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Now She's Back

Since Cameron returned to Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital, she and House had been inseparable. Although no-one, except Cuddy and Wilson, knew about their relationship, they spent most nights at each others apartments and loved being in each others company. They were like a couple of love struck teenagers.

He didn't say it too often, but House loved her. He always had done and after stopping her from leaving that night, he's felt like this is his second and last chance and he doesn't want to mess it up. Cameron has become his life and he doesn't want to be with anyone else. She's gorgeous, intelligent, funny, and sexy and she knows him more than he knows himself. She understands his sarcasm and rolls with his punches. That's what he loves most about her. No matter what he does, she will always be there for him. It makes him feel special - like he's worth it.


One Sunday night, the weather was awful. The rain was hammering down on the windows, thunder and lightning rocked the skies and the wind roared through the streets. House and Cameron were huddled up on the sofa together, watching an old movie. House was lying on his side, his back against the sofa and his head resting on a pillow which his left hand was stuffed under. Cameron was in front of him, lying on her side, her back pressed firmly against House's chest. House's right arm was draped over her and their hands were linked in front of her stomach. House caressed his thumb over her hand unconsciously, just enjoying being with her.

Lightning flashed through the windows, followed by a loud rumble of thunder causing Cameron to jump. She squeezed House's hand tighter and he smiled. He knew she didn't like storms, but it made him feel good when he thought that he was there to protect her. House leaned his head over hers and kissed her gently in the crook of her neck.

"It's alright..." he whispered against her skin, wanting to make her calm again.

Cameron nodded, not looking away from the TV. His breath was warm on her neck at it made her skin tingle. She loved being with House when he was like this. He could sense that she was distressed and immediately soothed her - sometimes, he was just perfect. She sighed, a little calmer than before - she hated storms, but felt safe in House's arms.

"It's late..." she said quietly, glancing at the clock on the wall.

"What's your point?" he asked, his head still burrowed into her shoulder.

"That we have work tomorrow and I have no more clean clothes."

"Go naked..." said House, as if it was obvious.

"Well, I know you'd like that, but I think Chase and Foreman would be a bit freaked out. Plus, it's a little cold."


Cameron giggled slightly and House smiled as he hugged her tighter with his right arm.

"I don't want you to go!" he whined.

Cameron turned on to her other side so she was facing him. He trailed his hand over her hip and rested on her thigh, not looking away from her eyes. Cameron laughed and buried her face into his chest, gripping his shirt tightly.

"Who's going to calm me down when there's more thunder?" she said, smiling against his t-shirt.

Cameron felt House's chest rise and fall as he chuckled. She pulled her head back and looked at him. He smiled softly and tucked some stray hair back behind her ears.

"I don't like it when you're not here." he whispered, not breaking their gaze. She touched his face with her hand and rubbed his rough stubble with the backs of her fingers.

"I know. I don't like being without you either, but we're gonna have to get up."

"Ok...on three..."




They stayed exactly where they were, and they both laughed when neither one moved. Neither one of them had any intention of moving.

"Did you get up?" asked House, smiling.

"No, did you?"


"I guess we'll have to stay on the sofa then..." sighed Cameron.

"That's fine with me!" chuckled House.

Suddenly, all the lights and the TV shut out. Cameron gasped as they found themselves in sudden darkness.

"Damn it!" groaned House, dropping his head onto Cameron's shoulder. He sighed deeply and closed his eyes for a moment. Damn power cuts, he thought, they always spoil everything. Cameron sat up to let House stand. He flinched as pain shot through his leg as he got up.

"You ok?" asked Cameron, reaching out to steady him. He grabbed his cane and stood still for a moment. He reached into his pocket and found a few Vicodin that he'd put in there for safe keeping. He threw them into his mouth and swallowed them dry.

"Yeah, I'm fine...just been lying down too long." He hobbled through the darkness and into the kitchen. Cameron heard him routing around and she was just about to go and see what he was up to, when he came back in carrying flashlights and candles.

"Here, light some of these..." he said, chucking a packet of candles and some matches on to the sofa.

