Summary: There's a witch at the unused Music Room

Summary: There's a witch at the unused Music Room. She would always draw and she would never talk. She never smiled... Until Roxas came along.

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A Witch

There's a witch at the unused Music Room. She would always draw and she would never talk. Nobody has ever seen her smile or cry or laugh. Her deep azure eyes would hide behind her pale blonde hair and her porcelain skin looked like she hasn't seen daylight since birth.

At first, you might think she was just merely another rich kid. But no. She was a super rich kid. In a matter of seconds, she can make your father lose his job or your family business torn down all at the same time. And as I said, seconds.

No one really wanted to go near her. Since even one mistake would mean oh hello, hell. She was known as the witch. And she never smiled.

But before… She was known as Naminé.


'Have you heard of the new kid?' was the topic of the school this morning as it was confirmed that a young male had just transferred to Twilight High. Previously, he was from Dusk High but unfortunately he got kicked out after he made one of the kids there infertile by kicking a sensitive spot so…

Of course, he got really well-welcomed… probably because Dusk High was an arch nemesis of Twilight High or maybe it was just because he easily got along with others fine.

Unlike most students who would probably make some big mistake that'll ruin his slash her life forever, he fortunately didn't.

Of course it was until he got lost.


The Prince Meets the Witch

"This is bad," Roxas mumbled to himself, finally realizing after a while that he was in fact,lost. Frankly speaking, he was very lost. The rooms at this part of the school looked abandoned and used as storage space. If only he hadn't been taking a tour by himself then he wouldn't have been lost.

He sighed, defeated. He'll just have to head back and ask the first person he sees for directions. Even if it would seem very pathetic.

He was about to walk away when he saw something interesting sticking out from the room at his right. He picked it up, curious, and then stared at it. It was a sketch. A detailed sketch.

A flower. An orchid in a vase to be exact. It was simple yet captivating.

The door was slightly left ajar. Being a person who doesn't think before he acts, Roxas welcomed himself and pushed the door gently. "Helloo?" He called out, peeking.

But as soon as he saw the room, he was more amazed than curious.

The whole floor was covered with scattered sketches.

"Whoa! This's incredible."

It took him some time before he noticed a girl sitting on a wooden chair, a sketchbook and a pencil in each of her hands. She, however, didn't seem to notice… or probably just acknowledge him. She just kept sketching on her small handbook, her hand swiftly shifting from the page; somehow it looked graceful and elegant.

"Um… Hello?" Roxas hesitantly greeted but she didn't pay him any heed. He concluded to enter, taking off his shoes as to not step on the beautiful pieces of art. As soon as he reached her location, he stared at her closely for a long time. But this didn't affect her as she continued to draw.

Roxas looked around. There was a long white table at one corner, and of course it was covered with sketches as well, scattered everywhere. Some of them were taped on the pure white wall. This looked more like some sanctuary. In fact, if it wasn't for the white grand piano standing opposite to the table, this wouldn't even look like a Music room.

He lit up as he saw the piano. He run towards it carefully, and observed it. There was a small, slender vase placed neatly standing on top of it and the piano looked like it was receiving very kind attention. There were no scratches, and every part of it was spotless.

Roxas couldn't resist.

He situated a finger on a key. Pressed it.


His heart skipped a beat. Before he could control himself. Soon, his fingers started playing the keys, fast yet so fascinatingly elegant. The tune resonated in the room; the notes were coming to life. Loud yet somehow gentle. So sad and subtly even agonizing. Yet it makes you want to hear it over and over again.

The whole composition was short. And as soon as it ended, a huge smile was plastered on Roxas's face.

It was moments later that Roxas felt eyes staring intently at him. He turned over his heel and instantly, his sea-blue eyes came in contact with her azure ones, locks of her pale blonde hair almost concealing her eyes completely.

"My bad. Did I disturb you?" He asked sheepishly, smiling.

Instead of answering, however, she continued to stare at him. It seemed so innocent and emotionless but somehow Roxas felt pressured and nervous. But after for what seemed like hours, she turned her attention again to her sketchbook and proceeded into drawing.

