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Chapter 7

Later that evening, Dan's family had gone and House and Cameron were standing at the door, saying their goodbyes to Helen and Fred.

"You will come back and visit soon, won't you?" said Helen, hugging her daughter tight.

"Of course we will Mom," said Cameron, smiling slightly. "Maybe in the Christmas holidays."

"Oh yes, that would be nice."

House smiled as the two women embraced and then he turned to Fred.

"It was nice to meet you Fred." said House, shaking the older man's hand firmly. "I'm sure we'll be back."

"It was good to meet you too Greg. I'm pleased my baby girl has finally found someone decent."

House smiled and suddenly Helen's arms were wrapped around him.

"Bye Greg. It was nice having you." she said and House hugged her back awkwardly.

"It was nice being here." replied House and then a taxi beeped outside.

"Bye, baby." said Fred, hugging his daughter and kissing her on the cheek.

"Bye Dad! Bye Mom!"

House and Cameron grabbed their bags and walked out to the cab while Helen and Fred waved them off from the door. As the cab pulled away, Cameron waved franticly from the window. House noticed the slight tear in her eyes.

"You alright?" he asked and she turned to him.

"Yeah, it's just…well, I don't see them very often because of work and everything, but it's nice to come back every now and again. I guess I miss them sometimes."

House smiled and slipped his arm around her shoulders, pulling her into him. She rested her head on his shoulder, feeling a little stupid for just admitting she missed her family sometimes.

"Don't you ever miss your family?" she asked, daring to question him about his family – a subject that was rarely touched on.

"Not really." He paused and Cameron thought that that was the end of that subject, but he spoke again. "Sometimes…I feel guilty for not talking to my Mom a lot – for leaving her with him. But, being around them, around him…just makes me uncomfortable."

Cameron smiled sadly, pleased that he'd let her in for a split second, but upset that he had such a poor relationship with his family. She didn't ask any more questions, just snuggled into his side, letting him know that she wasn't going anywhere.


They arrived back at home just after 10pm, and both were extremely tired after the long day. The lugged their bags up to the apartment and left them inside the door. House flicked on the lights and they both stood in the doorway, looking around as if they expected something to be different.

"It feels good to be back." said Cameron, hanging up her coat. She reached down to pick up the bags, but House stopped her. He grabbed her wrist and tugged her against his body.

"Leave them…" he whispered close to her ear. "You owe me some shower sex."

Cameron smiled and wrapped her arms around his neck, their noses touching from the closeness.

"Oh, do I? Well, maybe I'm a little tired for that…" she said, smirking all the while.

House pressed his lips against hers, kissing her passionately. He backed her up slowly so she was eventually pushed up against the front door.

"Did that change your mind?" he whispered huskily, his lips hovering just above hers.

"Hmmm, maybe. I think I might need a little more persuading."

House smiled and his right hand snaked up her back and rested between her shoulder blades, holding her close to him. He brushed his lips against hers, softly at first before plunging his tongue into her mouth. Their mouths moved together in a dance of passion and lust that had built up over the weekend. House could taste the sweet strawberry lip gloss she wore and it drove him crazy. He just wanted her more than ever.

"Oh, I missed you," breathed Cameron while House kissed his way down her neck, nipping slightly at the skin.

"How about that shower?" he mumbled against her neck.

"Now I think about it, I'm not so tired after all…"

House looked up and into her sparkling green eyes. She smiled at him and House whipped off his coat before taking her hand and leading her to the bathroom.

Once inside, House began his torture on her neck again. He stood behind her, kissing down her left side as his hands curled around her stomach, caressing her abdomen. His hands began to sneak lower, gently brushing between her thighs and she moaned in desire, throwing her head back against his shoulder.

"I think…we may be a bit overdressed…" whispered House and he began tugging at her tee. She willingly held her arms above her head so House could strip her of her short sleeved white top. He dispersed of it on the floor before he touched her creamy skin again. Goose bumps rippled across her skin due to a mixture of the cool air and House's hands roaming across her body.

