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"So," Darien said, "We've met a couple of times now. Don't you think I should know your name?"


Darien thought about it for a second and then said, "That's okay, I'll just call you Alexander."

"Why Alexander?" The guy asked.

"Because, you remind me of someone who works for the Agency."


"I can't believe you lost him!" The Official said.

"I'm sorry sir," Alex replied.

"You should be sorry! If Agent Fawkes gives away important information, I will hold you responsible."

"It's my fault as much as it is Alex's sir." Hobbes said.

"I don't care whose fault it is, just find a way to get Agent Fawkes back!" The Official said.


Darien and Alexander pulled into a warehouse, "Why is it always a warehouse?" Darien mumbled.

"What?" Alexander asked.

"Nothing, sorry." Darien replied. Alexander got out

of the car and walked toward the warehouse, Darien was

still sitting in the car.

Alexander turned around, "Are you coming?" He asked.

Darien got out of the car and followed him. They went through a steel door and into a small dark room.

"Hello Darien," Stark said, "How are you doing?"

"Beside the fact that I have a gun to my head, I'm pretty good."

"Oh, sorry about that. It's just a security precaution." Stark replied.

"I'm sure," Darien said. "So what is the trade?"

"I want to know about the gland."

"What about it?" Darien asked.


Claire walked into Eberts' room, "Hey, how are you?"

"I'm doing a little better," Eberts replied. "How are you?"

"I wasn't the one robbed, but I'm doing fine."

"Do you know when I can go home?" Eberts asked.

"The doctors said you could go home tomorrow." Claire replied.


"Follow me," Stark said.

Darien walked with Stark into a small room with medical supplies in it. "Why do you want to study the gland?"

"That's none of you concern, you just do what you are told. I'll take care of the rest."

"I just have a question." Darien said.

"What?" Stark asked.

"I thought I came here for a trade?" Darien replied.

"You did,"

"So when are you going to release Detective Kelly?"

"After we are done here, Darien."

"Why not now?"

"Fine, fine. Just don't ask any more questions. It gets annoying." Stark tapped on the glass two way mirror. "Release the girl." Then he looked back at Darien, "There are you happy?"

"Actually no, how do I know that there is even anyone in there? You could just be saying that to make me believe that you let her go."

This time Stark was aggravated, "Come with me." he said, pointing his gun at Darien. Darien walked in front of Stark and turned where Stark told him to. When they got to the door leading out of the warehouse Darien saw two guys walking with Kelly to a car. "There you see she is safe, now come with..."

Darien didn't even give Stark the chance to finish what he was saying. He went invisible and ran toward Kelly. Stark shot his gun, but missed Darien. The two guards who were walking with Kelly noticed the gun shot and turned around. They put on some thermal glasses so they could see him. Darien ran over to Kelly and knocked her on the ground so a stray bullet wouldn't hit her.


Kelly was confused at what was going on. She was walking out of the warehouse to freedom one second. And now she had been knocked to the ground but no one was there. She looked at the guards. They were wearing some kind of sunglasses.


Darien punched on of Stark's men in the face and then pulled off his glasses. He punched the guy in the gut and took his gun. Darien slid the gun and glasses across the pavement toward Kelly. "Use these," he said, then added "Just don't shoot me."


Kelly saw a gun and glasses come toward her, but it still looked like no one was there. She didn't even give it a second thought. She grabbed the gun and glasses and put the glasses on as quickly as she could. When she had put them on she saw an outline of a body. She couldn't stop to process what was going on in her head. She wasn't even sure what was going on in her head.

Kelly crawled behind the car and started to fire at Stark's men. The orange figure ran to the car and got on his knees next to her, and started to fire a gun. "Fawkes, is that you?"

"Just start firing!" Darien said as he let the quicksilver flow off of his body.

Kelly looked at him with shock, "What the heck is going on?"

"I will explain everything to you later. First, we have to get out of here." Darien said firing off another two shots.

"Can you hot wire a car?" Kelly asked Darien.

"I was a thief wasn't I." he said opening the car door.

"You wouldn't happen to have a pocket knife would you?" he asked.

"They took my keys." she replied. "Here come more," she said firing her gun. "Darn, it's empty!"

Darien handed Kelly the gun he took from one of Stark's goons. "Use this, I never liked guns anyway."

"Thanks." she said dropping the empty gun and firing the one Darien had just given her.

"I got it!" Darien said looking at Kelly.

Kelly moved past him and got into the car, Darien got in after her. "Let's get out of here!" she said. Darien looked down at his wrist, "Aw crap!" He said pulling out. He pulled out with so much speed that the tires started to squeal. Darien looked in the rear view mirror, his eyes were turning red.


Bobby had just finished telling Claire what had happened when a car pulled in and Darien got out. Kelly followed him, "I need my meds fast!" he said running inside toward Claire's lab.


Claire finished giving Darien his shot as the door opened. Bobby and Kelly walked in. "So?" Kelly asked.

"What?" Darien replied.

"What happened out there? You said you would tell me."

The End