Title: A Little Doll.
Rating: All ages?
Pairing/Characters: Kanon, Lelouch, Schneizel; implying Kanon/Schneizel
Genre: Angst, Angst, Angst
Summary: This wasn't how it should have been.
Warnings: Drabble, Spoilers for R2 Turn 24.

Lelouch truly was a genius. Such a mind with a psyche was a dangerous thing to the world.

"That's why I shall give you a present. You are to serve me…to serve Zero." Such a mind had taken control of Schneizel's. Such a mind had made the decision to rob his Prince of free will, of choice, of the ability to live. The Geass was cast and Schneizel, his Prince was a doll (albeit a beautiful one, but still a doll nonetheless). He was a slave, a puppet. He had no will, no consideration for anything but the orders given to him.

This wasn't how it should have been.

And those last words of free will from Schneizel?

"You never intended on killing me from the very beginning, but rather…"

No, he shouldn't have been caught by the Geass. This wasn't how they would have brought peace to the world. Killing him would be better. Death would be a better fate than being reduced to a pawn in Lelouch's war game. In Zero's grand scheme.


This wasn't how the world they worked for was meant to end.

They were meant to rise over Zero. Over Lelouch. They would have brought peace to the world. But now this war-game, those demonic eyes has taken away everything. His prince was no longer the King, no longer the White Prince. He was a pawn, a tool. He was merely another means to an end in Zero's—no, Lelouch's eyes. The Emperor of Justice, what justice? Was justice bowing one to another's will?

"Command me as you wish, Zero-sama."

His Prince was gone.

Short and perhaps not so sweet. WHY IS THERE NO KANON CHARACTER SELECTION?! HMPF. I might write more about him. He's just too lovable in my opinion. I've posted this on my LJ and in a codegeass fiction community so no, there is no plagarism going on there, haha. If anything, are there any characters you readers would like to see me take a shot at? Of course, angst will most likely be the first genre, knowing me...

Hope you enjoyed!