Cameron did as he said and they lit the candles in silence. They placed them round the room, trying to get some light back. When they had finished and the room was flickering under the soft glow of the candles and filling with the scent of vanilla, House flopped back down on the sofa, closely followed by Cameron. He wrapped his arm around the back of her and stroked her arm gently. She rested her head on his shoulder, inhaling his strong cologne that she loved so much and feeling his warmth beside her; her right arm draped over his waist.

"Now what are we supposed to do now there's no TV?" whined House.

Cameron smiled as she trailed her hand over his chest.

"Well..." she said seductively, her hands moving lower. She placed her hand over the bulge in his jeans and watched as his eyes widened. She squeezed lightly, and his eyes flickered shut. He produced a deep groan from the base of his throat as Cameron's hands moved over his groin. She stood up and swung her leg over him, quickly straddling his lap.

"I like this more than TV..." he said quietly, eyeing her up and down and holding her hips as she lowered herself.

She placed most of her weight on his good leg and ran her hands up his chest. She leaned in and slowly licked the inside of his ear, and he let out a slight moan. She nipped at his earlobe and pulled it into her mouth, sucking lightly. Then she pulled back and stroked his chiselled jaw, watching him. He opened his eyes again and Cameron leaned in to kiss him. House instinctively opened his mouth as she grew nearer and tilted his head for better access but Cameron paused, hovering just above his lips. His eyes were shut again, wanting her mouth on his so badly. He wanted to taste her again and his hands slipped under her shirt, his fingers splaying across her lower back - somehow, he felt like he needed to be touching her skin. Cameron moved closer and sucked his bottom lip. She pulled away again, leaving him hungry for more. She smiled, her breath cascading over her lips.

"I should go..." she whispered sexily, teasing him like she loved to do. House let out a groan of frustration and grabbed her hips firmly, keeping her on his lap.

"Oh no, you don't..." he said in his husky voice, sending shivers up Cameron's spine.

He grabbed the back of her neck with one hand, pulling her closer to him and pressed his lips to hers, finally satisfying his need to feel her again. He ran his tongue along her lower lip and it slipping inside her mouth to find its old friend, who had become used to dancing together. Cameron laced her fingers through his short hair, slithers of grey running off her finger tips. He placed his other hand under her shirt again, caressing her back gently. The hand on her neck gently massaged it and her shoulders, and she moaned into his mouth. House let out another groan, but this time in pain as his leg reminded him that it was still there and he couldn't forget about the pain that easily. Cameron noticed the difference in his tone and immediately pulled back.

"What's wrong? Am I hurting your leg?" she asked, concern laced in her voice.

"No, no..." whispered House reassuringly, although his leg was screaming at him. He placed his lips on her neck, kissing it slowly. "I'm fine...I'm enjoying this too much to be in pain."

All he needed was her. If he had her, then he wouldn't need to think about the pain. She had become his drug.

Cameron tilted her head to the side to allow him better access. She let out a soft moan that drove House crazy. Cameron grabbed at the edges of his t-shirt, gesturing for him to take it off. He willingly complied and whipped it off, only to toss it on the floor next to them.

"Your turn..." he said seductively, in that tone that made the hairs stand up on the back of Cameron's neck.

She pulled back smiling and whilst keeping her eyes locked on his, she bit her lip sexily and whipped open the buttons of her short, pink shirt, revealing lacy red underwear. House sighed and looked up at the ceiling. He silently thanked the Lord for letting this beautiful woman fall in love with him. Cameron discarded of her shirt and pushed herself down on his chest, her breasts rubbing against him.

House moaned in pleasure as he looked on in awe. She rubbed her hands down his chest and fiddled with the button of his jeans. She popped open the first and then looked at him again.

"Now, it's your turn..."

House didn't need telling twice and once Cameron stood up, and he quickly stripped off his jeans, leaving them on a pile next to his t-shirt. Cameron gently pushed him back on the sofa and placed herself on top of him again. She ran her hands up his thighs and House carefully pushed her bra straps off her shoulders, encouraging her to discard of more clothing. He kissed down her neck and to her shoulder. Cameron held his neck as she spoke.

"Do you want to do the honours?" she said sexily, pushing her face right up against House. He smiled against her neck, reached round her back and in one swift movement, unclasped her bra like a professional. It fell to the floor and House instantly ran his hands over her breasts. He moved his mouth over them and Cameron threw her head back and gasped as he flicked her nipple with his tongue.