"… Hey, what's your name? Why aren't you in class?" He questioned with another of his friendly smile.

He went closer to her and tried to have a conversation with her again. "Wow, you're really talented. Did you draw everything in this room on your own?"


"I can't really draw you see, but I do play instruments. Do you like music?"


He blinked. "… I guess you only like art, huh?"

But it seems like his existence was clearly insignificant again. He let out a sigh because of this.

"Well, I'll be heading back to class... Wanna accompany me?" He knew he would never receive an answer but hey it was worth a shot.

Then again.

With this, he pouted at her in a childish way unconsciously. Then he walked towards the door, stomping on the floor, completely forgetting about the things he was ruining in the process. Yet, she didn't seem to care, still focusing her full concentration on the project she was drawing.

He was halfway to the door now when…


It was a soft whisper, he could barely hear it but it was certainly a voice. He looked back at her, his brows raised highly with curiosity and surprise. "What?" He answered.

She continued to draw. Not looking at him. "My name is Namine." Her voice was gentle and quiet. To Roxas it even sounded like it was coming from a sweet young girl.

This, however, made Roxas smile widely. "Nice to meet you, Namine!" He gave her a single wave. "Bye!" And then he left with a grin on his face.

She continued to draw.


The Curse

"Where were you, Roxas? You missed half of our last class." Roxas's new friend, Sora, complained. Roxas sudden appearances and disappearances were kind of surprising him a little.

The blonde looked at him innocently and then smiled. "Well, I met Namine!"

"Namine?" Both of his friends, Riku and Sora repeated. Amazingly, both had an obvious sign of alarm in their voices. "You mean that girl at the abandoned Music room?" Riku asked, his platinum silver hair falling graciously over his shoulders.

"Yeah, why?"

"Dude, why'd you have to do that? That's so stupid!" Riku was obviously not approving of this new blooming friendship he was developing.

Sora, however, agreed. Adding up to his inquisitiveness regarding the subject.

"Why? What's up."

"Look, Namine's a witch." Riku clearly pointed out.

"A witch?!" Roxas said again. "Whoa, so she can do magic and stuff?!"

Both of his so-called friends slapped the back of his head. "No, you idiot, how old are you?"

"He meant she's evil." Roxas soon began to notice how they were starting to whisper now as if this was a very delicate subject. "Listen, if you mess with her one bit, you're life's over."

"She ruins your life so quick as if like magic!"

"Her family runs the most powerful company in this school. Plus, their name is popular and important among the business world."

"Trust me, dude, you don't wanna meddle with her. We know what she did last year and we thought she was just the normal new girl but you won't believe what she actually did."

"What? What did she do?" Roxas asked, listening attentively.

"She easily brought hell to the surface. That girl, whom she had a small argument with, lost everything. Her father's job, their house, their business, stripped off their dignity. Like I said, everything!"


"Well… somebody helped her and her family afterwards and now she's as good as before but still…" Riku pointed at Roxas, closely commanding him. "Stay away from the witch, Roxas."

"But she's so cute," Roxas said just to mess with them.

"Don't fall in love with her, idiot!" With this he earned another slap at the back of the head.

"You don't want to make high school a lot more miserable, right, Roxas?"


Thirty minutes before Dismissal Time

Abandoned Music room

The Lonely Witch

She sat there, this time she wasn't paying attention at the sketchbook on her lap. For now, she was interested at the sky. She frowned. The clouds were dark and it shaded, turned everything to dull shades of gray.

She hated rain.

Or rather, she hated the colors. Everything seemed lifeless.

Slowly she stood up from her white chair, grabs the black glazer from the back of her seat, puts it on unhurriedly, and then stood up straight.

Then she took her white umbrella, leaning on the wall and walked out of the room.

She walked and walked and walked until she was out of school premises. Once again, she didn't accept the offer of her personal driver to take her home, but instead she wanted to walk.

She liked to walk.

She liked to see different things.

