The Eight Capital Sins

By: Krizzie

A/N: I can't think of a better title. *cries* I've read a lot of NejiTen fanfics, most of the fanfics I've read are about them… but this is my first try in writing them, any mistakes, please tell me.


Tenten felt a myriad of things around Hyuuga Neji that she didn't even bother to try to analyze it anymore. Neji was Neji, and what she felt for him didn't –wouldn't- change him for anything that would more suit her… wants.

This is what she was thinking about as she watched him consult Shikamaru about their completed mission. He was gorgeous, as always, hair swept back but without the band to keep it in place. The long sleeves of his shirt clumped neatly at the nook of his elbows as he raised his arms to prove a point. Tenten mentally noted that Shikamaru was barely listening, and repressed a smile. She got that sometimes. Neji could be a little troublesome when he goes on and on about his obsession on procedure.

But anyway… she had to put a lid to her thinking, before it went out of hand. She interrupted their conversation, winking at Shikamaru when Neji wasn't looking –although he would've caught it anyways, 360 degree vision does that- and cut in before her teammate could scold her.


I grasped Neji's elbow roughly, ignoring his indignant look before pulling him away from the harassed but unbothered chuunin.

"Why don't you let Shikamaru just handle it from here, Neji? I don't think Lee would be able to hold off his energy if we got late five minutes." I offered a grin, although I knew I had already convinced him. He had agreed to take on Lee on a spar – just to humor him, he said but I knew better.

"…alright. I'll leave it up to you, Nara." He said curtly, and I almost expected him to flip his hair over his shoulder.

Neji could be a bit… gay when he so desired.


Oh god, did I say that out loud?

"Is there something on my face, Tenten?"

I almost sighed out loud, but caught myself in time. "Nothing Neji… I just spaced out."

He game me another reproachful look. "I'll be going ahead." You come after, went unsaid.

"Of course." I muttered, rolling my eyes and trying to look indifferent past the fast beating of my heart. Shikamaru looked at me oddly.

Damn. I was never really that good in espionage missions.


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