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A few months later, Sams day to finally be discharged had come. For the past weeks he had been going to many group therapy sessions and one on one therapy sessions. At first he was reluctant and shy, but now he spoke openly, even helped some of the new comers. The people here were pleasant and always provided great motivation, they had all been where he had and they all understood. No one had judge him, in fact he realized now that he could have had it so much worse by the state of the other patients. But, some of the workers had been patients here and gave there own experience of their recovery and how it had made them better people. Although it had not been easy, Sam had thrown some shouting fits, the lamp and drawers in his room had been replaced twice after some especially heated therapy sessions where the hunger for his drug had got the better of him. But now, he was beginning to recognize himself again. He had put on more weight and was now at a healthy size. His eyes no longer held purple bags beneath them and he had colour back in his skin. He could control his hands without them shaking and his depression had subsided, his sleeping patterns were back to normal and he no longer had any more anger outbursts and his paranoia had completely faded. And all because of this, he was now free to go home, even though he had to admit that he was going to miss some of the friends he had made here, but moving on was part of the recovery process.

"Hey there handsome" Dean was leaning by the front door. That had been Deans new greeting ever since Sam had started looking healthier again. John and Dean of course had visited the center every day. They were always there for Sam to vent to, cry to and by the end of his recovery, laugh to.

"Hey there ugly" Sam laughed, zipping up his bag.

"Ouch" Dean pretended to be drastically hurt and emotionally scarred by Sams words. "All packed?"

"Uh huh" Sam said, looking around the room. "Dad downstairs?"

"Yep, just checking you out of the center and then we're good to go"

"So we're really going?"

"Dads idea, wants to put this place in his rear view mirror as soon as possible. He says its for the better, but I just think hes itching for a hunt. Me however" Dean spoke louder "Am just looking forward to meeting some new chicks, my duty here is done."

"Ergh" Sam rolled his eyes, typical Dean.

"Right" Dean clapped his hands "Lets get this show on the road then, we're just gonna go home, quickly grab some stuff, then off we go."

"I'm coming" Sam pulled his bag now onto his bag effortlessly.

"Well shake ass" Dean smiled, walking forwards "Theres a surprise for you at home"

"A surprise?" Sam asked wearily "You and Dad haven't actually attempted to cook me a cake have you?"

Sam laughed lightly to himself as the image of his dad and Dean in aprons trying to figure out what a sieve was, popped into his head.

"Damn, you smart son of a bitch" Dean clicked his fingers.

"You didn't really, did you?" Sam asked, instantly scared as to what kind of food poisoning he would be getting "Cos' you know, thanks and all that but I don't really think-"

"I'm just kidding" Dean laughed "Could you picture Dad making a cake? It would be like him trying to use a toaster again." Dean shuddered "Someone should have told that man that forks stay out of the toaster" Sam laughed and Dean joined in, he put his arm around his little brothers shoulder as they walked in to the lift. John was waiting in reception, leaning against the wall by the door.

"Hey son" John walked over and pulled Sam in to a hug "Ready to go?"

"Sure" Sam looked around him once more then walked out with Dean and his Dad, wondering what his 'surprise' was.


The view of the house that Sam hadn't seen in a while came in to view and Sams mouth dropped open and Dean chuckled. But this wasn't the fact that without hunting, John and Dean had actually given the house a new coat of paint, making it more appealing, but it was who was standing in front of the newly painted house that had Sam so shocked.

"Layla" Sam breathed as he stepped out of the car, once they had pulled in.

"Hey Sam" She said shyly, they both walked to eachother, meeting halfway across the cut grass on the front lawn.

"What the-? How? I mean-" Sam stuttered.

"Dean" Layla nodded.

"Ah yes..Dean" Sam laughed.

"You look good, Sam"

"Thanks" Sam smiled "I feel good"

"Good" She laughed lightly, looking at the ground then began twiddling with her hands, the air between them carrying awkward friction.

"Look Layla" Sam got her attention "I'd just like to say I'm sorry. I'm so sorry for everything. If I could go back in time and change everything, god I would, and I'm sorry I hit you, you know I wouldn't dream of ever hurting you. I'd never. I was sick, I didn't mean-"

"No, Sam I'm sorry. I shouldn't have ever got you involved with that stuff in the first place. Not just that, but the smoking and weed too. If I hadn't been so stupid you would never have-"

"No Layla, I'm sorry. It was my fault, I had a mind of my own and-"

"No it was me, I'm sorry I-"

"Oh for Gods Sake" Dean sighed as he walked past them towards the car, carrying a box. "Can't you just kiss and make up, already? I swear, its worse than the freaking 'No, you hang up' scenario"

"Smooth, Dean, real smooth" Sam nodded, his cheeks blushing.

"Damn right I am. Should' have been made out of velvet" He winked.

"God knows you have the IQ" Sam laughed.

"Hey!" Dean cuffed Sam over the head.

"Jerk" Sam chuckled as Dean walked away.

"Bitch!" He shouted back.

"Anyways, Layla, I'm sorry-"

"Shut up" She smiled and pulled herself up on to her tip toes as she reached up to kiss him. Sam let his lips meet hers and softly pulled her closer to him, slipping a hand down her back as he felt her hand run through his hair as they began to kiss more passionately.

"Thats my boy" Dean and John said in unison as they looked up from the trunk of the impala.

"'re really off?" Layla asked after her and Sam's lips departed.

"'Fraid so" Sam looked down.

"Well, maybe one day you'll come back and visit me" She looked hopeful.

"Maybe" Sam said quietly, knowing that the chances were slim after all that had happened here.

"I'll never forget you Sam Winchester"

"Sam! Get a move on! Losing day light here" Dean called as he got into the passenger seat of the impala, his dad already in the drivers seat.

"Bye Layla"

"Bye Sam" He gave her one quick kiss and then ran over to the car and hopped into the back seat. He turned around in the back seat so he could look out of the back window to see Layla waving him off, Sam waved back. John glanced up to the rear view mirror to see Sam sitting back down in the back seat as they turned the corner and Layla went out of view. John was eager to get out of this place, but as glad as he was that Sam was now better, he still couldn't forget the recent meeting he had with the Demon and the plans he had for his youngest. Deep down he knew it wasn't the end. It wasn't even the beginning.