Seek And You Shall Find

Notes: This was inspired by "Misery" by Good Charlotte.

"You're not miserable because your life sucks," Cuddy practically spits at him, "but because you want to be miserable. You make sure your life sucks so you have no choice but to suffer." She puts her hands flat on her desk and stares pointedly at him.

She's trying to hurt him intentionally and he knows it. She knows he knows it, but that's not going to make her back down.

He chooses not to respond and instead stares back at her cleavage area. She's wearing another of those low-cut tops he's grown to love over a simple chocolate brown skirt that goes just below her knees. The top is off-white with two more buttons undone than any other professional business woman would even consider wearing. His Cuddy is special like that.

He smirks slightly and fingers the collar of his own shirt with one hand whilst the other plays absently over his cane.

Cuddy continues to frown at him.

"House? Are you going to say anything?"

He pretends to be thinking seriously and then offers her an offhanded shrug. "Nope. No need," he says. "It sounds like you have me all figured out." Every word drips with sarcasm.

Cuddy's frown deepens and the faint lines over her forehead crease. Cute.

"House! Get serious! You can't expect me to put up with your constant complaining because you're "unhappy". That's just unacceptable."

His time has come. He narrows his eyes at her and leans in conspiratorially. "Now then, Cuddy. Who's inadequacies are we talking about here: mine or yours?"

He achieves his desired effect.

She sighs in exasperation and for a moment he is able to take in the red flush of her cheeks, the ice in her eyes and her heaving chest as she breathes heavily in frustration.

Cuddy gives him a warning glare and crosses her arms over her chest, blocking his view.

"You're not miserable because your life sucks," House mocks her, using her own words, "but because you want to be miserable. You make your life suck. Why else would you keep me around?" He pauses. "You could have fired me so many times and you didn't. I think…"

"House. Drop it." Ice.

"I think," he pushes on regardless, "that you and me are not as different as you make us out to be."

She takes the bait, eyes alight. "And why is that?"

"You know exactly what I mean Cuddy."

They stare at each other in silence, the sound of their breathing the only thing in the room. The more she thinks about it, the more Cuddy starts to believe that House may be right…

Someone knocks on the door before she can make a fool of herself and say something stupid. Reality kicks back in. This is her office, her hospital, her doctors and patients. She is in control.

She turns to House and stabs him with a single look. "Out. And you won't be saying anything more to me or anyone else on this matter." She watches as he shrugs and hobbles towards the door.

"Oh, don't you worry about it," he calls airily over his shoulder. "I won't have to say a thing. It'll eat at you until you come to me."

He's gone before she utter a word of protest, leaving her to contemplate her next move. There's another knock at the door and she remembers that she's not alone. She'll have to think things over later.

She gestures for Foreman to enter and they begin to discuss his patient's case.

Her mind keeps going back to what House said to her.

"It'll eat at you until you come to me."

She swears to herself she won't prove him right.