"Lie down..." he demanded in his husky voice, that no-one could say no to.

Cameron spun round and pulled her self off him, pushing her backside in his face to tease him. He smacked her ass lightly and she squealed which made House grin. Cameron did as he asked and lied down next to him. She twiddled her hair seductively, pushing out her chest as far as she could. She ran her other hand down her front, caressing her breast, making House's eyes widen as he imagined his own hands doing the exact same thing. He couldn't take it much longer and crashed his body over hers. He was so close that her nipples were hard against his chest and his mouth was only inches from hers. Cameron stroked both hands down his face, his breath caressing her lips as they breathed in each others air. House ran a hand down her side, causing goose bumps across her delicate skin, and rested on the waistband of her jeans.

"These need to come off..." he whispered into her mouth.

She un-did the button and slipped them off her hips. House pushed them the rest of the way down and she revealed matching panties. House took a moment to just look over her stunning figure glowing in the candlelight.

"You're so beautiful, do you know that?" he said softly, leaning in to kiss her. She blushed slightly as she kissed him back, a smile creeping across her lips.

She loved it when he complimented her, even if it was just on a cup of coffee she'd made or they way she'd done her hair different. But when House called her beautiful, her breath would always catch in her chest and her heart would skip a beat. Coming from Greg House, it meant the world to her. She didn't think he could possibly know how great it made her feel when he said those words. He would always say the same thing: 'You're so beautiful, do you know that?' and every time he said it, it made her feel like she had never felt before. That is the true meaning of love: When someone can say just one thing that makes you feel something that can't be described in words.

"I think you've told me before, but I don't mind hearing it again." she mumbled against his lips, smiling all the while, which caused him to smile broadly. They laughed against each others lips and then he kissed her passionately again, releasing that desire to touch her; to feel her skin on his.

House trailed his lips down Cameron's throat, nipping lightly at the delicate skin - down her breastbone, his two day old stubble brushing past her breasts - and then down her stomach. He kissed it gently, swirling his tongue around her bellybutton. His lips got closer to the tops of her panties and he grabbed the band of them with his teeth, trying to tug them down. Cameron laughed, and ran her fingers through his hair. She moved her hands to her panties and slipped her thumbs inside the waistband. She slowly tugged them down, and kicked them off her ankles.

House moved back up her body and kissed her lips again. With her right hand, Cameron held House through his boxers. It was becoming evident how she was making him feel, and it turned her on that he was getting so aroused over her. It always did turn her on. She slipped her hand inside his boxers and stroked him lightly causing him to moan in pleasure.

"Oh, God Allison..." he breathed, throwing his head back as she gripped him harder. She stopped when she felt the inside of his boxers become damp and she trailed her finger up his stomach, causing him to shudder under her touch, which made her smile.

"My turn..." he said just above a whisper as he moved his hands down her body. He slipped his fingers inside her, moving them round slowly, watching as her facial expressions changed as his fingers hit different positions.

"Oh Greg..." she moaned loudly, turning him on even more. He loved it when she moaned his name and all he wanted to do was take her then and there, but he was enjoying this, and wanted to play it out a little longer. He pushed her further and further towards the edge.

"I'm so close..." she gasped, grabbing onto his broad shoulders as his fingers moved inside her.

Her eyes were closed but he was still watching her, enjoying the effect he had on her. He pushed a little bit further and Cameron let out a loud moan as he hit the right spot.

"Say my name..." whispered House, wanting her to ride it out as long as possible

She couldn't say it. She was incapable of saying anything. She breathed harder as House pushed her to her limits.

"G...Gr...Greg!" she finally managed to gasp and House pushed her that one last time. She gasped even louder and threw her head back, letting her brown locks descend over her shoulders and across the arm of the sofa. She arched her back, pushing herself off the sofa, loosing all control of her senses. When she finally finished, she collapsed on the sofa, trying to catch her breath. She had never felt like that before. Not ever.

Once she had got her breath back she opened her eyes to see House staring down at her. His beautiful blue eyes were glistening in the candlelight and they seemed to look at her with an unbelievable amount of...love. She had never seen so much of it in his eyes; it was breathtaking. The corners of his mouth perked up as she met his eyes.

