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General Summary: This is just a collection of oneshots that I'm regularly attacked with. I usually let them go, but I figured I should treat them kindly so they might leave me alone in the future.

Summary: Sideswipe and Sunstreaker's mid battle musings.

Rating: K, for not that bad in spite of some horrid plot bunnies urging me to kill canon characters.

"I am smiling because you are my brother. I am laughing because there is nothing you can do about it!" Unknown

"I was the one that stuck sprinkles to your back in the washracks." Sideswipe spluttered.

"WHAT!!!" Sunstreaker spat.

The yellow twin ground his jaw in barely repressed anger. He looked as though he might turn around and actually kill his brother. Those sprinkles had needed to be sanded off because some aft-head had used superglue as the adhesive. He'd had half his body mutilated before being stripped back to that hideous, nauseating metallic grey. Then he'd needed a full body re-spray. Even thinking about it now caused this indescribable fury to bubble up within him.

And it was his brother, his very brother, who was responsible for his week of aesthetic hell?

He made a move towards Sideswipe, his free hand in a suspicious claw like position, almost as though he intended to throttle him, but Sunstreaker was interrupted when a blast of energy hit the rocks just above his head, showering him and his twin in dust and debris. The rage and annoyance faded from the yellow twin's face and form as he contemplated the true idiocy of bickering on the battlefield.

"I hardly think this is the appropriate place for a confession, Side's." He ground out instead.

"But believe me, if we make it out of this alive, we will be discussing this later." Sunstreaker threatened, a frustrated edge to his voice.

Sideswipe grinned disingenuously.

"Yay, now I've something to look forward to." He sarcastically deadpanned.

Sunstreaker let it all settle in his processor for a moment before he shook his head in disbelief.


The deafening roar of Sideswipe's grenades drowned out the rest of Sunstreaker's question. When the red twin was certain that the Decepticon that had been advancing on their dug out position, wasn't going to be standing any time soon, he turned back to his brother.

"Why what?" He asked while brushing some irritating dust from his audios.

Sunstreaker let a blast from his rifle sailing over Sideswipe's head where it collided with something out of his brother's line of sight. The blast made contact if the agonized shriek was to be believed.

"Why bother telling me now? We've been in worse than this."

Sidewipe turned his back on his brother and began volleying more grenades.

"Maybe." He calmly, seriously stated.

Sunstreaker laughed.

"What do you mean 'maybe'? What about the time that Prime took us on that infiltration mission with him and Jazz." He began laughing harder." And you…you got lost trying to find Starscream's room so you could plant that exploding egg bomb? We were crawling round in those maintenance shafts for days trying to find an exit. You telling me that this is worse?" The gun practically began to slip from Sunstreaker's hands he was shaking so badly.

Sideswipe wasn't laughing. He wasn't smiling. He wasn't grinning.

In fact, his face had twisted itself into this sour, humourless mockery of its once jovial form.

Sunstreaker knew that look. Why? Well, it was his look. It was so strange to see it on his brother's face.

He kept chuckling despite the murderous glare he was receiving.

"Or wait.." Sunstreaker actually doubled over. "What about the time that you dropped a grenade at your own feet?"

Sideswipe's face twitched now. A slow, awkward smile pulled at the corners of his mouth as he remembered the ridiculous slip up. His brother, Sunstreaker, just couldn't stop laughing, thinking about how long Prime and the others had spent gathering up all the vital bits that Sideswipe blew off himself.

Sideswipe sighed, finally giving in.

"Oh yeah, well, what about you?"

Sunstreaker recovered himself briefly.

"Me?" He questioned.

Sideswipe smirked.

"Yeah, you did chase that one 'Con into a collapsing building. I mean, the whole thing was being held up by an invisible thread and not only do you go barging in, guns blazing, but you managed to run through every single, still standing wall in the place."

Sunstreaker stopped laughing and glared.

"It's funny how the building didn't collapse until after you decided you'd help by tossing in a few grenades." He argued in his defense.

Sideswipe let another grenade fly over their barricade. He covered the side of his face as it exploded, blowing a cloud of dust in on top of him. He coughed to clear his ventilation systems.

"Hey, you asked for my help!!" He pointed accusingly at Sunstreaker as he recovered.

Sunstreaker's engine started growling in irritation.

"I asked you for help. I didn't ask you to blow the place up with me in it." His gun arm convulsed.

Sideswipe started laughing again. Disbelief was written all over his face.

"You weren't seriously expecting me to follow you in there? The place was about to collapse."

Sunstreaker didn't respond to Sideswipe's last comment. Both Autobots grew silent.

"You hear that?" Sideswipe asked.

Sunstreaker grinned dangerously.

"Yeah, the gun fire's stopped."

Sideswipe sub-spaced his grenades and pulled out a lethal looking blaster.

"Did you get any orders to retreat, Sunny?"

Sunstreaker was brushing all variants of dust and rock off his armour casually.

"Not a peep, and my communications are up and functional." He answered nonchalantly.

Sideswipe smiled brightly rubbing his hands together.

"Brother, dearest, it looks like they missed us." He muttered cheerfully.

The only reason that the battle would end without word from the Prime of a Decepticon or an Autobot retreat was if Optimus or another officer weren't in a position to give that order. If the Prime was caught and the others weren't blasting their way through the levels of hell to free him, then they'd been killed or captured too.

"You ready, Sunshine?" Sideswipe queried.

For once Sunstreaker didn't argue over the nickname.

"Always, bro." He responded seriously before his face cracked into a feral grin.

Sideswipe pulled his blaster up till it was level with his helm. He mirrored his twin's, now predatory smile.

"Let's roll out."