So the driver left, leaving the witch alone. Seeing others leave kind of felt lonely. But it was okay. The witch wasn't bothered. The witch was used to it after all.

The witch walked and walked and walked.

And then a droplet of water dropped on her nose. She looked up at the sky. She frowned. The clouds were gray and the sky was not blue.

She hated rain.

Everything seemed lifeless.

Slowly she propped her umbrella over her head.

The witch walked and walked and walked.

The witch was lonely. The witch wasn't bothered. The witch was used to it after all.


Dismissal Time

School Premises


Roxas walked out of the school building, a checkered umbrella in his right hand, and his bag hanging at his back. 'Namine's a witch.' Roxas found it hard to believe. How could a girl that looked so innocent be as immoral as to be called a witch?

He sighed. Even though he didn't want to believe everybody else, he figured that maybe he should follow their advice. After all, he doesn't have any right to argue with them and defend Namine when he, himself, had just met her.

'My name is Namine.'

But still…

Once again, he sighed while loosening his plaid tie. And then he started to walk. Roxas liked to walk. Others were already in their vehicles. And The Prince was left alone at the lonely kingdom called school. (Insert sheepish grin here)

So the prince walked and walked and walked.

'If you mess with her one bit, your life's over.'

He was too preoccupied with curious thoughts of the witch that he failed to notice somebody on her knees, hugging something close to her chest. In fact, he wouldn't have noticed if he hadn't felt something tugging at his long sleeve.

He looked over his shoulder, wondering what it was. And much to his surprise, it was a girl with pale blonde hair. Deep azure eyes. And porcelain skin. It was the witch, drenched, and slightly out of breath.

"Namine? What are you doing?!" Roxas panicked, leaning towards her to shelter her from the rain with the use of her mighty umbrella. :D

To his surprise, she gently pushed him away from her, looking down on the muddy floor. "You'll be soaked." She whispered.

The witch looked at Roxas and then bowed her head. "Can I ask you a favor?" She asked. Roxas could barely even hear her words. In fact, it would seem like the rain was a lot louder than her.

"Yeah, but don't you need to at least put on your blazer… Why don't you use your umbrella? Stupid." He scolded but before he could continue on, he was interrupted when the small girl reached out her hands, and in her hands was her blazer, folded. And covered with her blazer was her sketchbook.

"C-Can you keep this dry for me?" She said, almost begging. Rainwater trickling down her cheeks.

He took it, of course.

"A-Also," she said, turning her back on him. "Do you have pets?"

He blinked. Thinking what was with the random question, but nevertheless he decided to answer. "No. But I would like one."

"Really?" She exclaimed softly, turning to him almost too enthusiastically.

"Y-Yeah." He replied.

She turned again and kneeled down, not minding the mud splashing on her knees at all. Her plaid skirt was turning to a hue of dark brown now. She picked up a box, a white umbrella and slowly stood.

"Can you keep him for me?"

Roxas peeked at the small carton box and saw a kitten.

"Don't tell me you were staying here just to cover this animal with your umbrella, get completely soaked and you plan to stay here if I didn't happen to pass along."

She blushed, indicating how every single thing he said was actually a fact. She stared at the ground again, her face still tainted with a color of cherry red.

"Fine, gimme the cat. And go home already. You'll get sick, you know."

"N-no." Namine protested. "You can't carry the box… my sketchbook." She added the last part sadly, and Roxas noticed her slightly pouting.

He smirked. "Then walk me home?"


The witch agreed, she walked with Roxas. Her white umbrella tipped over at the cat. "Aren't you cold?" Roxas asked.

She shook her head.

"By the way, whose cat is that?"

She looked at him with her mysterious eyes again. "He was abandoned." The way she said it almost felt like it had a slight hint of misery or hatred. Either way, Roxas ignored this and shot her a skeptical look.

"Why would you like to keep it?"

She stared at the road ahead again. "I like animals." She whispered monotonously.

'So the witch likes animals, huh?' Roxas thought, one of his brows rose high. Wasn't that kinda odd? Witches are evil.