"I wish you knew what you make me feel..." she breathed.

"Oh, I think I do know, because that's how you make me feel...all the time." He whispered the last part so close to her ear that the warmth of his breath made a damp condensation inside.

House pushed himself up on his arms so he was looming over her. He held the arm of the sofa tightly with both hands as he rubbed his pelvis over hers. Her eyes fluttered shut as she felt his erection through his boxers.

"See? That's how much I want you..." he said in a low tone.

"Take them off."

House complied with her soft demand and whipped off his boxers. Cameron groped his backside almost immediately, pushing him down on her. She squeezed his cheeks, resulting in a deep groan from him. House stroked her face gently with his left hand, taking in the naked beauty before him once more. Cameron's eyes were shut but she could sense his eyes on her. She smiled, her eyes still closed.

"If you don't shag me now, then you'll have to face the consequences..." said Cameron sexily.

House tipped his hips into hers, waiting at her entrance.

"You're bluffing..." smirked House.

Cameron opened her eyes momentarily.

"Are you really willing to take that risk?"

House pushed down as he entered her. He thrusted upwards and Cameron moaned loudly as he hit a different angle each time. She grabbed hold of his backside to try and propel him forwards. He went with her and increased the pace.

"Oh my God, Greg!" moaned Cameron, moving her hands up his back, feeling his skin become sweaty. "I'm nearly there..."

House could feel her getting closer and closer to orgasm. He too was becoming close, as his name kept escaping her lips in the sexiest voice that he had ever heard. House paused as she was just about there.

"Greg, don't stop now!" she shouted, louder and angrier than she'd expected too. House smiled at her frustration and thrusted his hips forward again. She collapsed around him, and they both rode out their orgasms together. It lasted longer than they expected it to and both fell back on the sofa, covered in perspiration.

"That was..." started House, but his voice trailed off, not knowing what word to use to describe it.

"Amazing." breathed Cameron, finishing House's sentence.

"I was going to say unbelievable, but amazing works..." he said, smirking slightly.

Cameron smiled and rested her head on his chest. She could feel his breath was still uneasy as he tried to catch it, and she could hear his rapid heartbeat. He kissed her forehead lightly and then looked at the clock.

"You can't go home now." he stated smugly.

"So, was the sex just a way of getting me to stay?" said Cameron laughing into his chest.

"Did it work?"

"Yeah." she said quietly and she placed a kiss just above his heart. House leaned over the sofa and picked up his boxers. Standing up, he winced as his leg shouted at him again for forgetting that he was supposed to be in pain. He shook his head, trying to force the pain out but it became too much and he popped a Vicodin in his mouth, feeling angry for giving in. He slipped his boxers on and went to reach for his t-shirt, but Cameron grabbed his arm. He turned to her and she smiled.

"Yes?" he asked, freezing in position.

"Leave it off, I want to wear it tonight..." she said in an innocent voice."Plus, you look way sexier without it..."

House chuckled and moved his arm away.

"Ok, whatever you say..." said House, holding his hands up in defeat. Cameron stood up as well and slipped his shirt over her head, inhaling his smell that quickly comforted her.

"I'm going for a shower." said Cameron and she kissed House once more before leaving the room and heading for his bathroom. House smiled and tilted his head to the side to admire her ass as she walked away.

"I know you're checking me out, mister!" called Cameron as she walked further up the hall.

"Can you blame me?" he called back as he gathered the rest of their clothes and started to tidy up a bit, a smile crossing his lips.


Cameron returned a few minutes later to find House stretched out on the sofa, his head in one of her magazines. She stood in the doorway and leaned up against the doorframe.

"Anything interesting?" she asked, nodding towards the magazine, a smirk on her lips.

House tilted it down, smiled at her and then brought it back up again.

"Yes, actually..." he said matter-of-factly."I've just found out that a woman's perfect guy has to be spontaneous, romantic and caring, cleanly shaven and have shiny blonde hair..."

Cameron smiled, knowing where this was going. She walked over to the sofa and pushed his legs round so she could sit down. House span round so he was sitting and Cameron placed herself next to him. He wrapped his arm around her and continued.

"I don't think I can say that I cover any of those traits." he said, placing the magazine down.

