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Sam - 16

Dean - 20

Summary: It was only one cigarette, Sam thought. It wasn't like Dean was going to find out, and plus it was a social thing, it wasn't like it was going to get any worse than that...A tale about Sam slowly spinning out of control, he can't save himself so maybe Dean can. Teenchester!

I unfortunately don't own Sam and Dean...but my 'Kidnapping for Dummies' book is on its way. Buhahahahaha!

It was a beautiful summers day in Dallas, Texas. The birds in the trees were chirping and the sun softly smiled down in the cloudless blue sky at the large building of Summerville High. Sam Winchesters current school. But, despite the wonderful day, Sam was in a bitter mood.

"I mean he's just such a control freak!" Sam bitched to his group of 4 friends, by the blue school lockers "He thinks that just because he's my Dad I have to do everything he says, it's so annoying, he won't even let me on the soccer team"

"Damn, sounds like the Dad from hell" Chuckled a male from the group. Sam had just moved into another crappy house which meant a new school. He'd been at the school for just over a month now and was still known as the new kid, Sam often thought that he should just change his name to that, it would probably save a lot of time. The good thing about this place was that the kids here were pretty easy to get along with, well excluding the cheerleaders and the jocks. He had easily joined a group of friends, two boys and two girls. The two boys were called Billy and Seth. Billy was taller than Seth but not as tall as Sam, of course, his hair was mid length and dark blond, he had more muscle than Seth but didn't carry his good looks, his cheekbones were no where near defined as Seth's, but he had much more charisma. Seth however, was the attraction out of the two, his face had defined features and short, spiky brown hair with dazzling eyes that gave him all the girls he wanted, and even though he didn't have much muscle, this was all discarded by the fact he was the guitarist in the towns favorite local band. Gray Scale Rainbow.

Usually hanging onto Seth's arm was the bands singer, Jemima. Jemima was short but she could sure talk. She had a bouncy personality and always had a smile on her face, she was often the life of the party, but Sam wouldn't know anything about that, seeing as his Dad never let him go to any parties. There was always a hunt to do or training needed...some stupid excuse to not let Sam have any freedom, which annoyed him the most because the person that usually invited him out was Layla. Layla was beautiful, smart and funny. She had Sam dazed and drooling on his first day, he couldn't believe his luck when she came and talked to him. He remembered the first time he saw her, sitting at the back of the class in her punky ¾ length ripped jeans and scruffy converses and her long black hair streaked with bright purple, much to the schools annoyance, but she didn't care. Every day she was wearing a T-shirt with a different band on it, the first time he saw her she had a Rolling stones t-shirt on and today she was wearing an AC/DC one. Sam could just imagine the look on Deans face if he was ever allowed to being her home, it would be priceless.

"Yeah, your telling me" Sam sighed, shutting his locker and turning the key in it.

"Shame, you missed a great gig man" Seth said, slapping Sam on the back as they walked down the corridor.

"Oh it was amazing!" Jemima squealed, jumping in front of the group "You should have seen Seths guitar solo, it was insane! Every one was going crazy! Best night of my life!" She was clapping her hands and dancing around.

"Yeah, wish you could have been there Sam, it was one hell of a night" Layla smiled, looking up to Sam "Why don't you just tell your Dad he's being a jerk" She looked up to Sam's face to see it was very serious "Sorry, but well, he sounds like a jerk" she laughed, touching his arm.

"It's not that-" Sam smiled, mostly pleased with the sudden contact he had with her. But Sam wasn't

mad that Layla had called his Dad a jerk, he couldn't agree more. But, what he was really thinking was what would happen if he did confront his Dad, he didn't even want to go there. Follow orders, that was it for the Winchester house hold. "He'd never take that well"

"Like I said" She smiled

"A jerk!" They both said and started laughing, but were interrupted by the bell

"Damn, what have we got?" Layla moaned, she was in most of Sam's classes and now so she didn't even bother to pull out her timetable as she now had Sam who had already memorized his.


"Calculus!" She moaned and pretend to drag her feet to the direction of the class "I hate calculus"

Sam just laughed as he pulled his backpack up on to his shoulders and walked with her to class.