Lovable Idiot


Guilmon was an idiot. It was a fact everybody knew. A fact everybody strangely loved him for.

Renamon was staring at the aforementioned Digimon chasing a plastic bag that was floating around the front of his hideout, oblivious to her presence up in a convenient tree as she simply stared at the lovable idiot that was Guilmon.

She smirked.

'What is it about him that makes me so attracted…?' She thought to herself.

He kept chasing the bag, playfully lunging and biting at it from time to time.

'He's an idiot. The epitome of brainlessness in the Digi-world and yet I find him more appealing than all the smarter Digimon out there…' She let a leg lazily hang on the side.

A gust came and threw the bag out of his view. He turned his head around in confusion.

'Blissfully unaware of almost everything going around him and so childishly innocent…' She laid her head back a bit.

The bag hit him on the back of the head and he continued chasing it.

She did more thinking.

'He is an idiot and a rather good looking one at that…' She blushed as she thought of him that way.

He lunged a little too far and got the bag stuck on his muzzle. He tried to get it off. It wouldn't.

She broke into one of her very rare grins. 'The epitome of fierce loyalty and kindness…'

He struggled more.

'More appealing than any other Digimon since I actually know him by heart…' She sighed.

He tore a large hole in the bag. It only succeeded in getting it caught on his face. He yelped started flailing his arms wildly.

'Blissfully unaware of my feelings for him and so childishly innocent of what love is…' She looked at him and laughed.

He slipped, fell and yet the bag still remained.

'The object of my affection...' She jumped down from her hiding place.

He groaned and spread his arms out in defeat.

'A Digimon who's never been in a relationship.' She walked up to him.

He didn't notice.

'The lovable idiot I want but isn't mine...' She pulled the bag of his face.

He got up.

"Thanks, Rena—"She kissed him square on the muzzle.

'But now he is…'