating a sandwich and a hot dog pretty much at the same time. Next to the couch was a huge pile of empty bowls and loads of candy wrappers, all thanks to Allen. Allen looked up at him.

"What?" he asked.

"… yeah, I think that answered the question," Lavi said and tried not to laugh at his incredible weird boyfriend.

"Great, I'll take the next one," Kanda said and picked up a letter.

"So this was funny?" Lavi asked and smirked at him.

"… no," the black-haired said. "Just… shut up! This is from OyaSUMi-heart. It's for you, you retarded rabbit; what's Allen like now that he has human feelings and urges?"

"Well, pretty much the same," Lavi said and shrugged. "Except that he's a bit more annoying now."

"Laviiii, we're out of chocolate, but I waaaant iiiit," Allen whined. "I'm hungryyyy…!"

He grabbed Lavi's shoulder and shook him, trying to get his attention. Lavi sighed.

"See?" he said and pointed at Allen. "He whines about that a lot. But I'm fine with it; he's still cute and has a cute ass."

Allen's eyes widened and his face flushed red. Then he hugged his knees and smiled to himself, embarrassed, but happy. He liked it when Lavi called him cute actually.

"Allen, you wanna take the last question?" Lavi asked and gave him the last letter.

"Sure," Allen said and accepted the paper. "The last question is from blood-stained-rag-doll. The question is; in the week after the Earl died, did Lavi and Allen have sex or anything close to that?"

Allen yelped and blushed yet again.

"What kind of sick fans do we have!?" he asked shocked.

"Well, very sick," Lavi said. "To answer the question; no, we haven't had sex yet. Allen's still not completely healed and I don't wanna damage anything. We have made out a lot though; on the bed, on the couch, in the shower, on the kitchen bench…"

"Yuck, I'm never eating in your kitchen again," Kanda said.

"… in that chair," Lavi continued and pointed at the chair Kanda was sitting in.

The Japanese shot up from the chair so fast he knocked it over.

"That's it, I'm leaving," he said, went out and slammed the door.

Lavi and Allen snickered.

"Hey, Allen, we haven't made out on the table yet," Lavi said suggesting.

"Want to try?" the angel said and gave his lover a quick kiss on the lips.

"Mhm," Lavi said and kissed back.


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