He looked at her, and she could have said that he looked a bit upset. Cameron held his face with her hand and stroked his rough stubble.

"You're my perfect guy though..." She paused and thought about what to say to stop him feeling insecure.

"I love the way you page me at work just so you can kiss me. I love the way you hold my hand during storms or scary movies and I love the way you let me cry into your shoulder if I'm upset."

Cameron turned so she could face him more and House looked up at her briefly before she continued.

"I love how your hair sticks up in the morning and the feel of your stubble when you kiss me. I love your eyes, your smiles and the wrinkles on your forehead when you're thinking. I love it when you let me wear your best t-shirts in bed, even though they're your favourites and I love it when you sing when you think no-one's listening."

House smiled but then looked down at the sofa, a bit embarrassed. Cameron tilted his head up so he would look at her.

"I don't need you to be the stereotypical guy from the magazines or the TV; I need you to be you. I need you to be the guy I fell in love with."

House nodded and met her eyes again. She pulled him into her and kissed him lightly.

"Besides, if you were the stereotypical guy, then I'd have to fight other women for you. I just want you all to myself" she said laughing.

"I'd choose you over anyone." he said, smiling against her lips.

"Even Angelina Jolie?"

House pretended to think for a moment and then kissed her softly again.

"Even Angelina Jolie."

Cameron smiled and kissed him once more, stroking his face gently.

"I love you." she whispered, and House suddenly felt relaxed again.

He was always worried that this was all too good to be true and Cameron would eventually need something more. Although she was constantly reminding him that she loved him the way he was, when she those three little words: 'I love you',all his worries flew away, and he felt good again.

"I love you too." he mumbled and Cameron rested her head back on his chest. He put his arm around her again and stroked her arm. They stayed like that for a while, not saying anything, but just feeling close to one another.

"Ready for round two?" asked House, smirking slightly. Cameron laughed and shook her head.

"I'm too sleepy now..." she said and she sighed. House whined like a child, but he laughed.

"Too sleepy for ice-cream?"


House laughed and then got up and limped to the kitchen, unaided by his cane. When he returned with the tub and two spoons, he found Cameron lying on the sofa, her head resting on a pillow and she was slowly drifting off. House walked over quietly and placed the ice-cream on the table. With a smirk, he grabbed a flashlight and held it under his chin, the light casting a scary looking shadow over his features.

"Allison..." he whispered, kneeling down next to her.

Cameron stirred and opened her eyes to find House's scary looking face staring right back at her. She shrieked and jumped backwards, clutching her chest.

"Greg! You nearly gave me a heart attack!" she yelled, breathing heavily.

"Sorry, but I couldn't resist it!" he said innocently, holding back his laughter like a 14 year old. She looked at him and he gave her his biggest puppy dog eyes.

"I'm weal weal sorry..." he said in a childish voice.'He looks so cute like that' she thought and couldn't hold back a smile any longer.

"Ahh, I got you to smile, I'm off the hook." he said, sliding himself down next to her. She rested her head on his lap and rested her feet on the opposite arm of the sofa.

"I want ice-cream, so you're forgiven...for now."

She turned over so she was lying flat on her back and looked up at House who was gazing down at her. He lowered his head and met her lips in a sweet kiss. He brought his head back up again and the grabbed the ice cream off the table. Cameron sat up and snuggled herself next to him so they could share it.


A few hours later, the electricity still wasn't back on and an empty ice-cream tub was sitting on the table. House and Cameron were stretched out the the sofa, both asleep. House was tucked right up against the sofa on his left side, his left bicep cushioning Cameron's head. She was lying on her right side so she was facing House. They were just inches apart from one another and holding each other close. Their right hands were linked in between them; their fingers entangled and Cameron's left hand was resting on his chest. Their legs were almost entwined and it was hard to establish whose was whose's.

All of a sudden, every light came back on and the TV started to play the ending of 'Sleepless in Seattle'. The sudden light woke House and he squeezed his eyes tighter together to try and stop the light seeping through his eyelids. When it didn't work he slowly opened them one eye at a time, trying to adjust to the light. The first thing he saw was Cameron's beautiful face in front of his. He smiled as she looked so peaceful in her sleep and the warmth that he felt from her was so comforting. Then he remembered where he was, and craned his neck round to look at the clock. It had just gone 2am. House groaned as his leg reminded him that they were on the sofa and it didn't like that. House stroked his thumb across Cameron's hand that was entwined with his and kissed her lips tenderly. She stirred and mumbled something before pushing her head further into House's arm.

