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This story takes place soon after the Battle of Hogwarts, sorry the 1st chapter is so short!

Luna Lovegood was glad to be home. She hadn't realized how much she had missed her tower-house on the hill, until she returned there. Spending months away from home without even the occasional owl had taken its toll on her spirits.

Not that there was much time to simply relax now that she was back. Luna's father, Xenophillius, had been working out of control on his magazine, the Quibbler: printing eccentric articles on Harry Potter and his victory over He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. Luna, on the other hand, was very busy at home. Thanks to Fleur Weasley she had developed a fondness for cleaning be hand. Fleur had put the not-yet-of-age witch to various tasks around the house to keep her occupied, as they couldn't leave the premises. Scrubbing slow circles with a soapy sponge had proved to be quite pleasing work.

It was on one of these cleaning days that Luna noticed a small speck flying gracefully towards the house. Realizing it was an owl, Luna sighed, vaguely disappointed. Her father had been getting a lot of owls lately (Perhaps it was due to the fact that he had printed an article stating that it may have been a mysterious disease – caused by an overpopulation of Whallopping Whoopers – that had killed Voldemort).

It was only when the owl came into focus that Luna realized whose owl it was.

She eagerly opened the window as Pigwidgeon swooped in and dutifully stuck out his left leg. Untying the rolled up parchment, Luna down right on the soapy ground to read it.


I'm at Ron's right now as you can tell from Pig. A couple of friends are coming to visit and I thought maybe you would like to come too. Ron's mum said it was fine, and we haven't seen you much since… well in a while.

Hope you can come,


Reaching for the nearest quill, Luna quickly fashioned a response:


I would love to come


She was really beaming now. Harry Potter, hero of the wizarding world, was inviting her to the Burrow. And without bothering to finish her cleaning, she went tot fetch her broom, floated out of the door, and took off due south.