Cameron turned in his embrace and wrapped her arms around his neck. She kissed him deeply, parting only to tug off his black band t-shirt. She splayed her hands across his taut chest, and up his strong biceps, loving the feel of them beneath her hands.

House's kissing became more frantic, desperate to feel her skin against his. House took a step back and sat down on the edge of the bath, so to rest his leg. He wanted to save all his strength for standing in the shower. Cameron stroked his scruffy cheeks as she leaned down to kiss him. House's hands slipped around her back and swiftly un-clasped her lacy white bra, letting it slide off her arms and fall to the ground. No sooner had it fallen from Cameron's body, House parted from her mouth and trailed kisses down her breastbone.

Because he was perched on the edge of the bath, Cameron's breasts were at the perfect height for him. House kissed them slowly, enveloping the perky nipple in his mouth and flicking it with his tongue. Cameron whimpered, holding House's neck to keep him there and his scruff scraped against her smooth skin, leaving small red marks all over. While he kissed her chest, he began to un-do her jeans. They slid off her hips and Cameron stepped out of them, revealing her matching panties. She leaned down and kissed House deeply.

He stood up and gazed down at her with lust and passion. Cameron un-did his jeans and pushed them down. House bent down, whipped off his socks and threw them across the room in hope of hitting the laundry basket. Cameron smirked at the growing bulge in his boxers and she stalked towards him, holding him behind his neck and pressing her lips against his.

"I want you…right now" breathed House.

Cameron let her hands wander down and stroked him through the thin fabric.

"Hmmm, I can feel." she said, a smirk on her lips.

"Get in that shower, woman." growled House and watched as she oh-so-slowly took her panties off and stepped into the shower, turning on the water as she got in. For a moment, House just watched. He watched the water cascade over her beautiful form, dripping off her eyelashes and running off her arms as she held them above her head. She felt his eyes on her, but she closed her eyes and put her head back into the stream. The warm water ran off her face, refreshing her instantly. Her slender body, toned stomach and perky breasts shimmered under the light as she turned round, giving him a view of her firm ass. She flipped her hair back as the water ran off it and she gasped as she let the water shower over her face. House knew he had never seen something so sexy and erotic in all his life. He was getting hard just looking at her.

"God, Cameron…" he mumbled as his eyes travelled across her body. "I'm one lucky bastard."

"Are you planning on joining me?" she asked.

He didn't need telling twice. House quickly stripped himself of his boxers and stepped in, being careful of his leg. These were the times he was glad he had that rail installed.

House stood under the water, his chest against Cameron's back. His hands caressed her wet skin – his fingers dancing across her stomach and along her ribcage.

"You're beautiful…" he whispered right next to her ear before nipping at it slightly. Cameron moaned put her arms behind her to wrap around his neck. House continued to suck on her earlobe and began to sway as if they were dancing to their own perfect song. House closed his eyes and hummed the tune in his head: a soft jazz song that he heard earlier. Cameron swayed with him and ran her fingers through the back of his wet hair. House kissed at her neck and shoulder, his hands moving lower. The throbbing between her thighs was too much, and she wished he would just touch her where she wanted him to. One of Cameron's hands moved from his neck and covered his own, guiding him lower.

"I like a girl who knows what she wants." he growled and then slipped his long pianist fingers inside her. Cameron cried out in pleasure as House's fingers worked their magic, her wetness covering his digits. They pushed into her, causing her to moan on every thrust.

"Greg…" she moaned at his delicate touch, biting her lip slightly to stop her cries. "Please, Greg, I can't…."

Then his thumb swirled against her clit, circling her slowly and perfectly.

"Tell me you love me…" whispered House, stroking her gently.

"I…I ...I love you." she breathed, her lungs straining against the pleasure, each breath she drew a struggle.

Pushing up one last time, House tipped Cameron over the edge. She fell into complete ecstasy, and came loudly. He knees shook and she almost crumbled on to the shower floor. The amazing feeling of the water rushing over her and House's fingers caressing her gently was almost too much to handle. Once she had cooled, she turned and stared into House's brilliant blue eyes. She kissed him softly, the water caressing both their faces. Their bodies were flush against each others, slipping and sliding on each touch. Their mouths devoured each others, fingers roaming, tongues touching, water rushing.

