This isn't long--it's just the capper to everything else. It needed a shot of humor at the end. (Please review! Something! Anything!)



It didn't take long to pack up their belongings from the room---they hadn't had much on the ship with them to begin with. Anya cast one last look around the orderly space.

"Wow. I might actually miss it," she joked.

"Yeah, the only thing I miss is a razor. Let's get outta here."

Before they could make their exit, their newly familiar physician poked his mostly-bald head through the door. "All ready?"

"Yeah," Dimitri answered. "Thanks for everything, Jaquès."

"Before you go, there is one thing I would like to ask...."

Anya looked up at him from the suitcase. "What is it?"

"Just for the medical report---how exactly is it you were injured?"

Anya looked at Dimitri. Dimitri looked at Anya.

"Car accident," they both said, at exactly the same time.