"Allison..." He kissed her lips once more.

She groaned and House leaned into her ear.

"Come to bed..." he whispered.

"I'm too tired for that now Greg." she mumbled, her eyes still shut.

"No, not that." he said smiling "It's late, come and get into bed otherwise I'm going to be in agony in the morning."

Cameron slowly opened her eyes and looked at him.

"The power's back on." she said sleepily. House chuckled. He loved it when she was sleepy like this; she looked so adorable and House just wanted to comfort her back into a peaceful slumber.

"Yes, now come on Sleepy, let's get up."

Cameron stood up, feeling the cold surround her once House's warm body had been taken away. House stood up, popped a couple of Vicodin into his mouth and switched the TV off. He blew out all the candles and turned off the lights. He looked over at Cameron who was looking a bit dazed. She was still standing in the same spot, rubbing her eyes with the back of her hand and yawning. House smiled and shuffled nearer to her. He tucked his hand round the back of her neck, lowered his head and kissed her softly. She instinctively wrapped her arms tightly around his middle, wanting to feel his warmth again.

"I'm cold without you..." she said, still half-asleep. House smiled as her grip around him tightened.

"Oh, so I'm just some re-usable blanket am I?"

Cameron nodded slightly and pushed her cheek right up against his bare chest. He put his arms around her and kissed the top of her head.

"I feel so used!" he said sarcastically, smiling all the while as he began to warm again now he was close to her. Still not fully conscious, Cameron didn't realise he was joking.

"Sorry..." she said softly."I love you."

House smirked and pulled away from her. He looked at her and pushed some of her hair off her face.

"I know. I love you too." He linked his hand with hers and grabbed his cane from the back of the sofa. "Come on, it's late. Let's go back to bed."

Cameron nodded and followed him to his bedroom.


Once in the bedroom, House let go of Cameron's hand and she got into his bed; sliding underneath the sheets as quickly as possible. She fidgeted for a while, desperately trying to get warm again. House went into the bathroom and quickly brushed his teeth. After, he plopped his toothbrush back in the holder, rested his hands on the sink and stared into the mirror.

I don't deserve her.

He stroked his stubbly chin and looked into his blood-shot eyes.

Look at me, I'm a mess. Yet, I have the most beautiful girlfriend in the world.

He pictured Cameron in his head again. Her shiny brown locks fell perfectly across her shoulders, her amazing smile and her hypnotizing blue/green eyes.

How did she fall in love with me?

He found it hard to believe sometimes that a gorgeous, young, intelligent doctor would want him, an aging, stubborn, grumpy cripple. She could have anyone she wanted, but she wanted him and that made him feel on top of the world. He was wanted by someone, and he just happened to love that someone more than his own life. In a way, that scared him. What if he lost her? What if she realised that she didn't love him? What if everything went wrong?

Stop it, Greg! Pull yourself together, man!

They were in love. No matter what anyone said or did, no-one could take that away from them. He needed her more than anything in this world, and he just hoped that she knew that.

I love her. She loves me. We're gonna be alright.

He liked looking in the mirror. Sometimes, it brought out all his worries or fears and he could just think about his life. In a way it was...comforting.

Taking one last proper look at himself, House switched out the light and padded back into the bedroom, cursing himself for leaving his cane in there. Cameron stirred when he slid into bed next to her.

"Greg..." she murmured, shuffling closer to him, her eyes still closed. She reached out a hand, trying to find him in the dark.

"Yeah, I'm here..." he whispered.

He held his arm above his head so she could slide under. She did, and wrapped her arm around his middle. He placed his arm back down and hugged her close. He leaned his head over and kissed her naked shoulder and trailed his lips up her neck. Smiling slightly, he lied back down, stuffed his other arm under the pillow, and stared up at the ceiling. After that brief moment of realisation, House felt happy. He was surprised that he felt happy, but he did. He felt happy because this amazing woman was in his bed and she would be there in the morning. That felt good. He wanted this every night; he wanted to feel her warmth beside him and kiss her goodnight. House unconsciously started to trail his fingers up her bare arm, staring into the darkness.