Cameron reached for the shower gel behind him and squirted a generous amount in her hand. After rubbing her hands together she began to lather House's body with the soap. His chest, his arms, his neck, his hair; touching him in those intimate areas and watching him inhale sharply as she did so. There was something extremely sexy and sensual having someone else wash you and House was loving every second. He locked eyes with Cameron as he stepped back into the stream to wash off the soap. Then he tugged Cameron towards him and wrapped his arms around her back, holding her close to him. He brought his lips to hers softly, and neither one said anything as they kissed under the , without warning, Cameron lowered herself onto her knees and started to kiss her way up House's thigh. House prepared himself for what was about to happen by clinging onto the rail with his left hand, the other in Cameron's hair. His breath hitched as she dragged her tongue over his shaft.

"Cameron…" he moaned, and with that she pushed him deep inside her mouth. "Oh, Lord…"

Cameron clung to his backside, and licked and kissed his length tenderly. The water was trickling off it as he became more erect and Cameron smiled as she heard him moan her name again. She stroked his firm backside as she placed hot, open mouthed kisses up and down his length. Then she took him in her mouth completely, sucking and swirling her tongue around him skilfully. House moaned again, and he clenched his groin muscles, trying to hold on, but failing miserably.

"I'm gonna come Cameron…" he groaned, but she just smirked and took him in her mouth again. Suddenly, the felt his muscles tighten once more and he groaned loudly as the warm liquid hit the back of her throat. She started to kiss her way up him again before she reached his face. His eyes were still closed, just recovering from her actions.

Then, he cupped her face in his hands and kissed her sweetly, the water dribbling off them both. His leg was screaming at him, but House didn't want to have to wait for them to get out, get dry and get into bed. He had to have her now.

"I need you now…"

He lifted Cameron up and she wrapped her legs around his waist, her backside perching on the rail.

"What about your leg?" she asked worriedly.

"Fuck my leg," he said, his hands slipping around her back and holding her close to him. "I need you…"

He kissed her softly before entering her. She cried out, clinging desperately to his shoulders. She started to grind against him, the feel of him being in her completely almost sent her over the edge, and House was having a similar struggle. He was now listing all the infectious diseases in his head so he wouldn't come right that minute. He thrusted into her as she propelled him forwards, needing him to increase the pace. They kissed passionately, satisfying the need for each other that had been building over the weekend. He moaned as he felt her walls quiver around her and he pushed into her completely.

"Greg…" she breathed, meeting his hips with every thrust.

"Come for me, baby." he whispered. "Come for me."

Cameron arched her back as she came. She lowered one hand and touched herself, needing to feel utterly complete. House watched as she continued to pleasure herself, her fingers dancing over her clit, just above where they were joined. It was extremely erotic to watch and he couldn't take his eyes off her hand as she stroked herself while she came. House came soon after, moaning and groaning in both pleasure and pain.

"I love you…" whispered Cameron once their bodies had both calmed and he's slid out of her.

He pressed his forehead against hers and switched the shower off.

"I love you too." he said breathlessly, kissed her sweetly and then they both hesitantly climbed out.

A few minutes later, they were dry and climbing into bed. They slid down under the sheets and House pulled her close to him, their faces just a breath apart. His hands slid down her back, coming to rest on her firm backside.

"Mmmm…," mumbled House, a smile on his lips, his eyes closed "That was incredible."

He opened his eyes and kissed her softly.

"Good to be back then?" she asked with a smirk.


Her arms curled around him and she buried her head in his chest. He stroked her hair and rubbed her back as she listened to his heartbeat.

"Y'know, we should have shower sex more often…" he said, playing with the ends of her hair.

"You say that, but your leg is going to be killing you in the morning." Cameron said into his chest.

House leaned down and whispered into her ear.

"It was worth it…"

Cameron chuckled and looked up, placing a sweet kiss on his lips.

"Go to sleep, Casanova." she laughed and snuggled back into his chest.

"Goodnight," he said, and kissed her through her hair. "I love you."

"Love you too."