Goodbye Castle

Rating: PG

Disclaimer: I do not own Weeds characters, canon storylines, etc - they belong to their respectable creators.

Summary: It wasn't what she had planned.

Notes: No one has written any Weeds- how depressing. I know this isn't any major fanfic of Weeds, but I wanted to do something just to get the category up and seen. Hopefully people will follow and post some of their own stuff- I would love to read! WoOt to Weeds!


It wasn't what she had planned. Of course not – what little girl dreamed to be a drug dealer. No she dreamed of a happily ever after with a gorgeous house, white picket dense, tall, dark, and handsome husband, two point five kids, and a little yippy dog – the whole nine yards. And once upon a time, Nancy Botwin had had it all – minus the yippy dog and picket fence.

Sometimes things happen and everything just turns to shit. That is exactly what happened to Nancy's fairy tale life. Shit- the whole lot of it.

Nancy likes to say it was the wrong parent who died. To her, it is one hundred percent true. Judah had been the stabling force, the economic holder, the fun father, and the disciplinary figure. Had it been her – Judah would have been the strong man that he was and him and their sons would have gotten through it.

Nancy took one last look at the home that had been her castle. She pulled a small match out of the matchbox. She struck it against the bumpy red cardboard siding the box.

Just as Nancy was about to toss it down, something caught her eye. She didn't know if she was hallucinating or if he was really there.

He looked at her with that familiar smile that always played on his lips. That kind-hearted, loving smile.

Nancy felt herself break. She didn't deserve the smile. So instead of facing it, Nancy dropped the match.

"I tried," Nancy choked out. And she had, she had tried to get by, keep the kids safe, tried to be happy. Turning away from her dead prince, she whispered, "I'm sorry."

And just as the trail of gas lit, Nancy heard that deep, husky voice. "Me too."


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