"Allison..." he whispered.

"Mmm..." she mumbled, still barely conscious.

"Are you awake?"

"No." she said, smiling slightly.

He leaned closer to her ear, his warmth breath sending shivers up her spine.

"If you're asleep, how come you're answering me?" he whispered, a smile tugging at the corners of his mouth.

Cameron didn't say anything else but she put her lips on his neck and kissed it softly. House closed his eyes and tilted his head to the side a little, enjoying the feel of her lips on his skin again.

"I'm awake." she murmured, snuggling closer to his side. House took his hand out from under the pillow and found her other hand. He linked his fingers with hers, softly running his thumb over her hand like he always did. After a pause, House spoke again.

"Do you like doing this?" he asked, looking down at their connected hands.

"What?" she said sleepily

"Do you like this? Y'know, being here?"

"Yeah, of course. There's nowhere else I'd rather be..." Her voice was hazy, but House could hear the sincerity in her voice. Her eyes were still firmly shut, but she was still listening to him.

"Then stay."

Cameron smiled.

"Greg, it's nearly half 2 in the morning, I'm not going home now."

"No, I mean...stay - for good."

Cameron opened her eyes and looked up at House. He turned his head and his eyes met hers, even in the dark. She was still sleepy, but she understood every word.

"You're...you....are you asking me to move in with you?" she said, knowing full well what he said, but she needed confirmation. House nodded.

"Yeah...I hate it when you're not here. I hate waking up to an empty bed. Sometimes, I reach out for you in the middle of the night and then I realise you're not there. Then, I can't get back to sleep because I'm annoyed that you weren't there. Then, I just want to call you to hear your voice again or just to tell you goodnight." His voice was soft and Cameron was touched by his honesty. She hated being without him too, and it tore her apart when she had to leave him. House placed a small kiss on her lips and then looked at her again.

"That probably sounded really lame..." he said smiling, but Cameron shook her head.

"No it didn't. It wasn't lame." said Cameron seriously.

"I don't want to wake up without you."

Cameron stroked his side with her hand that was draped over him, and squeezed his hand tighter.

"So? Will you?" he asked, his eyes hopeful.

Cameron rolled onto her front so she was facing him and House caught a glimpse of a shiny tear welling up in her eyes. She nodded.

"Of course I will, Greg. There's nothing I'd want more."

House smiled and wrapped his arms around her naked back, pulling her closer. He kissed her, laughing at the same time. He pulled back and released his arms from around her. Cameron grazed her lips over his once more and kissed him softly. She placed two more small kisses on them and then nestled into his side again. House hugged her closer to him and smiled to himself.

She was moving in with him.

He closed his eyes, imagining what it was going to be like living together. His smile grew wider and he sighed, finally deciding to get some sleep. Then his eyes opened again, the smile still etched on his face.

"Allison..." he whispered softly, but he knew she wasn't asleep yet.

"Greg, if you wake me up one more time, I'm going to have to kill you." she said dryly but she was smirking against his side.

"Sorry, I won't wake you again, but just one more thing..."

"What?" she mumbled.

"I love you."

House said it with such emotion that Cameron felt a lump gathering in her throat. House didn't say it first too often, but that was because he felt those words were powerful and they needed to be used right. He would sometimes say it after they made love, which was always special and it made Cameron feel amazing. It was like he was saying that she was special and that their relationship wasn't just about sex.

Those three words were engraved in her heart along with his name, and every time he said it, she knew that he meant it. He wouldn't say it loosely or sarcastically.

Cameron kissed his side softly, causing goose bumps to ripple over his skin. She placed another two kisses there and then pulled herself closer to him.

"I love you too, Greg; more than anything."

Cameron loved him more than words could say. She knew that they were going to be happy and that everything was going to be alright. Yeah, there were going to be some bumps along the road, but she would be safe with him and would always love him unconditionally. This was the beginning.

House loved her more than words could say. He knew that they were going to be happy and that everything was going to be alright. Yeah, there were going to be some bumps along the road, but he would keep her safe and always love her unconditionally. This was the beginning.