"Does it have a name?"

She shook her head.

"Can I name it?"

She nodded.

"Okay… how 'bout Catty? Or… Kitteny!"

She looked at him again innocently. And then she frowned. "You're very creative." She whispered.

"I was joking! Okay…. How 'bout Haiiro? (In English Gray)"

She kept on looking straight ahead which probably meant she didn't have any complaints.

'Stay away from the witch, Roxas.'

He remembered. In spite of this, what if it's already too late?


Roxas's Home

a.k.a Enormous Mansion

She looked at the gigantic gate innocently as it opened, allowing them to enter. The front yard was huge, but it didn't seem to bother her at all.

"Welcome back, young mast— Goodness, who's that girl? She's soaked." A maid dressed in a uniform started to get flustered and ordered another maid to get some towels.

"E-Excuse me for intruding." Namine whispered under the towels that were being wrapped to her whole being.

"Let's get you cleaned up. We can't allow you to leave this mansion until you're all better." The head of the maids said with a wink and they started to lead her to somewhere else.

"This is the first time you've brought a girl home, young master. Is she perhaps your girlfriend?"

"Nope. She's just a friend."

Her smile faded away and her shoulders fell down. "That is so boring." Subsequently, she followed her army.

Roxas sighed. He has to get cleaned up as well that was for sure. He ordered two of the maids to bring the sketchbook somewhere safe and tend to the kitten and trudged to his room, climbing the marbled stairs.


With a towel on his head, he entered the temporary room of Namine (although she would probably not even use it… but you know rich people, courtesy) It would probably mean snooping around, but Roxas found himself looking at her… at her… sketchbook. :D

One of the sketches was a flower. An orchid to be exact, except this time it was in a field of flowers.

"E-Excuse me b-but I don't want to…"

"Oh, don't be so bashful."

Namine was pushed out of a room, as she looked at the ground, blushing immensely. "I don't want to be seen like this."

"Oopsie, too late." The maid giggled as Roxas stared.

"D-Don't l-look. Don't look." She said, her voice wasn't loud then again it would be compared to her previous one.

She was wearing a light blue fitted dress ending at least three inches above her knees, the sleeves sewed with lace. Her strapped on heeled sandals were the same color except it was slightly glittering.

"How would I get home with these?" She complained.

"But you look so adorable!"

Without realizing it, she was pouting again.

"Oh, I know we'd fix you a romantic dinner!!" One of them suggested as everybody agreed and raced outside to the kitchen.

"Sorry. They get a little weird when it includes me and my friends."

She nodded and then walked towards her sketchbook.

"I looked by the way."

She nodded.

It was silent. She just kept on gazing at her sketchbook while Roxas sat at the edge of the bed, staring at the carpeted floor. It was weird but he couldn't think of anything to say. (Even if he did, he knew she wouldn't answer anyway)

All their conversations were always short-lived anyway.

"What's your name?" She suddenly asked, making him slightly jump. Probably because of the stillness abruptly shattered by her gentle voice or because she actually started the conversation this time.

"Oh right. My name's Roxas."

She nodded again. She picked up her sketchbook, clutched it tight to her chest. "Take care of Haiiro for me." She mumbled… almost in a commanding way actually. "Also… thank you. Very much." She looked out the window as the sky started to be clear.

"Hey, Namine," Roxas grinned. "Can I be your friend?"

She turned to him quickly, a huge question mark clearly written all over her face. "But I'm Namine." She murmured.

He laughed. "I know that."

She averted her eyes from him, gripping her sketchbook. "But I'm a witch."

His mouth opened for a split second but he recovered quickly. 'So she does know.' Roxas thought.

"Well, I don't think so."

"But I am." She argued.

"Okay." Roxas held his hands up and grinned at her. "Then can I be the witch's friend?"

Namine stared.

She stared and she stared. And then she lit up.

"Okay." And then she smiled.

'Don't fall in love with her.'

Oh darn, too late.

The Day the Witch Smiled


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